20 Small Kitchen Design Ideas To Maximize Your Space

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When people hear a small kitchen, they immediately feel hopeless because there only so much you can do with limited space. However, there are many ways through which you can maximize the space in a small kitchen effectively. In fact, a lot of people with small kitchens survive on what they have because of these tried and tested hacks.

One of the best ways to maximize the space in your kitchen is by simply getting a small kitchen remodeling service done. Of course, you don’t always have to spend money to maximize the space you have. However, one of the best ways to actually make your small kitchen more functional is by doing small kitchen renovations.

What we’ll show you below are just a few tips and tricks to further expand your small kitchen. These small kitchen ideas are going to be useful when it comes to giving you the most out of what you have. Without further ado, here are those small kitchen ideas that you might want to consider if you want to maximize space.

Separate Pantry Room

Your pantry most likely takes up a huge portion of your kitchen and that’s natural considering how the pantry holds the most important ingredients inside the kitchen. If you think it’s taking up too much space, try to turn a nearby room into the pantry room instead. This could be the place where you store your brooms and mops. By doing this, not only do you make your pantry more spacious, you also give more room to your kitchen as well.

Small Island For Prepping

Prepping ingredients and other kitchen valuables actually take up some space. One of the best ways to easily prepare your ingredients at home is by simply getting a small island at the center of your kitchen. A small island that’s a few square feet tall and wide is more than enough to ensure that your kitchen has enough space for prepping ingredients. For your island, make sure to invest in a good kitchen countertop so that you can do a lot of things with it.

Push-In The Refrigerator

It’s very likely that your refrigerator is a part of your kitchen and if that’s the case, then you know exactly how big space it can take up. One of the ways to eliminate the unnecessary space eaten up by a refrigerator is to simply have the refrigerator pushed into the walls. This service is usually done by small kitchen renovators so that the fridge is in no way taking up space inside your home.

Maximize Lower And Upper Space

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when getting a small kitchen renovation is not maximizing the space they have. We are of course talking about the space at the top and bottom of your kitchen. You can maximize these spaces by installing shelves and cabinets on them. This will give you more room to place your kitchen goods in as well.

Invest In Kitchen Cabinets

Getting kitchen cabinets is a must if you have a small kitchen. This will help you become more organized inside the kitchen. More importantly, they can help you maximize the space you have without having to eat up space that could be used for your body. Cabinets come in many shapes and forms but the best ones are those that are modular as they can fit in various spaces, thus making it very easy to incorporate into the house.

Invest In Smaller Cooking Appliances

The truth is that some kitchen appliances take up more space in your kitchen counter than they should. Instead of making way for them, simply invest in small kitchen appliances instead.  At this day and age, appliance manufacturers are able to create simple and minimalistic kitchen appliances that don’t take up a ton of space inside the kitchen. This is great news, especially for small kitchen owners.

Add Some Greenery

Adding some greenery to your small kitchen will actually do it great. Plants don’t take up too much space inside a kitchen after all. By adding some greenery to your home, you can make it look and feel cleaner. You’ll get a whiff of fresh air every time you breathe in. Better yet, try to get herbs and small vegetable plants inside your kitchen and start living life in an eco-friendly manner.

Install Floating Tables

Floating tables aren’t exactly tables that float. Basically, these are surfaces that float around inside your kitchen. They are basically tables without legs. They are great for small kitchens as you can easily push your stools and chairs from beneath them when you are not using them – thus giving you more space inside your small kitchen. This is one of the trends when it comes to small kitchen design ideas because these look timeless and minimalistic at the same time.

Do Away With Disposable Containers

On the topic of living eco-friendly, it might be time to do away with plastic bottles and cardboard boxes inside your kitchen. Focus on reusable storage containers such as tupperware and mason jars instead. Not only do these look more beautiful inside your kitchen, they also help you organize your stuff more properly as well. 

Make Your Kitchen Fit Your Size

When hiring a remodeling contractor for your small kitchen, one of the first things they should do is get your measurements. This is an important part of the process because the last thing you’d want is to have a kitchen that’s not proportionate to your height. By getting your measurements, your contractors are able to fully utilize your small space to your advantage. Of course, there are many merits with having a custom-made kitchen as well.

Always Declutter

One reason why small kitchens feel more small than they are is that people don’t like to declutter. Instead of storing your useless items, immediately throw them away if you no longer have any use for them. It’s always the best option to declutter at least once a week as this prevents your trash and unwanted goods from piling up inside your small kitchen.

Pick Neutral Colors

When picking the color of your kitchen for your small kitchen renovation, always pick light and neutral colors. For a kitchen, the best color is something like white. This will make your kitchen look more spacious and beautiful at the same time. As for your fixtures such as your cabinets, make sure to pick black or other dark colors so that they complement each other well.

Always Measure The Stuff You Buy

Buying items for your small kitchen can be very exciting but you should never get too excited to a point that you no longer measure the stuff you get. In some cases, you might be getting an appliance that makes your kitchen look even smaller. Before you get a new appliance, make sure that you check out its dimensions first. The last thing you’d want is making your kitchen feel tighter.

Make Use Of Wall Shelves

If there’s still a ton of space on your walls, don’t hesitate to make use of it. Go ahead and install wall shelves on them so that you have more space for stuff. A great use of wall shelves is to make it a place where you can put knick-knacks and decorations. These will make your kitchen look more beautiful. Of course, you can still place kitchen items on top of these shelves as well.

Get A Tiny Sink

No kitchen should be without a sink no matter how small it is. Get a tiny sink for your kitchen – one that’s enough for kitchen prepping and dishwashing. Better yet, get a kitchen sink that comes with a cover that can double as a chopping board. This will give your kitchen sink more function and give your kitchen more space as well.

Get Stuff Customized

One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting the most out of your small kitchen is by having it customized through and through. People invest in small kitchen renovations to ensure that everything is tailor-made for them. While more expensive, such investments are going to come a long way especially if you want to have a kitchen that’s compact yet very functional.

Let The Light In

Having natural lighting does wonders for a small kitchen. For starters, it will make it safer to work inside the kitchen as you can basically see what you are doing. Another benefit is that you don’t have to spend extra on your utility bills anymore. Make sure that there’s enough windows for your kitchen so that you no longer have to rely on artificial lighting during the day.

Install A Pot Rack

Pots can take up a ton of space inside your small kitchen. Some people opt to put their pots inside their kitchen cabinets but this isn’t exactly a good idea as this can ruin your pots. One of the best ways to store them without damaging them is by getting pot racks. Pot racks are usually installed on your ceiling or on your walls. These are racks there you can hang your pots in once you are done using them.

Get Minimalist Dish And Mug Racks

Your plates, cups and mugs need to be stored properly as well. The problem is that many dishes and mug racks are large and loud to the extent that they take away the attention out of the most beautiful parts of your kitchen. One way to do away with this problem is by getting minimalist dish and mug racks that are mostly made out of stainless steel.

Get A Countertop

It’s tough working in a kitchen without a surface where you can cook and where you can do prep work in. Invest in a great kitchen countertop for your small kitchen. Since your kitchen is small, you can try getting high-end countertop materials like marble since you don’t have to pay for too much. Kitchen countertops are a great addition to any kitchen regardless of size. They are functional and beautiful at the same time.

These are just some of the best tips we have to help you maximize the space in your kitchen. The real key is to be creative and mindful about your needs, wants, and limitations for your kitchen. The possibilities are plenty but they aren’t limitless. As such, it’s better to be smart about how you handle your small kitchen.

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