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Everything You Need To Know About Bathroom Remodeling in 2022

There are different reasons why you would want your bathroom to be renovated. Bottom line, most homeowners would go for bathroom remodeling for three main reasons

  • Increasing comfort and safety
  • Improving aesthetics
  • Increasing the resale value of a home

However, doing this project is not a walk in the park. You have several things to consider before remodeling your bathroom, and the budget is one of the most difficult parts to handle. Before we go any further, always ask yourself, “what is your main purpose for remodeling?”.

The second thing you need to consider is the requirement of a professional designer. Typically, most homeowners would hire them but they will do some of the tasks to save on fees.

For better guidance on bathroom remodeling, keep reading until the last section of this article.

When remodeling a bathroom where to start?

No matter if you go for a small, medium, or huge bathroom renovations, the first important thing you need to do is planning. You need to plan the desired design and budget for this project. Once you are done with the detailed plan, you can gradually put things into action.

1. Prepare a comprehensive plan​

Whether it is a small bathroom remodeling or other things you have to accomplish, planning is a critical factor for its success. In crafting your plan, the estimated budget and design of your bathroom redo are the two most important variables to consider.

When you have outlined your total approximate budget and its breakdown, you have a lesser chance of spending too much for the entire project completion. Likewise, the design of your new bathroom will most likely be affected by the expected budget for the project.

Factors To Consider for Bathroom Design


Most modern bathrooms are having a lighter color tone to promote serenity and purity. There are plenty of ideas for you to choose from which can match to your existing bathroom layout.


Some of the typical fixtures you need to consider include sink, faucet, showerhead, and tub. If the features have high-tech features and are priced reasonably, then that is a good asset for increasing resale value. 

Storage Compartments​

If increasing your bathroom space will be costly, the best alternative solution is increasing its smart storage compartments. There are plenty of options such as stackable glass/acrylic jars, rope tower of buckets, tall corner cabinets, and more.

These smart storage ideas provide both functionality and aesthetics which can increase overall resale value.

Plumbing and Wiring

If you want your bathroom space to look continuous and sleek, then you need to be good at hiding those pipes and electrical wires without compromising safety and maintenance.

2. Do you need a bathroom remodeling service?

Hiring a local bathroom remodeler will provide a higher chance of getting the best results for your remodeling project. Why? Because we have the skills, experience, and professional technicians to provide accurate and dependable service necessary for your professional bathroom remodeling.

3. Prepare the Tools You’ll Need for Your Part in the Project​

For you to save on fees from your local bathroom remodelers, do some of the tasks for the renovation. Inline, you can prepare some of these tools and supplies for doing the tasks.

4. Bathroom Demolition​

In the construction phase, you need to first demolish the fixtures and drywall which needs to be replaced. This is present for any professional bathroom remodeling projects. Here are some of the tips for gutting your bathroom.
  • Drain your toilet first to avoid any spillage of its waste liquids

  • Before removing your bathtub, cover it first. Then, remove the tiles in its studs. Be careful not to destroy its existing plumbing works so you can easily reconnect the new tub.

  • Safely remove your wall insulation using a reciprocating saw. Never use a hammer for this job. Wear your goggles, face mask, and gloves for this task.
  • Remove other things inside your washroom that needs to be replaced. These things can include vanity cabinets, mirrors, bathroom floor tiles, and others.

  • You can also remove the baseboards so it won’t get damaged, then reinstall them afterwards.

5. Installation of Brand New Bathtub or Shower

Once you have completed your demolition works, you can now install your new bathtub or showerhead. If you plan on converting your tub to a shower, we recommend you to have a walk-in shower model. This provides easy access, especially for people with disability. Likewise, it has a sleek modern look with space-saving features.

Different Installation Types of Bathtubs


This type has its tub installed in between three walls and the fourth side serves as open space. The fourth side will be the only side with a smooth finish. You can also install a faucet and a showerhead for this style. 

Corner Bathtubs

This is your top choice when you have a small bathroom space. It has three sides and installed in the corner of your bathroom. Two of its side are installed along the wall, leaving the third side open. Similar to Alcove, only one side has a smooth finish and opens to the user.


This is the complete opposite of the corner bathtubs because it is ideal for a spacious bathroom area. You can either have a clawfoot bathtub or one with a base that strongly supports the entire weight of the tub. This style provides more elegance for any modern bathroom design.


This style is parallel to a drop-in tub but it is installed underneath the deck’s surrounding rim. The tub itself is supported by the bathroom floor. The surrounding deck usually matches the design of the bathroom floor to create a seamless and spontaneous design flow.


