Amazing Kitchen Remodeling Design and Ideas This 2020

kitchen remodel

One of the most challenging home remodeling you can take will be your kitchen, as there are tons of elements you need to account for and the right design as well. Moreover, your complete kitchen renovation must always add value, function, and glamour to your house.

Meanwhile, when it comes to getting started with your full kitchen remodeling, you can always lean on professionals like Mega Kitchen and Bath to make it cost-efficient. A seasoned local contractor like us has comprehensive experience and skillset to make your dream chef-kitchen come to life.

In this read, we’re going to share the most viable and stunning ideas for your home kitchen remodeling. If you have further questions after, don’t hesitate to call our office.

Install a Kitchen Island

Installing or upgrading your kitchen island is already a standard element for any affordable kitchen renovations because it serves as the focal point of your pantry. With that, the ideal style will be having a single-level large kitchen countertop that can accommodate different functions.

Meanwhile, you have several options for your countertop material, and the prime choices of the people are quartz, granite, marble, and butcher block. In line, you can inject more functionality to your kitchen island by installing recessed appliances underneath, or by installing a base cabinet for your kitchen stone countertops.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Upgrade

You can never undermine what repainting or refacing can do with your dated cabinets. When you choose white or other neutral colors, it brightens up your kitchen and elevates its airy and clean ambiance.

We can also update the hardware of your cabinets to give it a great match with the new paint. In contrast, some homeowners would also opt for open shelving on their wall cabinetry, to make their kitchen more spacious.

On the other hand, you have more options for cabinet styles such as shaker-style cabinets, contemporary, flat-paneled or slab, or glass-front cabinetry.

Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to upgrading your flooring, hardwood is still the king! Why? Because of wood’s natural grain texture that adds a homey appeal and natural warmth inside your modern kitchen remodel

With proper sealing, cleaning, and maintenance, your hardwood kitchen floors can last for a lifetime. Meanwhile, if you want something which requires less care and maintenance, then you can go for ceramic tiles which can mimic the appearance of hardwood.

We have hundreds of colors and patterns for our ceramic tiles and one of them would surely be the best fit for renovating your kitchen floors.

Install Gorgeous quartz countertop

Looking back to your kitchen island upgrade, one of the best-selling choices in the market is quartz, then followed by granite. So why quartz? Well, this engineered stone is highly resistant to stains, bacteria, water, and scratches, which makes it an ideal material for your high-traffic kitchen.

In terms of colors, the trending theme is white or any neutral tone like taupe, beige, light gray, and creamy white. Further, from specks and particulate patterns, it has shifted to fine veining that illustrates the smooth movement of the sky or river water.

Be Creative with New Lighting

Whether you chose white or dark hues, installing recessed lighting makes a huge improvement in your fast kitchen remodeling. Most modern recessed and hanging pendant lights are placed in front of your cabinets or on top of your kitchen island.

With that, it gives better illumination and focuses on the paint and design of your kitchen cabinets and stone countertops. Moreover, you can inject technology by installing remote controlled lighting systems inside your pantry.

Eye-catching Backsplash designs

Besides cabinet refacing, installing a creative backsplash is one economical way to spruce your small kitchen remodeling. In line, subway tiles are still adapted in most modern kitchen makeover, as it gives a sense of the industrial contemporary vibe.

In contrast, you can also go for a larger slab with bold patterns and colors for your backsplash. Most of our clients chose this one as it can capture more attention while keeping your tile and grout maintenance at the minimum.

Upgrade To Modern Sink and Faucet

You cannot also undermine your sink since it’s an essential element in your kitchen. So far, you have plenty of options at hand, yet a farmhouse sink is a classic choice you can consider. Besides that, there are other choices such as drop-in, surface mounted, or double basin sink.

On the other hand, you can install a smart faucet with a motion-sensor for your newly renovated pantry. Likewise, having a pipe drain of 2” will be wise to avoid any clogged up issues.

Window to outdoor view

We also recommend to our clients to connect their modern kitchen with the outdoor to have a homey and natural ambiance for conversation. In line, we can connect your kitchen to the outdoor in two ways: installing a glass sliding door leading to your patio or a window on your sink countertop.

The latter option is more economical while providing aesthetics and natural ventilation for your kitchen. Likewise, you have a quick way of seeing through the outdoor while enjoying your meal or coffee.

Hang Some Fantastic Pendant Lights

When it comes to modern kitchen lighting, hanging pendants are trending in kitchen redo for it adds glamour and brightness to your space. In choosing your hanging pendant lights, make sure it’s proportional to your kitchen island and space.

Moreover, this lighting mechanism re-emphasizes your kitchen island as the focal point of your kitchen.

Upgrade and place Your Appliances Wisel

If you’re planning of remodeling your outdated kitchen, it’s surely wise to upgrade your appliances as well. Most homeowners go for smart kitchen appliances for it makes their lives more convenient and functional. 

For instance, some gadgets and appliances have built-in motion-sensors and sound alarms that serve as a reminder. Others can even be remotely controlled with your smartphones or voice-activated to control their function.

Get professional design help

At Mega Kitchen and Bath, we guarantee that your ideal kitchen and bathroom remodeling will be materialized at the best price guarantee. Renovating your outdated pantry is never an easy job, so our expertise and experience will be of great help.

All our technicians are duly licensed, trained, and bonded for this field, and we are going to place our best foot forward all the time.

For your flexible and cost-efficient full kitchen renovation, feel free to visit us in Houzz anytime!

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