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Are you planning to renovate your kitchen or bath in Washington, DC? Then you’ve come to the right place since Mega Kitchen and Bath is the leading home remodeling company and design center in the Metro DC Area.

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Also, we serve the residential and commercial requests of the locals in VA and MD. Likewise, if you need some inspirations, then head on to our showrooms in Maryland.

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Kitchen Cabinets in Washington DC

Washington DC Kitchen Cabinets: There are a lot of different kitchen cabinet models in Washington DC. The most common and popular models are shakers and louvers. These models comes with various color options. White is the most popular kitchen cabinet color in Washington DC. However, using different colors in base and wall cabinets are very popular nowadays in Washington DC. Such as, using white color on wall cabinets and using grey tones in base cabinets. These kind of designs requires a professional attention because it really makes the changes and involves the other part of your kitchen materials. For instance, making a decision on the countertop connected with the color palette. Kitchen remodeling Washington DC.

Countertop in Washington DC: Kitchen remodeling in Washington DC definitely contains the countertop change as well. Decision process of countertop is really hard for the homeowners. Because there are various countertop options out there. Such as; kitchen remodeling Washington DC.

Bathroom Remodeling Washington DC

Bathroom remodeling in Washington DC at it’s best. Well-designed and finished bathrooms add much to the beauty and value of your house. So, in addition to give a place and make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. We are offering the best bathroom remodeling trends in Washington DC.

Mega Kitchen and Bath is one of the best bathroom remodelers in Washington DC. We invite you to stroll through our award winning showroom. Therefore, you can see our perfectly designed displays and have an idea of what you will get.


“Mega Kitchen has excellent customer service with brilliant ideas. I highly recommend them (Ibrahim Z.) if you are looking for a detailed job done for your kitchen, bathroom or more. They have design ideas for every budget which gives you the best option for your dream kitchen and bathroom!!”



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Finding the best remodeling contractors in Washington, DC is challenging since there are a lot of them, and you need to do background checking as well. Inline, your methods of finding one can be done through a referral or when you search online. You need to look into their company profile, online reputation, experience, and portfolios, so you’ll have a sound judgment on their credibility and expertise. Likewise, ask if they provide a free estimate or design for their remodeling services. If you still haven’t found a remodeling contractor in Washington DC yet, then you can work with Mega Kitchen and Bath today! Offering not only kitchen and bathroom remodeling but also basement remodeling in Washington DC. We are licensed, trained, and bonded for our kitchen and bathroom remodeling services.
Yes, we’re offering a free estimate service for our dear customers since we want to help them finalize their plans and budgeting for their kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Washington, DC. Likewise, you can also avail of our complimentary consultation service.