This is similar to an undermount tub but with its rim installed on the surface. The overall weight of the tub is much more supported by its rim, unlike the undermount where the weight is evenly distributed on the floor.

Types of Shower

For your bathroom remodeling service, there are plenty of shower types for you to choose from. The final decision will greatly depend on the design and finances of your renovation project.

Digital Shower​

This one is highly modern and expensive for installation, but it provides better convenience and aesthetics for your bathroom remodeling. It has a control panel 10-meters from the shower area. You just need to input the temperature and flow of water before getting inside the shower area.

Eco Showers

This modern shower has smart features that can readily adjust the flow rate to conserve and energy. This type can also be present for both mixer and electric showers.

Mixer Shower

This type allows the mixture of hot and cold water before it goes down from the showerhead. You need to have a large tank for hot water in your home for this type of shower system.

Electric Shower​

You do not need a large boiler tank for this one. It readily pumps cold water from the source and slowly heats it up as it passes through the heating element. With this, you rest assured of getting a warm bath every time.


This provides complete peace of mind by avoiding freezing due to very cold water. All you have to do is set the water temperature, and the mixer will readily mix the hot and cold water to get that desired temperature.

6. Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures​

You have two main options for your bathroom fixtures, you can either recycle and refinish or buy a new one for an upgrade. When it comes bathroom redo, the main fixtures you can upgrade include sink, showerhead, tub, and faucet.

Shower fixtures
Generally, there are four types of the showerhead to choose from in the market. These showerhead styles include rain showerhead, handheld, body sprayers, and wall-mount style.
Rain showerhead

This provides you with a nature-feel of a waterfall while getting your relaxing bath.

Body sprayer

This style can be installed in your shower and it provides a massage feel on your body and head. It also produces a mist-like surrounding while you are taking a bath.


This is typically seen in most households because of its practicality and functionality.


This is the standard showerhead style in most households. Oftentimes, there is nothing unique with this one but if offers an affordable price compared to the other styles.

Sink Fixtures
Bathroom sinks serve a great purpose for your freshen up time inside the washroom. With the right design, it can complement well with your vanity counter and become a focal point inside your bathroom remodeling.

There are different materials used for bathroom sinks such as enameled cast-iron, vitreous china, glass, acrylic, stones, and wood. There are a variety of shapes, colors, and styles to choose from which can greatly increase the aesthetics of your bathroom.
Vessel sinks

This style is ideal when your vanity counter is for powder and makeup. However, this becomes less practical for a full-size bathroom because it is shallower compared to the standard undermount sink.

Undermount sinks

This is the typical choice for standard and large-size bathroom space. It has sufficient depth and beauty to become a good focal point in your vanity counter. It pairs best with a simple to use a faucet.

Pedestal sinks

A pedestal sink has that basin bowl with a long and slender stem running down the bathroom floor. This style is a total space-saver for small bathroom space. Its bowl can be in a rectangle, oval, or oblong shape.


This style has leg frames supporting the basin bowl on top. The space in between the legs can be used for placing shelves, baskets, and towel bars.

Faucet Fixtures
There are various styles of faucets with different coatings and colors that you can install for an upgrade. In choosing, you need to consider practicality, functionality, and design compatibility with your bathroom color tone.

This one gives you that classic look with a touch of modern technology. Instead of three holes, it only needs two holes bore into your vanity countertop. Most of its designs are made from stainless steel finish already.


This is also called the single-lever faucet wherein controlling water temperature and the flow rate is done by the single lever.


This style has the spout and handles placed far apart from each other, around 10 inches distance. This is ideal when the plumbing system of your vanity counter is complex and tight.


This modern style provides that clean and seamless appearance on your vanity counter. Instead of installing the faucet on your sink countertop, the holes are made on the wall and the faucet is mounted there.

7. New Bathroom Floor

Once you are done with bathroom fixtures, tub, and shower, the next thing you need to consider is renovating your bathroom floors. There are three things you need to consider when choosing the best bathroom floor material. These factors include appearance, resistance to water and durability.

Here are some ideas that can spice up your bathroom floor renovation
Carpet tiles

It provides extra warmth in your bathroom space. No worries when it gets wet, you can easily take off the carpet tiles and let them dry up. Likewise, it provides the cozy feel similar to your living area.


It mimics the natural beauty of stones and hardwood while providing good resistance against moisture. Likewise, it is affordable compared to other bathroom floor materials.


