Kitchen Project
Bowie MD

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Kitchen Project
Bowie MD

About Project

White kitchen is a true classic, but we can add some modern features to it. See our kitchen project in Bowie and be amazed on how we made an excellent job in upgrading its beauty and function. We ensure there is balance between aesthetics and function for a kitchen remodel.

We combined white and copper or tan brown tone to make it look classic. The off white kitchen island with brown veining patterns marries well with the white raised panel cabinetry. The black bar pulls of the kitchen base cabinets fit well to the overall beauty of the cabinetry.

To give this kitchen a modern touch and function, we placed modern appliances and fixtures. The gas range, oven, farmhouse sink, and fridge are all modern. This ensures you have an efficient workflow inside your kitchen.

We also have windows near the sink area to let natural light come in while allowing air ventilation. Are you excited to take on your kitchen remodel today? Feel free to reach us out to get a free design consultation.

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