How To Save Money On Your Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel

If you plan on remodeling your powder or master bathroom, then that’s an excellent idea because it can spruce the beauty, function, and resale value of your house. In line with this, are you on a tight budget for your bathroom remodel cost

Then you are in the right place since we are sharing in this read the ten best ways on how you can minimize your bathroom remodeling total cost. Even when you are on a skinny budget, you still can avail of our professional service since we are offering flexible prices to fit your finances.

Without further delays, continue reading to find out more.

#1 Always Draft A Plan

Planning is one of the tested ways of ensuring you will never go beyond your target budget for your master bath remodel cost. With that, we are going to sit down with our team of professionals, so we can plan for your layout, design, cost, and inclusions for this effort. 

Likewise, it is also the best time to choose alternatives if some materials will be quite expensive for your powder or bathroom makeover.

#2 Retain Your Current Plumbing Layout

Alongside your plan of either upgrading or just updating your shower, tub, and toilet will be the decision of whether to change your current plumbing works. If you want to modify your existing piping system, then you will incur $5,000 to do it.

Also, if there are worn out fixtures to replace, then that must be included in your allocation for your small bath remodel cost

#3 Enhance Space & Brightness with A Framed Vanity Mirror

When you plan on getting a new vanity countertop, then for a reasonable cost, you can pair that up by framing your vanity mirror. It is a cost-efficient method of sprucing the elegance and fancy looks of your powder room or master bath.

If you have a white or neutral color for stone vanity tops, then choosing a rustic or similar color for your mirror frame suits you well. This method is very minimal to dramatically boost your full bath remodel cost

#4 Only Update Your Toilet Seat and Lid

Upgrading your entire toilet will be costly, so for you to save on your average bath remodel cost, better just update its cover seat and lid. Then, you can just refinish and repair some minor cracks or dents on your porcelain toilet and its water tank.

If you plan to include this in your bathroom renovation, no worries, as our technicians can efficiently take care of it. 

#5 Check for Garage Sales

Technically, you can save more when you buy your fixtures and accessories on sale, so better go and find the nearest garage or online sale in your vicinity. Some items like your lighting and faucets can be bought at a big box store for a discounted price, which is a great help already.

Your key to successfully doing this will be having the patience and perseverance to search online for discounted items.

#6 Affordable Vanity Tops

Are you eyeing granite, marble, or quartz vanity tops, yet you don’t have the budget for it? Well, you can simply go for stone remnants or tile countertops from reliable stone suppliers or contractors. 

In line with this, our stone experts have the skills and resources to give you the best price offer for your vanity stone countertops. With that, you have a better chance of making it within your allocated average cost of bathroom remodel

#7 You Can Replace Tiles with Other Cheaper Materials

Indeed, selecting porcelain or ceramic tiles for your walls, flooring, or backsplash provides a sleek and modern appearance. However, you can expect to shell out more cash when you go for this, so a better way would be choosing a cheaper alternative such as reclaimed wood panels, headboard, MDF, or board and batten. 

These cheaper alternatives can still give you natural warmth and coziness inside your newly finished bathroom and powder area. Furthermore, our interior designers and technicians will work together in making this possible for you.

#8 Go For Open Shelves

Meanwhile, if you have a petite bathroom or powder room, then you might face troubles with storage compartments. To meet both worlds, we can still achieve that spacious feel without compromising storage capacity by installing open shelving for your small bathroom renovation.

Alongside this, we are choosing white or neutral colors to elevate the brightness and airy feeling inside your bathroom. Besides that, we can install recessed storage space inside your shower wall. You can place your toiletries and bathing products inside it.

Another alternative can also be installed vertically stacked hanging baskets behind your bathroom door. It provides more storage capacity for your linens and cosmetic items.

#9 Install Modern Lighting

Whether you have a master bath or small powder room, installing LED lighting is a cost-efficient way of sprucing brightness and curb appeal in your bathroom makeover.

Also, we can inject modern technology by incorporating a remote control system to adjust and modify your bathroom lights. With that, it adds a dramatic and elegant touch to your renovation.

#10 Spruce Colorful Paints

When everything seems to be prefab and standard, you can still inject your personality and style by selecting the right colors. Technically for modern bathrooms, white and other pale hues are the best choice you have in this effort.

It will pair well with your modern lighting and mirror, thereby increasing the crisp and clean aura in your small retreat space. Moreover, it helps you achieve a spa-like feel inside your powder and shower area.

Need Professional Assistance?

With our more than ten years of experience and advanced technology, we can effectively spruce your small or master bathroom at a reasonable price. If you need a free quote or consultation, then get in touch with us today.

Feel free to email or call us today. You can also visit us on Yelp at anytime!

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