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Kitchen Remodeling

In this modern time, your kitchen is the heart of every home. Whether you are expecting a faster sale of your property or not, renovating your kitchen is a rewarding feeling.

In Annapolis, looking for reliable kitchen remodeling service is a challenging task. The three essential things you need to consider include experience, certifications, and customer feedback.

Fortunately, Mega Kitchen and Bath is one of the leading kitchen remodeling contractors in the area. We have been servicing many homeowners in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC area since 2014.

We are your complete guide when it comes to giving a fresh and functional look in your outdated kitchen. Our seasoned designers will provide you the latest design for your kitchen cabinet remodeling as well.

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Some Of Our Happy Customers Say

"Mega Kitchen and Bath did an awesome job! They were quick to respond to my request and gave me a good quote. I would absolutely recommend Mega Kitchen and Bath to anyone that needs remodeling."
Kellie E.
Google Reviews
"We had a great remodel experience with Mega Kitchen and Bath. We remodeled our kitchen, opening it up to the dining room, as well as our main bathroom. I would highly recommend them to others! "
Sandeep K.
Facebook Reviews
"Mega Kitchen and Bath consulted with us about granite options, measured and gave us a an estimate, and installed the countertop, backsplash, and under mount sink within two weeks."
Alina O.
Houzz Reviews

Would You Like to Have Your Dream Kitchen Like This?


We make sure that each tiny detail of your project is taken care of by one of our designers and that your remodel experience is second to none in the entire area!


The end result of your project here at Mega Kitchen and Bath will always be a positive one. We strive to keep customer service at the pinnacle focus throughout the entire process.


There is no reason to cut corners when it comes to remodeling your home to make it the living space of your dreams. Here at Mega Kitchen and Bath we make sure to pride ourselves on all the fine little details.

How We Remodel Your Kitchen



You are always welcome to our showroom in Bowie Maryland, however you can also reach us via call or email. At the time We will schedule one of our expert designers for your home visit and see the potential remodeling project.



In order to give you the best and most beautiful design options, our professional designer will visit you at your home and discuss about the project and take measurements as needed. You will have several design and layout options to choose from.



Cabinets, countertops, tiles, floors and more. Mega Kitchen and Bath provides all the material options at our showroom in Bowie Maryland. We have various options for all the materials. We will provide a 3D design to see how your choices come together.



We will visit your home for pre-construction meeting just before we begin to the project. Therefore, We will double-check all the measurements and estimated work time. The job site supervisor will explain you all the construction steps.



Depending on the project’s size and scope, Mega Kitchen and Bath will provide you the best job in a realistic time. We will create a special timeline for you, therefore you can always check the timing. We will deliver on time as we always do.



As your vision finally started to look like a reality. At the end of the process you will have your fantastic new living spaces. The excitement about your new space reaches a new level. Now its time to enjoy this fascinating home.

2020 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Annapolis MD

Let Us Bring Your Dream Kitchen & Bathroom to Reality

Featuring the latest styles in kitchen and bathroom decoration.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have faced different clients in various cities and suburbs, so we take pride in effectively giving you what you need for a better kitchen space. Before we draft any proposal, we want to hear your side on your priorities for re-making your kitchen. Likewise, we will take note of your desired theme.

Whether for large or SMALL KITCHEN RENOVATION, the vital factors are mostly the same. The standard things we look into for your kitchen makeover include floors, walls, countertops, cabinetry, backsplash, appliances, sink, and theme. Nevertheless, the extent of our renovation will depend on your budget and preference.

For your KITCHEN CABINET RENOVATION, we offer two choices, that is, complete remodeling or simple updates and refinishing. The latter option is a good choice when you plan to save more.

Oftentimes, the best cabinet style is the shaker-style and flat cabinets. Both style exude a modern and sleek appeal without compromising storage function. Moreover, we can choose a neutral or light hue for your cabinet face to promote vibrance and airy feeling.

Meanwhile, there are different approaches to achieve your SMALL MODERN KITCHEN REMODELING. It could be that we will just update your kitchen countertops and cabinetry. For your countertops, choosing a stone slab is the best choice, since it becomes the central attraction.

Moreover, some materials like granite, quartz, marble, and soapstone enhance the robust appeal and economic value of your residence. Our stone experts and installers will be your guide in choosing the best material for your kitchen countertop renovation.

Price is always a constant obstacle for the majority of our clients who want a fresh and modern kitchen makeover. However, our team is highly resourceful and creative to give you a cost-efficient VERY SMALL KITCHEN REMODELING.

Based on statistics, the AVERAGE COST OF KITCHEN REMODELING falls between $4,000 to $60,000. For a small kitchen renovation, the price can roughly be $10,000 to $15,000.

If we compute for the industry’s KITCHEN REMODEL COST PER SQUARE FOOT, the price is between $75 to $250. From this standpoint, it is never easy and cheap to re-make the beauty and function of your kitchen.

However, your best tool to get things done right is to hire a professional kitchen remodeling contractor. Why? Because they have the experience, skills, and connections to give you the suitable materials and labor to achieve your chef-like kitchen without breaking a bank.

Mega Kitchen and Bath is one of the authority when it comes to cost-efficient SMALL KITCHEN RENOVATION. Our reputation is well-established in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the greater Washington DC area.

For a fair cost, we shall make the most out of it and give you the optimal outcome for your SMALL MODERN KITCHEN REMODELING. To get a free quote, fill out the form. We will provide a reply within 24 hours or less.

It is a progressive and safe place to live and work in Maryland. You can feel a harmonious blending of the urban and suburban living in Annapolis. Most residents here own their houses, and there’s plenty of restaurants and coffee shops to unwind.

The beauty and comfort in Annapolis can be duplicated in your home. If you need a dependable contractor for your home remodeling endeavor, you can call us today.

A licensed and bonded home remodeling contractor will help you materialize your dream kitchen makeover. Our team of designers and technicians will look into every detail in your pantry. Some of the essential facets we are going to look closely at are your cabinets, countertops, island, sink, and backsplash.

For small kitchens, space will never be a hindrance to our team. We shall improve the lights and airy ambiance in your kitchen to remove the cave-like theme. We shall open up some space and incorporate brilliant hues and designs to spruce your Mega Kitchen and Bath.

If you have further inquiries or would like to talk to one of our consultants, then give us a short call.

We will never rest and stop until we have met your standards for a chef-like kitchen. Our robust and creative team will be there beside you since day one until we complete your modern kitchen remodeling.

With our new architectural designs, restoring the integrity of your kitchen will be seamless. To avail of our free online estimate, fill out the form. It comes at zero fees and obligation.

Meanwhile, you can schedule an appointment for an in-house quotation and consultation at a minimal fee. If you decide to work with us, we shall waive or write-off the service fee from your total cost.

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