10 Bathroom Remodeling Tips From Expert

bathroom remodel

How many times have you seen nice bathrooms in restaurants or hotels? Do you like to have those kinds inside your home? Well, undertaking this project is one of your best home improvements that will enhance the value, function, and beauty of your property.

Before you call a bathroom remodeler near you, it’s great that you visited our site since we’ll be discussing the best bathroom remodel tips and tricks to ensure the success of your project.

Alongside this, we are going to help you achieve the most reasonable bathroom remodel cost this 2021, so stay tuned and continue reading. Also, you can fill out our online request form for your free quotes and designs.

#1 Carefully Plan for Your Bathroom Remodel

Before you search and call the best bathroom remodeling service near you, it’s best if you look for designs and inspirations for your affordable bathroom remodel. You can look into magazines and online for designs and layouts that are feasible for your project.

You can also solicit ideas and suggestions from your family members and loved ones, considering they will also be using the newly renovated bathroom. Besides that, you can plan this project together with your local bathroom remodeler since they have the experience and skills for it. 

In line with this, our pros and bathroom designers can greatly assist you in crafting the most suitable bathroom remodeling layout and design for an affordable bathroom remodeling total cost. We take pride in ensuring the outcome of all our bathroom remodeling projects reflects the personality of our clients.

#2 What Bathroom Type are You Planning To Have?

Technically, the sky’s the limit for your bathroom remodeling inspiration, and before you decide to stick to your current layout, search online or ask your contractor for advice on this project. 

With that being said, the overall function and appearance of your bathroom remodel is influenced by the layout you’ll be taking for your bathroom remodeling on a budget. Alongside this, you have three main options for your bathroom types, and we can professionally help you decide and implement the best one to fit your lifestyle for an affordable full bath remodel cost

Standard Bathroom

This type contains all the needed elements for a master bath, that is, sink, tub, shower, toilet, vanity tops, and cabinets. Likewise, your master en suite is usually accessed via your master bedroom, and most older homes are sharing this space for their daily bathing experience. 

Conversely, we can efficiently create another standard bathroom inside your home for a reasonable master bath remodel cost, so that you won’t cramp into one space for your toilet and bath usage.  

Powder Room

Our bathroom remodeling contractors can also create a half bath or powder room inside your home, so you’ll have better privacy with your master en suite. With that, you can readily let your guests use your powder room if they need to use the toilet or do some facial retouches. 

Technically, your half bath will just have fewer elements, that is, toilet, sink, and mirror, so your average bath remodel cost for this will be economical than constructing another master en suite. 

Wet Bathroom

This type is your best choice since it’s highly versatile, functional, and beautiful for your home. When you go for this type, you have zero worries about water damages since all fixtures, floors, walls, and areas inside a wet bathroom are highly waterproof. 

Our bathroom remodeling contractors will ensure there is sufficient waterproofing for your floors, walls, cabinets, and countertops, so you can freely take a shower or bath without minding all those splashes. 

#3 Are you changing your Bathroom Layout?

Once you’ve decided on what bathroom type you’ll have, the next thing you need to think about is your bathroom layout. With that being said, you can either move or retain the current placements of your pipes and electrical wiring.

However, our licensed and insured bathroom remodeling contractors will inspect the conditions of your pipes and wires, to see if none needed to be replaced or fixed. Conversely, if modifying your current layout will only entail a minimal increment on your average cost of bathroom remodel, then go for it since it can improve the overall function of your bathroom. 

Alongside this, you can request a free quote from us for altering your bathroom layout.

#4 Will you install a tub for your bathroom remodel?

Well, if your current master bath has a tub, then you won’t be burdened from thinking of installing one or not. However, for those living with showers alone, you are intrigued with the idea of installing a tub or not. 

For this matter, you need to consider the practicality of installing it for your future bathroom remodel. You can look into water consumption and relaxation. A shower typically consumes less water than soaking in a tub, yet the latter gives you a spa-like relaxation feeling. 

