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"We had a great remodel experience with Mega Kitchen and Bath. We remodeled our kitchen, opening it up to the dining room, as well as our main bathroom. I would highly recommend them to others! "
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"Mega Kitchen and Bath consulted with us about granite options, measured and gave us a an estimate, and installed the countertop, backsplash, and under mount sink within two weeks."
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The basement is one of the areas in the household that you turn to when you have things to store or just plainly want to keep for old time’s sake. More often than not it is taken for granted because of its purpose and then in the end, when it is really needed, it’s dirty, unorganized and almost wrecked. Good thing you have Mega Kitchen and Bath to help you out.

We at Mega Kitchen and Bath provides quality basement remodeling service in Rockvile, Maryland. As one of the well known local contractors in the state, we also offer services in Washington DC as well as in Virginia. Our ever growing company will provide clients with quality basement remodeling services that no company can match. Choosing from our portfolios will help you in planning the basement renovation that you want. It doesn’t matter if you want modern basement remodeling or if only a small basement remodeling, Mega Kitchen and Bath’s group of professional basement contractors will make sure that they get the job done.

We also provide basement apartment renovation as well as basement repairs. Our ever growing number of clients always come back for more consultations and projects because they are really hokked to what we have to offer. From consultation to budget analysis and material costing, Mega Kitchen and Bath will be with you all the way. Contact us now and get a free online estimate for that basement that you really want.

Are you tired of your worn out basement that has been neglected for years? Do you want your basement to be as modern as those that are being used today? Well worry no more because we can help you out big time. Our team of professional basement remodeling contractors have been trained and are experienced in making old basements into new, improved and modern wonders. 

Mega Kitchen and Bath has always been known to be one of the top basement remodeling service providers in Rockville, Maryland as well as in Washington DC and Virginia. For years, we have provided quality, in depth and satisfying basement remodeling services that even the highest of critics would deem perfect. Making the most out of basement remodeling average costs are our recipe to success and client satisfaction. Choose among our hundreds of themes in our portfolios and be one step closer in achieving basement remodeling success.

Our team will make sure that every penny you spend in materials and services will be more than its worth and that you are satisfied to the fullest when you avail our service. Sure, it’s a good idea to resort to do-it-yourself repairs and remodeling, but the missing part would be professional help and service. That is the most essential part in any remodeling project and will be the turning point in achieving your dream basement.

Call us now and get a free online estimate and consultation about your proposed basement remodeling and we will make sure that we are the only choice for you.

When it comes to basement remodeling in Rockville, Maryland, nothing beats Mega Kitchen and Bath. We are a group of highly professional basement remodeling contractors that assure our clients nothing but satisfaction. Considered to be one of the best or if not, the best basement remodeling service providers in Rockville Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia, Mega Kitchen and Bath always gets the job done and makes sure that the smile on our customers’ faces never fades away.

Our portfolios boast of hundreds of templates and pictures that you can use in order to make your basement into a room full o surprises and hope. It doesn’t matter what budget you intend to spend, what matters is that you seek our help and we get the job done as soon as possible. As we always say, it is better to judge us by our losers, not by our winners, because we have none, and our team of professionals are more than willing ton help in this time of great need and confusion.

DIY is always a good thing to practice, but in these cases, it is better to choose a better and more professional option in order to learn and be free of stress when remodeling your basement. It is a really hard job to do but we at Mega Kitchen and Bath makes sure that everything is organized and according to your plan. Call us now to get a free online estimate and consultation.

Are you living in Rockville, Maryland and are in need of remodeling services to your basement? Well Mega Kitchen and Bath is here and available anytime to help you in your small basement woes. We have been providing professional basement remodeling in Bethesda and Rockville for years and have extended our services to Washington DC and Virginia. There is no doubt that we are considered as one of the best basement remodeling service providers in the state because we always get the job done, on time and when you want it.

Mega Kitchen and Bath has hundreds of portfolios that offers an exclusive insider look into what you want your basement to become. Rest assure that we will turn your basement inside out and make it to a place of wonder and efficiency. Every penny will be worth spending once you avail our services because we are a highly regarded group of professional basement remodeling contractors that have serviced even the worst looking of basements.

Plus, our team will make sure that you are always satisfied, guided and acknowledged to be an important part of the company, making you a VIP in every scenario possible. From costing to material choosing, we will be there to make sure that you make the right choices and are left with little worry and stress. Call us now for a free online estimate.