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If you want to avoid these expensive kitchen remodeling mistakes, then lean on trusted remodeling contractors like Mega Kitchen and Bath.
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Besides, our designers and project manager will gather all essential details you like to be included in your home improvement project in Rockville, Maryland. Also, you can check out our two showrooms in Maryland, to have ideas on the possible outcome of your kitchen and bathroom redo.

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We can seamlessly guarantee the success of your kitchen and bathroom makeover since we have the experience and quality materials for the project.

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Kitchen Remodeling Rockville MD

Kitchen remodeling Rockville MD with Mega Kitchen and Bath is a lot easier for you. In the modern day, kitchen remodeling has been vital aspect in modern homes. In order to keep up with modern trends we remodel kitchens in our homes. We can see kitchen remodeling more of a fashion thing in contemporary real estates as well as homes. Nowadays, people like to transform their kitchens form traditional to modern designs. Kitchen Remodeling Rockville.

The design we apply in kitchen remodeling primarily depends on the personal tastes of the owner. The owner has vital decisions to make in a remodeling process. A successful remodeling process entails several processes. Hiring professionals is a key aspect. Professionals make it possible to attain a successful kitchen remodel. Mega Kitchen and Bath professionals also help in advisory support to their clients.

Modern Kitchen Remodeling Rockville MD

Modern kitchen remodeling is characterized by modern fixtures that are made of silk, creative woodwork and even marvelous painting designs. Our professional and expert designers will guide you through the decision process. For instance, in 2018 the most favorite colors were brown and white in cabinets. Mega Kitchen and Bath always follows the latest trends from the world. Therefore, we will keep ourselves updated and fresh. We are familiar with all kinds of designs such as traditional, modern or contemporary kitchens.

One of the key elements in kitchen remodeling Rockville is the Appliances and fixtures. We will always use the quality brands such as Samsung, GE, LG and Whirlpool. Obviously, all of these appliances will be hooked up for you. Nowadays, people like to see stainless steel appliances on their kitchen. So, we will match the fixtures with the appliances. Therefore, you will have the most perfect result on your kitchen remodeling Rockville project. Kitchen remodeling Rockville MD.

If you are thinking of hiring professional kitchen remodel contractors in Rockville MD for your cooking area, then we are here to be of service to you anytime.

Bathroom Remodeling Rockville MD

Bathroom Remodeling Rockville MD is the art of putting in place new fixtures, layout, techniques and relocating fixtures. Master Bathroom Renovation is an interior design project. Bathroom Remodeling Rockville involved with expanding the bathroom. Such as, sauna, steam baths or Jacuzzi. It’s primarily done to enable a feeling that a client looks forward to coming home. Color schemes are part and parcel of a master bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodeling Rockville done for several reasons. Improving energy efficiency is one of them. So, cutting energy bills is a key issue for many clients and leads to bathroom remodeling. Master bathroom remodeling is also done to ensure that the bathroom is more functional. This is due to the changing demands of a modern bathroom. Remodeled bathrooms act as a personal escape as they are warm and have a relaxing feel. Another reason for bathroom renovation is to solve serial plumbing problems. As bathroom facilities, some pipes become obsolete and some pipes wear out causing water leakages. Some clients will also do master bathroom remodeling to do a face lift of their bathrooms.


“Mega Kitchen has excellent customer service with brilliant ideas. I highly recommend them (Ibrahim Z.) if you are looking for a detailed job done for your kitchen, bathroom or more. They have design ideas for every budget which gives you the best option for your dream kitchen and bathroom!!”



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Currently, the average cost of remodeling your home in Rockville, Maryland, hits at $18,000 to $30,000. Specifically, that is $18,000 for bathroom remodeling, while $25,000+ for renovating your kitchen. There are plenty of factors making up the cost of your home remodeling and that can include your cabinets, framing, electrical works, plumbing, countertops, flooring, backsplash, wall, and more. You can always avail of our free estimate service to know the approximate cost of doing these projects on your home. Call us now and get a free online estimate and consultation about your proposed basement remodeling Rockville MD and we will make sure that we are the only choice for you.
Due to COVID-19 protocols, the city of Rockville has adopted online application of the needed permits and licenses you need to secure before doing any home remodeling works. Inline, there are various types of permits and licenses issued, for instance, there’s a different permit for residential and commercial construction. Additionally, here are some of the different permits you need to secure in Rockville, MD, for your home improvement activities: Outdoor dining permit Electrical Fire Protection Mechanical Plumbing Shed Property plot plan Fence, Deck, and more When you’re working with contractors, you don’t have to burden yourself from securing those permits since we’ll be the one to get them for you.