Luxury Walk In Shower Remodeling Ideas That Will Inspire You

Your bathroom space can either have the shower area or bathtub, or both if there is ample space inside. In this article, we are going to focus more on the walk-in shower area. We have included several ideas on how to spruce up the beauty of your vintage shower area to look sleek and modern.

Keep reading to find out more on how to make your walk-in shower much better than before.

Benefits of Walk-In Shower Areas

Aside from its lucrative appeal in your home, walk-in showers have other benefits you can enjoy.

1. Space Maximization

Try comparing your bathroom space when you have a bathtub versus a walk-in shower. Which one eats more space? Obviously, your bathtub makes your petite bathroom space even look smaller. Whereas, the vertical orientation of a walk-in shower creates a higher ceiling height in your bathroom.

Consequently, when you have a small bathroom space, we always recommend our clients to go for a walk-in shower area. It has a more airy feeling without making your small shower remodel cheap.

2. Less Hassle in Cleaning Tiles

When you go for a walk-in shower bath remodeling, there will be fewer crevices for molds and grime to stick on. This makes your cleaning routine more light and easy. There will be fewer encounters with your M&Ms friends (molds and mildews).

3. Friendly for the Elderly and with People with Disabilities

Your luxurious walk-in shower also features an easy and smooth pathway for older people and those with physical disabilities. For instance, your grandmother who’s on a wheelchair will have a quick passage towards your walk-in shower area.

Likewise, you can also install handlebars on the sides for them to hold on, and a foldable shower seat so they won’t be stressed out from standing while taking a shower.

4. Reduce Chance of Clogging

Unlike your bathtub, your walk-in shower has a smaller chance of getting clogged up because there are fewer crevices present. It totally eases up your worries of cleaning and maintenance.

Creative and Affordable Walk-In Shower Bath Remodeling Ideas

Solid or Tiled Shower Wall

Your shower wall can be a good focal point in your budget shower remodel, and you have two options for that – solid or tile wall. Both have their respective pros and cons but it totally depends on you which one to choose.

A solid shower wall will be easier to clean because there are zero crevices for molds and mildews to grow. When you plan to have this, we recommend lighter tones for the paint so it creates an airy appeal.

In contrast, a tiled shower wall is a great option to create a head-turner mosaic wall in your shower area. Either way, you need to have ambient lighting inside your shower area to increase its vibrancy and appeal.

Clear Glass Shower Enclosure

If you are tired of cleaning your shower curtains, then installing a clear glass shower enclosure would be a smart and lucrative upgrade. Wiping soap suds and dirt on glass walls is easier than washing shower curtains.

Likewise, you would be able to save costs in installing modern lights inside because glass allows light to pass through from a single source. There is also greater aesthetics when having glass enclosures. 

Barrier-free or Transitional Style

If you want to cut cost from installing a glass enclosure, then having a barrier-free shower style is most suitable. It fits perfectly to any bathroom size while keeping maximum efficiency. Just make sure to choose white or light tones for the inside to make it appear spacious.

Meanwhile, a transitional style looks fancier because of the glass enclosure and the mirror-like appearance it creates. Aside from that, you are able to avoid splattering of water beyond the boundary of your shower area.

Spruce Up with Tiles

Don’t undermine the aesthetics of tiles, particularly those with exotic or modern patterns and light-color tones. You can install these tiles on your shower floors and up to your wall until it touches the ceiling. It creates an elegant and spontaneous wrap that strikes an excellent modern appeal.

If you are on a slim budget, replace shower wall tiles with acrylic ones. It is cheaper and mimics the beauty of natural stone like marble. Likewise, a stainless steel shower fixtures add greater contemporary ambiance in your budget shower remodel.


Those were just some of the breath-taking ideas we have done for our clients for their stylish and modern shower and bath remodeling. If you are looking for a legit and professional bathroom remodeling contractor, you can turn to us Mega Kitchen and Bath.

You can check out our showroom and portfolios online for more references, also check us on Instagram anytime!

For free quotes, simply give us a call or email us today.

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