5 Top Amazing Before and After Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in 2022

Seeing a kitchen remodel before and after gives you incredible inspiration to start your kitchen remodel project and see that it turns into something amazing. When you see the whole process in kitchen remodeling before and after photos it is easier to understand that no matter what you kitchen is like now, it can change in beautiful ways to fit your style.

Kitchen remodeling can be really exciting and it is great to see how others have done with before and after kitchen remodel images. Remodeling a kitchen before and after is a process that you can remember for a long time as a great success.

Here we present some kitchen before and after makeover ideas from our expert kitchen remodeling service. We will go over the kitchen remodeling before and after images with a designer’s eye, to show you what to work on with your project.

Wasted Space Can Be Fixed

This kitchen had a good structure, the island was already in the right place to make it functional and not block any parts of the kitchen. This was a case of a kitchen simply overstaying its welcome and it really needed a total update to look like it is in the right decade.

The cabinets really look tired, bland and needing an update. The fluorescent light fixture seems like a real afterthought with no attention paid to style or beauty.

The key to success in this remodel is subtle and brilliant. The backsplash is adding a lot of depth that was lacking before. There is no new space, but the kitchen feels much bigger because the consistent pattern of the backsplash calls more attention and makes a solid backdrop.

Without changing the kitchen island much, the remodelers made it work better for the homeowners by creating more of an overhang to hide the stools under. Moving the fridge to what was a dead wall before added a lot of counter space which will make cooking that much easier.

A Dark Kitchen Can Be Brightened

The far counter was pretty clouded with the sink and stove needing to fit, and then the leftover counter spaces were not too useful for cooking. The colors were working well together, but the darkness does not feel like a modern kitchen and makes it feel a little outdated.

Having teh dishwasher between the stove and the kitchen could have become a tripping hazard if the dishwasher door got left open during cooking. It is important to remember how you will be working in a kitchen and make the flow as seamless and convenient as possible.

Moving the sink to the kitchen island made this kitchen feel so much more luxurious and open. The patterned backsplash creates so much more depth than the flat colored wall that was there in the old kitchen. 

There is a good contrast between the white theme with the black stove and microwave that is soft, and not jarring. The mixture of cabinet hardware, with knobs on the upper cabinets and pulls on the lower, makes a nice division that gives you more items to think about when inspecting this incredible kitchen remodel.

Awful Mistakes Can Be Erased

This kitchen looked like it was all stuffed into a corner. The dark wood on the kitchen cabinets is not working with the lighter colored hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors are so sought after these days, it was sad to see them misused in this kitchen.

What was going on with the multi-colored semi-wall above the kitchen cabinets? Not only was the paint incredibly ugly, the lighting reflected off of it casting strange bright and dark patches and making the entire kitchen look worse.

Hard to believe this is the same kitchen, the only element remaining from before is the hardwood floors. They go much better with the white cabinets and the gold hardware that ties it all together.

Beautiful work with the stone backsplash matching the countertops on that wrap around kitchen counter that gives the homeowners so much space to work. This kitchen feels so much more refreshing than it did before and the kitchen remodelers really did a great job of planning everything out.

An Outdated Kitchen Deserves Another Chance

Obviously this kitchen came from a totally different era and we won’t fault it for that, but adding in the modern appliances was a strange choice. It can be difficult to upgrade appliances in a kitchen that is half a century old but these appliances were really a bad choice.

The cabinets around the window are much too bulky and block some of that precious natural light from shining through. This kitchen had its day, but it’s going to need to be totally gutted to have any chance of being a functional part of a modern home instead of a museum piece.

Amazing what can be done with basically the same upper and lower cabinet layout. This kitchen really transformed into a modern kitchen that will be much easier to cook in and more enjoyable for hanging out. 

This kitchen is so much more open and inviting than it was before. The sandstone tile flooring with the brown mottled stone countertops is working so well to frame the creamy colored kitchen cabinets. 

Simple Tricks To Make A Kitchen Feel Bigger

This kitchen looked and felt a lot smaller than it really was because the kitchen cabinets were crowding down onto the countertops and there was not enough separation. The wall behind the countertops was too plain and did nothing to accentuate the gap between the countertop and the  cabinets.

These kitchen cabinets looked really cheap, and yes, cabinets are a big expense but it is important that such a prominent feature in a kitchen looks good, and these looked bad. This kitchen needed to be opened up and to have some air space injected into it for breathing.

The designer expertly employed texture to create more pronounced separation between the countertops and the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are actually at the same height as before, but the more pronounced backsplash makes a huge difference in the appearance.

This kitchen looks so much more open and modern now. The stone gray tile floors are working really well with the gray cabinets and the lighting is giving the chrome elements a golden glow that is so elegant.

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