Custom Kitchen Remodeling and Design Service in Washington DC

Washington, D.C., the heart of American heritage and innovation, is where you live if you are like many others and are thinking about renovating your kitchen. This unique mixture of architectural styles is indicative of a city that respects its past while eagerly anticipating its future; from the old Georgian and Federal buildings to contemporary ones.

For more than 10 years now, Mega Kitchen and Bath has been mastering our skills in the nation’s capital by combining traditional designs with modern needs so that each kitchen remodel we undertake extends the client’s personality and lifestyle.

What Our Kitchen Remodeling Service Includes

Our full-service kitchen remodeling will revitalize your space as we take the word “custom” seriously:

  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets: Various brands and types are available to suit different preferences and budgets
  • Kitchen Countertops: Everything from luxurious granite to sleek quartz countertops
  • Custom Cabinetry: Made just for your space and style
  • Kitchen Island Designs: Bringing together cooking, storage, and gathering functions into one central area
  • Backsplash: Enhancing style and functionality in your cooking area
  • Fixtures, Vent Hoods, Sinks, and Faucets: Beauty combined with utility
  • Paint and Flooring: All the details will be tailored to suit your vision.
  • Custom Solutions: Provided you can think of it, we can do it.


L type kitchen style with white cabinets, and peninsula

Our Proven Process

With the given price, timeline, and design selection concerns, we have simplified this process to address these areas in an effective manner. Our journey together will include:

Providing a Free Kitchen Remodeling Estimate, Quote, & Pricing: We make sure that you know the real costs of the project with no hidden charges involved.

Kitchen Design & Material Selection: Use our 3-D design technology to show you how your kitchen would look like before any work starts.

Setting the Project Timeline and Installation: A realistic timeline will be provided and this already includes acquiring permits and other essential papers. However, with our experience with Washington D.C. permits, everything should go smoothly. You must respect our time and provide realistic timelines which also involve acquiring permits where necessary. We have a lot of experience with D.C. Permits so they should go smoothly.

Completion: Your dream kitchen is successfully achieved.

What We Offer

  • Custom designs for both functionality and aesthetics
  • Contemporary Kitchen layouts with luxurious features
  • Optimized floor plans for small kitchen
  • Professional plumbing and electrical services

What We Deliver

  • We handle permits, and inspections, and provide building certificates
  • We create innovative designs and maximize space efficiency
  • Ensure compliance with all local building codes
  • Manage projects from start to finish
  • Costs and timelines may vary but our expertise guarantees efficient services at reasonable prices making your investment worth it.

Dreaming of Your New Kitchen?

Envisage a kitchen not only meets your functional needs but as well serving as the heartthrob of your house; capturing your style and enhancing life in general. There are several benefits to having new kitchens such as these:

That is the idea for this space. It would mean an increase in efficiency and energy savings, making your home more valuable and of course, up-to-date.

Elegant kitchen style with white cabinets and countertops

Kitchen Styles and Remodeling Ideas

If you love a modern, sleek kitchen or a very warm, traditional one, we’ve got some ideas and options that can help:

  • Contemporary and Minimalist
  • Rustic Farmhouse
  • Classic Elegance
  • Modern Industrial
  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

The Cost of Kitchen Remodeling

You may get varying average kitchen remodeling costs depending on scope and finishes. This means you are provided with competitive prices and extreme value for money guaranteeing that you achieve quality and style. We have put in place price transparency as well as various financing options to ensure that issues around budgets, and costs among other things are dealt with, and thus from such an approach, it will be possible to have someone’s kitchen remodeled.

Why Choose Us?

For over ten years now, we have been operating in Washington D.C., which means we know both the architecture/design landscape of this city well and what goes into securing permits/ sticking to building codes. Your kitchen remodel should be uniquely yours – not what everyone else is doing – improving the worth of your property while enhancing your circumstances at home.