Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Columbia MD

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Mega Kitchen and Bath is your best partner in kitchen and bathroom renovations in columbia maryland, we are an expert in all aspects of kitchen and bathroom remodeling with extensive experience in this field.

#1 Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling in Columbia

Want to make sure that your kitchen and bathroom renovations would lift the beauty, function, and value of your property in Columbia, Maryland? Then find reliable remodeling contractors with extensive experience in this field, and Mega Kitchen and Bath is your best partner! With over 6 years of experience in the kitchen and bath remodeling industry. Our designers and contractors have extensive experience and knowledge in the remodeling industry, so we guarantee to exceed your expectations. Additionally, we are an expert in all aspects of kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Contact us to avail of our complimentary consultation and estimate services!

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Kitchen and Bathroom Design

With over 6 years of experience in the kitchen and bath remodeling industry. Our designers and project managers can help you finalize the design and layout of your kitchen and bathroom remodel.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Columbia MD

Kitchen remodeling is a feat for most homeowners. But you have a better way to do it, that is to work with a professional kitchen remodeler like Mega Kitchen and Bath. We have the experience and supplies to materialize your dream kitchen in Columbia.Getting a fresh look into your dirty kitchen is one of the biggest projects for any home, whether it’s a home kitchen renovation or a condo kitchen remodel in Columbia MD.

We can help you plan what elements you need to upgrade inside your old kitchen. That can be your countertop, sink, faucet, appliances, or the entire kitchen layout.Considering the nitty-gritty details of this project, hiring a trusted kitchen remodeling service is strongly beneficial for you.

Mega Kitchen and Bath is one the leading local kitchen remodeling in Columbia, MD.Whether you have a galley or spacious kitchen, our team can professionally handle that. Let’s achieve your ideal kitchen makeover. Contact us!

Bathroom Remodeling  in Columbia MD

Renovating your bathroom is one strategic way for you to up your home value while improving your bathing experience. It gives you the chance to change those old and damaged bathroom fixtures. Through these improvements, you’ll have an oasis-like bath inside your home.

Our team can do a wide range of renovations for your master bathroom redo. We are an expert in this field, so you can trust us that it’ll be great.Mega Kitchen and Bath is one of the well-established bathroom remodeling in Columbia, MD.

Let’s start planning for your bathroom remodel. Book an initial appointment.

Best Bathroom Remodeling in Columbia MD

Basement Remodeling in Columbia MD

Your basement might be dark and dusty, but you can turn that into an amazing room through basement remodeling. Mega Kitchen and Bath is here to help you plan and implement an effective basement renovation Columbia.

It’s never too late for you to transform your dusty basement to any of the following:

Children’s playroom

Mini theater

Guest room

Home office and more

There are endless possibilities as to how we can convert it to a functional and stylish space. You can also up the value and function of your home by making your basement great.

Home Addition in Columbia MD

Planning to redesign your house in Columbia for home additions? Mega Kitchen and Bath is your top rated remodeling company to work with. We have talented designers who can seamlessly design your ideal kitchen and bath to suit your lifestyle.

It’s never too late for you to spoil yourself, especially when it makes your daily living convenient. That’s a worthwhile investment for you and your family.

We do kitchen, bath, and basement remodeling in Columbia. All materials used will be high quality to last a lifetime.

Contact us to get a free consultation.

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Bathroom remodel. The experience with this company was amazing. My custom shower is beautiful!!!! Ibrahim (PM) and Leo (tiler) outstanding. Great price and professional! I’m thinking of doing my kitchen.



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The average cost for remodeling in Columbia, MD, hits at $13,281 to $36,142, where most homeowners spend around $24,000. If you’ll go for a high end kitchen and bathroom remodeling, then it will cost around $50,000. Anyhow, you can use your free estimate service to know what’s the possible budget for renovating your kitchen and bathrooms.
The main reason why you’ll hire a professional is to ensure the accuracy and timely completion of your kitchen and bathroom remodel. Likewise, you want to avoid having those expensive mistakes in renovation because you resorted to DIY. For a reasonable price, Mega Kitchen and Bath can seamlessly realize your dream kitchen and bathroom remodel that’ll support your lifestyle.