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We specialize in creating stunning kitchen renovations that exceed your expectations. With our expert team and premium materials, we’ll transform your home into the beautiful oasis you deserve.
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Award Winning Kitchen Remodeling in Maryland

Mega Kitchen and Bath, a leading remodeling company in Maryland, is known for quality craftsmanship and seamless project management to enhance both form and function. Our collaborative, caring process is all about using the latest remodeling advancements with classic principles of polished woodwork, layouts and cozy touches sparking joy while cooking. The result: kitchen sanctuaries at the heart of your happily ever after home.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling and Design Services in DC and Maryland

Mega Kitchen and Bath is the premier kitchen remodeling company catering to the DC and Maryland homeowners. Our talented designers only offer the best custom remodeling and design services. Our team only creates personalized layouts and uses high-quality materials that fit your style and needs. From the initial concept to completion, your dream kitchen is within your reach. 

Custom Kitchen Design In Metro DC and Maryland

At Mega Kitchen & Bath, we know every home is unique. Your kitchen should seamlessly blend personalized style with functionality based on how your household lives day-to-day. Our talented designers collaborate one-on-one with you to create a contemporary layout maximizing storage solutions, flow, and enjoyment whether your tastes run sleek and modern or warm and rustic. We articulate dreams and then actualize stunning bespoke kitchens catered to you through quality installation. Let us tailor the heart of your home!

Mega Kitchen & Bath’s Expert Remodeling Services Across DC and Maryland

Classic East Coast architecture sets the stage for stunning kitchen overhauls tailored to modern lifestyles. Beyond increased home value, transforming outdated spaces into contemporary showpieces crafts welcoming hubs for gatherings, cooking, and making memories for years ahead. With 20+ years turning tired kitchens into sleek, functional focal points, Mega Kitchen & Bath guides DC and Maryland clients through specialized remodeling services handling every detail – from marble-clad islands to custom built-in cabinetry. Contact us at (301) 450-5673 for your complimentary design consultation and quote.

Experience the Mega Kitchen and Bath Difference

With over 20 years of transforming kitchens, our skilled Mega Kitchen and Bath team offers comprehensive remodeling services from fully custom cabinetry to required electrical upgrades, ensuring smooth start-to-finish renovations catering to your lifestyle. We collaborate one-on-one to articulate your unique vision and then make it a reality.

Popular Kitchen Design and Kitchen Remodeling Styles

When renovating the heart of your home, our Mega Kitchen and Bath design experts help articulate distinctive visions through quality cabinetry, counters, and finishes – from sleek contemporary builds with lacquered surfaces to gracious traditional with custom inset doors exemplifying enduring charm.

Traditional Kitchen Style

For those favoring gracious living, traditional incorporates ornate yet durable custom cabinetry and carved accents begging to be touched alongside polished counters drinking in abundant natural light against organic backsplashes. By celebrating cherished heritage details through precision craftsmanship built to be passed down over generations of memorable meals, timeless kitchens anchor homes beautifully.

Transitional Kitchen Style

Transitional kitchens artfully bridge old and new world allure. Clean-lined perimeter cabinetry wears contemporary Navy hues effortlessly combined with light fixtures reminiscent of heirloom silver polish. The addition of unlacquered brass finishes plus open wood shelving offsets durable quartz counters ready for everyday use by busy families. By skillfully blending beloved traditional aspects with current conveniences, transitional kitchens remain ever-approachable for memories waiting to unfold.

Modern Kitchen Style

Modern kitchens infuse homes with the energy of up-and-coming galleries through compelling minimalist designs that solve chaos discreetly. Think matte lacquered cabinetry playing strikingly against smoother quartz countertops. Add to that the incorporation of stainless units almost as artful installations. This brilliance of blending strong aesthetic appeals with customized organizations creates modern sanctuaries tailor-made for asserting unique style perspectives proudly.

Vintage Kitchen Style

Seeking vintage whimsy? Look no further than color-blocked appliance hues awakening senses or patterned floors recollecting favorite eras amid museum lighting. Maybe instead boldly incorporate grandma’s memorabilia collections within glass cabinet displays? No matter how you slice it, infusing spirits from yesterday stylishly lays the foundations for today’s most memorable celebrations connecting families joyfully.

Our Proven Kitchen Remodeling Process


Through open-ended yet targeted questions, we explore lifestyles, cooking habits, aesthetic visions, and constraints to fully grasp aspirations while mapping pathways aligned with realities.


Combining 3D laser scanning and classic techniques, we precisely capture the existing kitchen down to cabinetry profiles and appliance footprints to inform sensible enhancements.


Our visualizations, drawings, material samples, and digital renderings tangibly articulate personalized design directions fostering client clarity on the stylistic and functional changes envisioned.


Securing local permits, developing realistic schedules alongside trades teams, and ordering materials sets the stage for smooth project coordination and prompt realization of plans.


With keen attention across house demolition phases and precision construction through finishing touches, our crews translate dreams into well-executed kitchen transformations according to strict methodologies.


Award Winning Kitchen Design Innovators In DC and Maryland

With over 50 regional and national accolades earned for inspired kitchen creativity intersecting with masterful execution, Mega Kitchen and Bath holds renowned expertise in transcending ordinary home spaces into extraordinary sanctuaries bespoke for how Washington DC and Maryland families live. Driven by passion and grounded in decades of perfecting intricacies that elevate residences, our award-winning designers continue pioneering world-class kitchen transformations across the metro area.

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