It offers a wide variety of colors and designs which can match your classic or contemporary bathroom renovation. It serves as a good alternative to vinyl with good durability factor.

Vinyl tiles

It offers low cleaning and maintenance. Several vinyl tiles mimic the beauty of natural stone and hardwood which is great for increasing bathroom aesthetics. Moreover, it is an affordable material for your bathroom floors.

Natural Stone Tiles

These natural stone tiles can be made from granite, limestone, slate, marble, and travertine. Its natural veining and pattern provide timeless elegance in your bathroom space. Its main setback is price.

Porcelain Tiles

This stone has good anti-stain properties and priced affordably in the market. It is durable and has good resistance against heat. Porcelain tiles promote warmth in your bathroom space.

Ceramic Tiles

It mimics the elegance of natural stones while providing low cleaning requirements. There are plenty of designs and sizes to choose from this material for your bathroom floor. We recommend that you get a rough texture to prevent slippage.

8. Install and paint Upgraded Drywall

After you have taken your old drywall, hang the new replacements and paint them with vibrant color. It is best if the color of your drywall matches that of your bathroom floor as well. Likewise, ensure all the drywall boards are nailed firmly.

For your bathtub or shower wall, you can use a cement board instead of drywall for better durability. You can enhance its waterproofing abilities by coating your cement board with water sealant coatings.

9. Upgrade Vanity Cabinets​

If you want to save up, you can reface or refinish your existing vanity cabinets. You can take out the old door and replace with new ones. You can also replace the doorknobs of your cabinets with a chrome-plated finish, same as with its hinges.

10. Finalize your plumbing and electrical connections

Once you are done with all the upgrades and repaintings, you can now finalize the connections of your plumbing and electrical works. You can re-install the plumbing works of your toilet, bathtub, vanity sink and faucet.

How long to do a bathroom renovation?

In most bathroom renovation guide, a typical small bathroom update can take around two weeks or three months. However, there are various influential factors affecting the timeframe for completing the bathroom redo.

Here are some of our approximate time duration for completing certain tasks for a bathroom update on a budget.

Planning Stage

This is the pre-construction phase which involves comprehensive planning on the budget and the things to be prioritized for your budget bathroom renovation project. This can approximately take around one to two weeks, but all depends on how intricate you are in planning.


You contractor will examine the materials and structure of your bathroom space. This will give them an indication of how to safely deconstruct your bathroom works and the estimated time to finish it.

Approximately, the demolition stage will take around 4 to 5 days or up to one week. In this stage, your contractor will also put up the support structure for installing new drywalls, ceiling works, and windows.

Ensure your contractor also secures the required permits from your state or city for this action.

Working with your Plumbing and Electrical Connections

Once we are done with the demolition and setting up the support structure, we can proceed with the electrical and plumbing works. This stage is estimated to be completed for 3-4 days or one week.

Just like in doing basement renovation, always make sure your contractor gets the necessary permits if required from your city or state to perform these tasks.

Bathroom Floor Works

You can now work with your bathroom floor renovations which can take for one week. However, completing the tiling works of your bathroom floor depends on the area of your bathroom and the tile size used.

Tile Finishing

Once you have installed the tiles on your bathroom floors and walls, the last thing to do is tile finishing. This task covers grouting and applying silicone to the joint sections of tiles. This can be completed for 3 to 4 days.

Wall and Ceiling Works

Completion of hanging or installing new drywall and ceilings can be done within 2 to 3 days. Your contractor must have the complete materials and tools for the job to finish this job on time or earlier.

Sealing Process for Enhancing Water Resistance

You need to apply 2 to 3 waterproofing coats on your wall sheets which require a 24-hour drying process. This task would take around 3 to 4 days for completion.

Refinishing and Painting

Refinishing and painting your vanity cabinets, walls, windows, and ceilings can be completed within 2 to 3 days.

Fixtures and Bathroom Accessories

In any bathroom renovation guide, you must never forget about your upgraded fixtures and accessories. This includes new showerhead, tub, faucet, sink, storage accessories, hooks, towel bar, and more. This process can be completed within 1 to 2 days.

What is the cheapest way to redo a bathroom?

The most affordable bathroom redo cost is around $1,500 to $15,000. For small renovations like painting, upgrading fixtures, and replacing lightings can cost around $1,000 to $3,500.

We will share some smart ideas on the cheapest ways for your bathroom shower redo.

