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Mega Kitchen and Bath is the leading home remodeling company and design center in the Metro DC Area. Also, we serve the residential and commercial requests of the locals in VA and MD.

#1 Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling in Washington

Mega Kitchen and Bath is a trusted remodeling company in Metro DC area who can greatly help you with that. We’ve made 310+ customers happy with our kitchen and bathroom remodeling service. Our designers can seamlessly work around your budget and still give you the best results for a newly renovated kitchen and bathroom. Visit our showroom and social media channels to see our elegant designs and materials. We guarantee to up the value, beauty, and functionality of your kitchen and bathroom. Avail our free design consultation service now!

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All our works and products are guaranteed to exceed your expectations since we have 6+ years of experience and we only partner with the trusted brands of materials and products.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Washington DC

Kitchen remodeling is one effective method when you want to up the functionality and value of your home in Washington. Besides, you also have the chance to makeover the old appearance of your kitchen that suits your current lifestyle.

There are several things you need to consider in doing this project, and it’s easier when you’re working on it with a professional remodeler like Mega Kitchen and Bath. We have extensive experience in kitchen and bath remodeling, which guarantees the amazing results of your kitchen redo.

Our designer and project manager will be with you from start to finish. Contact us to get your free consultation.

Bathroom Remodeling in Washington DC

A newly renovated bathroom gives a relaxing ambiance to your home. You have the chance to upgrade the style and fixtures inside your shower and tub. Mega Kitchen and Bath can truly help you accomplish the best bathroom remodel for your house in Washington.

Despite having a smaller space than your kitchen, the impact of bathroom remodel is great. It helps increase your home value while getting the most from your daily bathroom routine.

We can help you plan and implement the right layout and style for your ideal bathroom remodel.

Basement Remodeling in Washington DC

Basement remodeling gives you the best option to maximize the extra space inside your house in Washington. You can transform that dark dusty basement into a recreational room for your guests and family. You have a lot of options on how you want to convert your basement through our basement remodeling service in Washington.

Our designer and project manager will help you plan and implement your basement remodel in Washington. We guarantee your satisfaction with this project by giving more life and function to your forgotten basement.

Home Addition in Washington DC

Home addition is an exciting and challenging endeavor for any homeowner in Washington. Luckily, that won’t be a problem if you’ll be working with a talented remodeler like Mega Kitchen and Bath. We provide detailed kitchen and bath remodeling services in the DMV area.

Our designer can help you re-design your kitchen, bath, and basement to add new elements and style. This can bring a fresher and more modern feel to your home in Washington.

We are excited to be part of this life-changing project for your home and family. Grab our free consultation now!

Customers Reviews

Mega kitchen and bath did a full remodel of our kitchen and we are 100% satisfied with the quality of work and communication. From start to finish our project was handled in a professional and friendly manner. Will use them again for future projects


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Finding the best remodeling contractors in Washington, DC is challenging since there are a lot of them, and you need to do background checking as well. Inline, your methods of finding one can be done through a referral or when you search online. You need to look into their company profile, online reputation, experience, and portfolios, so you’ll have a sound judgment on their credibility and expertise. Likewise, ask if they provide a free estimate or design for their remodeling services. If you still haven’t found a remodeling contractor yet, then you can work with Mega Kitchen and Bath today! We are licensed, trained, and bonded for our kitchen and bathroom remodeling services.
Yes, we’re offering a free estimate service for our dear customers since we want to help them finalize their plans and budgeting for their kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Washington, DC. Likewise, you can also avail of our complimentary consultation service.