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Mega Kitchen and Bath can help you plan and create a 3D computer model of the possible outcome of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Bowie, Maryland. Avail our free design consultation service, call our office.

#1 Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling in Bowie

Are you confused about whether to renovate your bathroom and kitchen in Bowie, Maryland? Then you can check out our amazing showroom in Bowie, so you have an idea on how you want your bathroom and kitchen remodel to turn out. Additionally, Mega Kitchen and Bath is open arms to support you on this life-changing endeavor! We have talented designers, project managers, and contractors who’ll use their skills in realizing your spa retreat ambiance. Besides, we also provide budget kitchen remodeling service to turn your dated cooking area into something fresh and more functional. Are you excited to take on your home remodeling projects in the future? Then avail of our complimentary consultation and free estimate service today!

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Our contractors and designers will work closely with you, so you can check on their works. They have the best training and experience for realizing your dream kitchen remodel. Visit our showroom to see our amazing portfolios for the trending kitchen and bathroom remodeling designs.

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Kitchen Remodeling Bowie MD

For the past years, the kitchen has become the heart of every home, since people spend most of their time here. If you’re thinking about getting a kitchen remodeling services, you must know that investing in your kitchen is a great decision. Start by reflecting on how you will use your kitchen and what you will need from it every day.

Contacting kitchen remodeling contractors like Mega Kitchen and Bath is highly recommendable. You’ll get to know how they evaluate things and they’ll help you enlighten the details you only imagine in your mind. Renovating it doesn’t only mean the kitchen cabinet remodeling alone. You will be offered much inspiration from popular layouts, modern kitchen design, fixture trends, and results of the actual projects. Bringing out your kitchen’s beauty and functionality will be the contractor’s main goal.

Bathroom Remodeling Bowie MD

The bathroom is the first and last place you will visit before going to work and bed. It needs to be relaxing and comfortable since you deserve that.

But is your bathroom dated and dingy already? That means you need to plan for a modern bathroom remodel today! Mega Kitchen and Bath is your best partner for this request.

Using our 3D design technology, we can make a simulation for the outcome of our bathroom makeover. We can also help you customize and install bathroom fixtures that fit your lifestyle.

Basement Remodeling in Bowie MD

Instead of constructing another room from the ground up, why not utilize your dusty basement, right? You can do basement remodeling today, and Mega Kitchen and Bath can help you with that.

We can transform your basement into a paradise of comfort and leisure. We will also enhance the waterproofing ability and structure while doing this project.

Book an appointment today, so we can design and plan for your basement redo in the future.

Home Addition in Bowie MD

Home addition is one effective way to increase the saleability and value of your house in Bowie. Working with a professional remodeler like Mega Kitchen and Bath is your best choice to do to ensure the success of this project.

For home addition, you have lots of options, like renovating your kitchen, bath, and basement. Through any of these makeovers, you can get a more vibrant appearance to your home.

Let’s sit down at a meeting today! Book your free consultation now!

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We recently used Mega Kitchen and Bath to remodel our kitchen. We are very happy with our new Kitchen Cabinets. As far as I am concerned, it was a pretty big job between demo, new cabinets in existing and new locations. Best place for kitchen in Maryland.


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Our professionals follow a systematic process in doing our kitchen and bathroom remodeling services in Bowie, Maryland. Below is a general outline of our home remodeling services: Initial contact with the customer, so we’d know their preferences. Our designer will go to your location and take an actual measurement of your kitchen or bathroom. After, we can create a 3D computer model of the possible outcome of our remodeling services. Selection of the materials and products. Finalizing the design and layout of your remodel. We will give you a project timeline. Final evaluation of the project. Mega Kitchen and Bath is your leading design center and remodeling company to call for your home improvement needs in Bowie, Maryland.
The average cost of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom hits at $5,000 to $50,000, where most homeowners spend around $25,000+. The estimated cost of your kitchen or bathroom remodeling depends on the quality of the materials and products used in the project. Anyhow, you can also avail of our free estimate service to know how much you need to secure for this project.