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How would you like to spoil yourself after an exhausting day at work by immersing in a cold or warm bath? With the cool and relaxing ambiance in your modern bathroom, stress will be completely washed out in no time.

However, if you have not renovated your shower or tub for ages, then it is time that you consider availing bathroom remodeling services in Kensington, MD. Fortunately, you have several local bathroom remodelers to choose from in Maryland, and Mega Kitchen and Bath is one of them.

In line, there are plenty of elements you need to consider and plan for re-making your outdated shower and bath. If you want to make the entire remodeling process smooth and hassle-free, then hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor is a wise option.

Our team of professionals are well-trained and experienced in this arena, so we are 100% confident of making your bathroom makeover a success. If you wish to have a free consultation with us, then give us a call.

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"Mega Kitchen and Bath did an awesome job! They were quick to respond to my request and gave me a good quote. I would absolutely recommend Mega Kitchen and Bath to anyone that needs remodeling."
Kellie E.
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"We had a great remodel experience with Mega Kitchen and Bath. We remodeled our kitchen, opening it up to the dining room, as well as our main bathroom. I would highly recommend them to others! "
Sandeep K.
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"Mega Kitchen and Bath consulted with us about granite options, measured and gave us a an estimate, and installed the countertop, backsplash, and under mount sink within two weeks."
Alina O.
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Would You Like to Have Your Dream Bathroom Like This?


We make sure that each tiny detail of your project is taken care of by one of our designers and that your remodel experience is second to none in the entire area!


The end result of your project here at Mega Kitchen and Bath will always be a positive one. We strive to keep customer service at the pinnacle focus throughout the entire process.


There is no reason to cut corners when it comes to remodeling your home to make it the living space of your dreams. Here at Mega Kitchen and Bath we make sure to pride ourselves on all the fine little details.

How We Remodel Your Bathroom



You are always welcome to our showroom in Bowie Maryland, however you can also reach us via call or email. At the time We will schedule one of our expert designers for your home visit and see the potential remodeling project.



In order to give you the best and most beautiful design options, our professional designer will visit you at your home and discuss about the project and take measurements as needed. You will have several design and layout options to choose from.



Cabinets, countertops, tiles, floors and more. Mega Kitchen and Bath provides all the material options at our showroom in Bowie Maryland. We have various options for all the materials. We will provide a 3D design to see how your choices come together.



We will visit your home for pre-construction meeting just before we begin to the project. Therefore, We will double-check all the measurements and estimated work time. The job site supervisor will explain you all the construction steps.



Depending on the project’s size and scope, Mega Kitchen and Bath will provide you the best job in a realistic time. We will create a special timeline for you, therefore you can always check the timing. We will deliver on time as we always do.



As your vision finally started to look like a reality. At the end of the process you will have your fantastic new living spaces. The excitement about your new space reaches a new level. Now its time to enjoy this fascinating home.

Bathroom Remodeling Kensington Maryland

Bathroom Remodeling Kensington Maryland ideas are concepts that are born as a result of the need for excellent bathroom facilities in a home. Homemakers come up with bathroom remodeling ideas to try to come up with solutions to the need in the market. With the emphasis that real estate developers have towards bathroom remodeling. It is very crucial that there are bathroom remodeling ideas in place. In contemporary building and construction departments, there are professionals exclusively dedicated to come up with amazing bathroom remodeling ideas. Bathroom Remodeling Kensington with Mega Kitchen and Bath is always amazing.

Among the most common bathroom remodeling ideas available, Mega Kitchen and Bath will provide you custom bathroom remodeling ideas. We will make special a few designs for you to choose from. Bathroom wall tile replacement is one of the most common bathroom remodeling ideas in Kensington Maryland. Wall tiles are long-lasting and stylish part of our bathrooms. This idea is enhanced by the cohesive design of shower tiles that make a bathroom environment so welcoming. The ideas of bathroom remodeling in Kensington starts with Mega Kitchen and Bath.

Let Us Bring Your Dream Kitchen & Bathroom to Reality

Featuring the latest styles in kitchen and bathroom decoration.

The Cost of Bathroom Remodeling Kensington

First of all, the cost of bathroom remodeling depends on the size of your bathroom. After that, the material you choose such as vanities, tiles, countertops, lights and the fixtures matters on the price. Mega Kitchen and Bath provides various bathroom vanities options. Nowadays, bathroom vanities comes with different sizes and colors. At the same time, we carry more than 500 different bathroom tiles options. You can choose any of them and we will install them to your lovely bathroom properly.

On the other hand, we have a lot of bathroom fixtures in our showroom. Such as shower faucets, shower systems, shower heads, hand showers, shower doors, shower bases, shower enclosures, bathtubs, shower trims and shower accessories are on our showroom as well. You are always welcome to our showroom to see more of these amazing bathroom remodeling Kensington pieces.

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2020 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Kensington MD

Frequently Asked Questions

Being one of the trusted private contractors for your modern bathroom renovation is never an easy task. We always plan so that everything will flow nicely and smoothly. Likewise, we must get to know your preferences and create a 3D model of your dream master bathroom or powder room.

In our planning process, we consider plenty of variables, that include plumbing, lighting, storage compartments, toilet, flooring, permits, bathtub, shower area, design, vanity tops, and fixtures.

We shall source the right quality and price of materials that we are going to use for your budget bathroom renovation. If you want to know the possible cost of re-doing your shower and toilet, then ask us for a free estimate by filling out our form or calling our hotline.

A lot of homeowners are skeptical of undertaking a small bathroom renovation because it might cost so high. If you have no solid idea of how much is your projected bathroom remodel cost, then call us for a free consultation.

Our consultants can conduct an in-house inspection and estimate in your location, so we can draft a precise average cost of bathroom remodel. Technically, the coverage of your renovation will determine the approximate bathroom remodeling total cost you need to finance.

If you want to save more, then our team will recommend affordable alternatives for the materials we are going to use for your bathroom countertops, backsplashes, flooring, vanity cabinets, and more. Mega Kitchen and Bath is your number partner for this life-changing event.

It is one of the prominent and safe places to live in Maryland, where it is located in Montgomery County. It is home to around 2,269 residents where the majority are owners of their residential units. Moreover, you will enjoy the harmonious blend of city and suburban living in the area.

If you wish to recreate and give your powder room or master bath a fresh modern look, then calling us Mega Kitchen and Bath is an excellent decision. Our extensive experience in the remodeling industry will be of great help for restoring the oasis ambiance of your small bathroom.

Clients will always have varying preferences when they renovate their master bathroom space. Do you want a cool contemporary feel or an organic classic appeal in your bathroom makeover? Regardless of what theme you like, we are going to make it happen for you.

For many years, our very small bathroom remodeling designs have captured the hearts of many young professionals and couples. We are proud of playing a critical role in bringing a new vibe into your shower area. We routinely exceed your expectations because we always listen to the details and find ways of improving it.

Get in touch with us today, so we can plan together for your small bathroom remodeling on a budget.

Mega Kitchen and Bath is a locally operated and owned remodeling contractor for bathroom and kitchen makeover. We customize the designs, materials, and features necessary for your small and large renovation projects.

If you need a free online estimate, fill out our request and wait for our response within 24 hours. In contrast, you can call our hotline and schedule an in-house inspection and quotation at a nominal service charge. If you pursue to work with us, then we can waive or write off that fee from your total remodeling cost.

Get in touch with us today.