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Kitchen Remodeling

It is every homeowner’s dream to update their small kitchen space into a sleek and modern one. Whether you want a minor update or a serious small kitchen renovation, our trained personnel and modern technology shall bring you Mega Kitchen and Bath.

You can contact us anytime to ask for our best deals and packages for your affordable kitchen remodeling service in Silver Spring, MD. If you want to know the projected budget for renovating your kit, you can use our free online estimate at zero cost.

Some Of Our Happy Customers Say

"Mega Kitchen and Bath did an awesome job! They were quick to respond to my request and gave me a good quote. I would absolutely recommend Mega Kitchen and Bath to anyone that needs remodeling."
Kellie E.
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"We had a great remodel experience with Mega Kitchen and Bath. We remodeled our kitchen, opening it up to the dining room, as well as our main bathroom. I would highly recommend them to others! "
Sandeep K.
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"Mega Kitchen and Bath consulted with us about granite options, measured and gave us a an estimate, and installed the countertop, backsplash, and under mount sink within two weeks."
Alina O.
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Would You Like to Have Your Dream Kitchen Like This?


We make sure that each tiny detail of your project is taken care of by one of our designers and that your remodel experience is second to none in the entire area!


The end result of your project here at Mega Kitchen and Bath will always be a positive one. We strive to keep customer service at the pinnacle focus throughout the entire process.


There is no reason to cut corners when it comes to remodeling your home to make it the living space of your dreams. Here at Mega Kitchen and Bath we make sure to pride ourselves on all the fine little details.

How We Remodel Your Kitchen



You are always welcome to our showroom in Bowie Maryland, however you can also reach us via call or email. At the time We will schedule one of our expert designers for your home visit and see the potential remodeling project.



In order to give you the best and most beautiful design options, our professional designer will visit you at your home and discuss about the project and take measurements as needed. You will have several design and layout options to choose from.



Cabinets, countertops, tiles, floors and more. Mega Kitchen and Bath provides all the material options at our showroom in Bowie Maryland. We have various options for all the materials. We will provide a 3D design to see how your choices come together.



We will visit your home for pre-construction meeting just before we begin to the project. Therefore, We will double-check all the measurements and estimated work time. The job site supervisor will explain you all the construction steps.



Depending on the project’s size and scope, Mega Kitchen and Bath will provide you the best job in a realistic time. We will create a special timeline for you, therefore you can always check the timing. We will deliver on time as we always do.



As your vision finally started to look like a reality. At the end of the process you will have your fantastic new living spaces. The excitement about your new space reaches a new level. Now its time to enjoy this fascinating home.

2020 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Silver Spring MD

Let Us Bring Your Dream Kitchen & Bathroom to Reality

Featuring the latest styles in kitchen and bathroom decoration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leaning on professional kitchen remodeling contractors is a wise choice because it ensures the quality and accuracy of work. You can still do other tasks in renovating your kitchen to save on labor costs, yet hiring a professional is needed to get the job done seamlessly.

When you are choosing a kitchen remodeling service, be sure to hire those who are licensed and bonded. Why? This will give you more confidence and assurance that they will safely and efficiently do their job. Mega Kitchen and Bath always follow the highest standards required by the state, city and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) for your small modern kitchen remodeling.

We never do guesswork in splurging elegance and beauty in your outdated kitchen. Our well-trained designers and technicians have also made names for kitchen cabinet renovation.

Do you want a pre-made, semi-custom, or fully customized kitchen cabinet? Our fabricators and installers will accurately accomplish and place the details you desire for your upgraded kitchen cabinets and storage.

We can make your kitchen cabinet remodeling be the focal point in your kitchen makeover. You have plenty of options at hand, such as creating a contrasting or seamless appeal on your cabinets with your stone countertops. If you want to save on cost, we can do minor updates on the finishes and hardware only.

No matter what style and theme you want for your very small kitchen remodeling, Mega Kitchen and Bath will guarantee a 100% balance. For instance, if you will have dark wall tiles, then we will pair that with a vibrant backsplash and stainless steel appliances.

This is the main beauty when you hire a professional for your kitchen makeover. We always do our best to strike an exemplary balance between aesthetics and functionality. Mega Kitchen and Bath will help you bring out a chef-like kitchen design for a reasonable price offer.

Once a prospective client calls us, we always feel their fear or skepticism that hiring a professional contractor would be pricey. Fortunately, we always find a way to customize the details of their small modern kitchen remodeling with their estimated budget.

Our highly adaptive renovation service is what makes our clients happy and impressed. We always keep a clear and transparent communication regarding the possible outcome of the kitchen redo and its equivalent cost.

Once we get the details you desire, our designer will produce its 3D simulated model. With that, you can visualize how your kitchen would look like after the remodeling process. If you want to make some changes, we can readily do that before starting your very small kitchen remodeling.

Typically, the average cost of kitchen remodeling is between $5,500 to $20,500 for a 70 square foot area. If your kitchen is 100 to 150 square feet, then its expected price is around $15,500 to $40,500. In another perspective, your kitchen remodels cost per square foot is estimated at $100 to $400.

These are the market estimates for the price of renovating your kitchen. Nevertheless, you can always use our free online estimate to gauge the cost of your kitchen redo.

Silver Spring is one of the most enticing and comfortable places to live and work in Maryland. It has an estimated population of 79,750 where the majority of it is young professionals. Likewise, it is considered as the number 2 best suburbs to live in Maryland for young working adults.

There are different commercial stalls, stores, buildings, and restaurants sprawling around that gives its urban feeling. Overall, it ranked fifth as the most diverse town to live in Maryland.

Mega Kitchen and Bath can be your best partner in achieving your state-of-the-art kitchen that matches the pristine beauty of Silver Spring, MD.

We have an array of stylish portfolios of the small kitchen remodeling from our previous clients. Our designers can help you choose which style best fits your kitchen space. Likewise, we can always make changes and customization with the theme, material, placement, and finishes.

You have tons of options that we can do to flair up the appeal of your small kitchen. Some of the usual things we do for kitchen renovation include installing a tile backsplash, updating kitchen cabinets, installing an island, modern lighting, stone countertops, tile floors, and more.

Our seasoned designers and personnel will do a collaboration and integration of materials and technology to spruce up your small kitchen into a Mega Kitchen and Bath. For a reasonable cost, your chef-inspired kitchen will come alive.

Without any added or hidden costs, you can grab our free online estimate anytime. We will give you a reply within 24 hours or less.

On the other, you can schedule an appointment for an onsite inspection and a detailed proposal for your small modern kitchen remodeling. This comes at a nominal fee, that can be waived or offset from the total kitchen renovation cost when you hire us.

Call us today if you have further questions about the inclusions of our remodeling services.