1. Replace Durable and Cheaper Alternative for Tile Floors

For those with wooden bathroom floors, you need to check on their conditions first. If they look terribly bad already, then it is time to rip them off and replace with a cheaper vinyl tile floor.

However, if your existing floor still looks good, then repainting it would be the smart choice. You save more on the material and labor costs for installing new floor tiles.

2. Keep Your Old Tub and Refinish It

If your old tub still works well with some aesthetic problems only, then refinishing would be your cost-efficient choice. You can readily use some cleaners to remove the yellow stains and make it look white again.

3. Refinish or Reface Vanity Cabinets

Buying and installing new vanity cabinets can come at a hefty price. For you to save up, you can simply do refacing or refinishing. If the cabinet doors look rustic, then do refacing and apply the wood veneer. You can also remove the drawers for sanding, refinishing and re-installing again.

Likewise, you can also replace the doorknobs and hinges of your cabinets to get that sleek metallic surface.

4. Upgrade your faucet

There are several modern and affordable faucets you can install in your sink countertop. You can go for a single-lever or wall-mounted faucet style. The metallic surface of new faucets elevates the contemporary feel in your sink counter.

5. Do Some of the Works in your Bathroom Renovation

The hourly labor of some technicians or remodelers can cost a lot, so you need to do some of the tasks in your bathroom shower redo. Some of these works that you can do on your own include toilet installation, painting jobs, and DIY installation of a prefab showerhead.

How do bathroom upgrades increase the value of your home?

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR), huge and small bathroom upgrades can totally increase the resale value of any home.

Some of the typical bathroom upgrades lists include bathtub, cabinets, countertops, floor tiles, lightings, faucets, sink, toilet, and showerhead.

For low-end and small bathroom upgrades, here is the estimated cost for all installed bathroom upgrades.

What bathroom updates help sell a house?

There are plenty of bathroom updates you can do at a minimal cost that can increase the overall resale of your home. For small bathroom updates, this can include repainting, refinishing of cabinets, and installing new modern lightings.

Your inexpensive bathroom updates can also include your faucet and sink. Bathroom sink can cost between $100 – $450 for low-end price. Meanwhile, your plumbing works and faucet can cost between $250 – $1,450 for the low-end setting.

Overall, these simple bathroom updates can greatly make an increase in the resale value of any house. Likewise, you just have to do some of the works, so you can save on fees and labor costs.

How to makeover a tiny bathroom?

Hopefully, it has been clearer on your part as you have read through our article on how to remodel your bathroom. Just continue reading so you get more ideas about it. The usual cost for a budget bathroom makeover is between $1,500 to $15,000. Meanwhile, the bathroom remodeling cost of expansion entails an additional budget between $1,000 to $15,000.

For master bathroom makeovers, the cost typically runs between $10,000 to $25,000. However, most homeowners pay around $18,000 for this project. For this budget, it includes brand new fixtures and cabinets, double bathroom countertops, shower head, and a new bathtub.

Further, if you aim for a luxurious and modern bathroom makeover, the cost can reach up to $50,000 or even higher. With this budget, you can buy custom-made toilets, cabinets, tub, sink, and showerhead.

Tips on Tiny Bathroom Makeover

How to find a contractor to remodel a bathroom?

Similar to planning the bathroom remodeling budget and design of your bathroom redo project, choosing a licensed bathroom contractor is also critical. Your bathroom space is smaller compared to your kitchen, so design, layout, and measurement accuracy is a must.

Just like choosing the best vanity counter, you need to know the essential features of a good commercial bathroom contractor. Here are some of the features and factors you need to look.

How much does remodeling a bathroom cost?

Budget planning is your best tool so that you can control your bathroom remodel cost. The average cost of bathroom remodel is $125 per square foot or around $10,500. Meanwhile, if you just want to update little things inside your small or medium-sized bathroom, the cost goes between $4,000 to $7,000.

Factors Affecting Bathroom Remodel Cost

Bathroom Material Costs (excluding labor costs)

Here are the approximate costs of each thing inside your bathroom excluding installation cost. The percentage is based on your overall budget.

Labor Costs for Bathroom Renovations

The estimated hourly labor rate for bathroom renovations is $50 to $75. More likely, labor costs account for 40% to 60% of the overall average cost of bathroom remodel.

Meanwhile, the estimated cost for securing building permits is around $360 to $1,900. However, the price fluctuates on each state or city so it is best to consult your local building code enforcement agency.

Estimated Breakdown for Bathroom Labor Costs

Estimated Bathroom Renovation Costs (based on area)

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