Therefore, if you don’t mind the added cost of getting a tub, then we can seamlessly install one for your bathroom remodel. 

#5 Proper Lighting

We can combine natural and artificial lighting to enhance the beauty and clean appearance of your newly renovated bathroom. By ensuring there is sufficient lighting on your master en suite, those beautiful surfaces, and fixtures are more highlighted to enhance its eye-catching traits.

Having said that, we can use a variety of methods to enhance the illumination of your bathrooms such as installing windows, skylights, hanging pendant lights, and recessed LEDs. Moreover, we can incorporate sensors or timers to add a techy feature to your bathroom remodeling. 

#6 Never forget about ventilation

Whether you’re having a half bath or wet bathrooms, moisture is a constant problem since it can promote the growth of molds and mildews. Taking that into consideration, we can install windows or exhaust fans that will prevent moisture accumulation inside your bathroom.

Also, we’re going to install filters and screens so that pollens, dust, and other air pollutants outside cannot enter through the vent or exhaust fans of your bathroom.

#7 Add Smart and Luxurious Features

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t solely rest on beautification since you need to improve the function and storage of your bathroom. Alongside this, if you plan on selling your property in the next two to five years, then prospect buyers are more enticed to pay a good price when they see improved functionality on your property.

Having said that, here are some fancy things we can do to enhance the luxurious function of your bathroom remodel.

Floor heating system

Wouldn’t it be nice to step on a warm floor tile after stepping out from your shower or tub? For a reasonable small bathroom remodel cost, adding this floor heating system will enhance the elegant function of your master en suite. Plus, you get that spa-like vibe after taking a warm or cold shower.

Also, we can install a heated towel rail, which gradually warms your towel while you’re taking a shower or bath. Once you’re done, you can readily take your warm towel and wrap that around your body.

Space-saving Features

For those with small bathrooms or powder rooms, it might seem impossible to spruce its elegance and functionality, right? Well, with our trained and seasoned bathroom remodeling contractors, we can seamlessly go for wall-mounted installations to save floor space while improving overall bathroom function. With that, some of the things we can install include the following.

  • Wall-mount cabinets, sinks, vanity tops, toilet, and shower benches

#8 Invest for Quality Materials for Long-Term Benefits

Considering the dampness and moisture issues in bathrooms, you need to go for those materials that can withstand water damages. Remember that you don’t remodel your wet bathrooms every year, and it’s never cheap doing this project.

Here are some things you need to consider for this aspect.

  • Go for durable cabinet materials that don’t easily warp when exposed to water and moisture
  • Invest in easy to clean vanity tops
  • Install floor and wall materials that are easy to clean and maintain
  • Install bathroom fixtures and pipes that have excellent resistance against rust

#9 Install Extra Powder Room or Standard Bathroom

Your lifestyle and needs change, especially when you’re getting married, having a new kid, or some family members are sleeping over in your house. With that being said, you can install another half bath or bathroom in your home for a reasonable budget.

Indeed, it’s a big job and it doesn’t come cheap, yet we can guarantee that it’ll be worthwhile and reasonable on your finances. 

#10 Make it user-friendly for all ages

Are your parents living with you right now? In that case, you need to think about safety and accessibility for your bathroom remodeling. Having said that, here are some things we can do for your affordable bathroom renovation.

  • Installing a walk-in shower that is curbless and its shower sill is of the right height
  • Textured bathroom floors to avoid slipping
  • Grab rails near the toilet, tub, and shower area

Looking for A Reliable Bathroom Remodeling Service?

We hope you have a great time reading through the article, and that we’ve given you enough tips to ensure the success of your bathroom remodel. Meanwhile, renovating your master en suite and powder room is an excellent opportunity to improve your home’s functionality and style, and you can guarantee its success when you’ll be working with professionals. 

We at Mega Kitchen and Bath are highly qualified, trained, and bonded for your bathroom remodeling project. You can avail yourself of our free quote and design today just call us now or visit us on Twitter anytime!

Also, you can visit our showroom in Bowie, Maryland to see our beautiful collections and designs.

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