Custom Kitchen Remodeling and Design Services in Columbia MD

Columbia MD is a place for modern designs and timeless classics. As the premier choice for kitchen transformations, our expert designers, skilled craftsmen, and commitment to excellence will bring your dream kitchen to life. Using top-quality materials and innovative solutions, we create stunning, functional spaces that exceed your expectations, not to mention, tailored to your unique style and needs. Our streamlined process ensures minimal disruption to your daily life. Trust Columbia Kitchen Remodeling to deliver a beautifully remodeled kitchen that you’ll love for years to come. Let’s start your kitchen transformation today!

Kitchen Remodeling Columbia MD with Mega Kitchen and Bath

Kitchen Remodeling Columbia MD is one of our #1 services. Mega Kitchen and Bath is serving around Columbia MD metropolitan area including Annapolis, Silver Spring, Rockville, Bowie, Kensington, Washington DC, and more.

We spend most of our time in kitchens for cooking and cleaning for the rest of the family. Mega Kitchen and Bath is cognizant of this fact. As such, it is our job to see; the kitchen of the house is a functional and attractive part of the house. Mega Kitchen and Bath is mindful of the likes and dislikes of the mother of the house. Therefore, we will make every effort to meet the design and functionality demands to make the kitchen area pleasure to work. Therefore, You will be able to spend time in the kitchen even after the kitchen chores are done. Mega Kitchen and Bath uses cost-effective methods and materials to create the best kitchen remodeling in Columbia MD. To satisfy your needs and leave you happy we dedicate ourselves to making the best.

Mega Kitchen and Bath has operated locally in the Columbia MD metropolitan area for 6 years. We are familiar with popular and traditional kitchen designs. We have completed hundreds of kitchen remodeling projects in Columbia MD.

Spacious kitchen design with blue and white cabinets

Kitchen Remodeling Columbia MD with High Experienced Mega Kitchen and Bath

Our highly experienced designers will adapt your kitchen remodeling ideas in Columbia MD to their expertise to come up with the best kitchen design. Above all your kitchen will be functional at all times a day. Mega Kitchen and Bath uses a wide variety of premium, exotic materials from different parts of the world. We also employ state-of-the-art fabrication and installation techniques for marble, granite countertops, and cabinets of fine wood.

Mega professionals shall work miracles for you and give you the kitchen you dreamed of, and enjoy many years of use. For instance, user-friendly cupboards to the farm sinks and the spread of convenient arrangement of appliances… In other words, Our kitchen remodeling in Columbia MD makes the time spent in the kitchen.

We learned a lot from our past experiences, therefore we are aware of the importance of design and planning the job. So, we pay due ATTENTION TO DETAILS while keeping an EYE ON THE BIG PICTURE in the design/planning stage. In conclusion, the choice of materials to ensure the timely completion of the job is very important. Along the same lines, our team of professionals takes a flexible approach to accommodate your ideas into the design. This eliminates costly and time-consuming changes in the middle of the job. Once the Design and choice of Materials are worked out, the job is smooth sailing from start to finish, with satisfaction guaranteed.

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in Columbia MD?

The average kitchen remodeling cost in Columbia MD is $18,000. By contrast, this cost depends on the size of your kitchen and layout.

There are various kitchen layouts and sizes in Columbia MD. However, the average size for kitchens in Columbia MD is 10×10 or 12×12. To calculate the kitchen remodeling cost in Columbia MD, we need to create a budget for it. What should we include in this budget? From scratch to top we need to include floor, electrical changes, plumbing updates, cabinets, countertops, knobs, and fixtures. However, if you’re going to have a bathroom remodeling in Columbia MD, keep in mind that prices vary and are incomparable.

Kitchen Floor: Once you start to remodel your kitchen in Columbia MD, first you need to consider your kitchen floor. The living room and dining room areas might be different or the same type of floor. Such as, if you have hardwood floors in the living room kitchen floor can be hardwood floors as well. On the other hand, your kitchen floor can be different from the other living areas.

What are the Kitchen Floor Options in Columbia MD?

  • Hardwood Floor
  • Laminate Floor
  • Tile Floor
  • Vinyl Floor

Electrical Changes: Once you decide to remodel your kitchen, electrical updates will be on your list as well. Nowadays, kitchen remodeling in Columbia MD includes lightning bottom-of-the-wall cabinets, pendant lights on the island, recess lights, and more outlets through countertops. To make proper electrical updates on your kitchen, you may need to apply for a kitchen remodeling permit in Columbia MD. There are some changes that you must apply for electrical permits and there are some changes that you do not have to apply for. Professional guidance will get through these stages easily for you.

Plumbing Updates: Remodeling a kitchen and not making any updates on the plumbing is not a realistic point of view. However, there are ways to minimize these updates. If you do not make any changes to the layout of your kitchen you can minimize the plumbing updates. Such as, if you keep the sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator at their existing places, you can minimize the plumbing changes.

Small kitchen design with wood flooring

Kitchen Cabinets in Columbia MD

Columbia MD Kitchen Cabinets: There are a lot of different models of kitchen cabinets in Columbia MD. The most common and popular models are shakers and louvers. These models come with various color options. White is the most popular kitchen cabinet color in Columbia MD. However, using different colors in base and wall cabinets is very popular nowadays in Columbia MD. Such as using white colors on wall cabinets and using grey tones on base cabinets. This kind of design requires professional attention because it makes changes and involves the other part of your kitchen materials. For instance, deciding on the countertop is connected with the color palette. On the other hand, if you’re into custom cabinets in Columbia MD, there are a lot of good kinds you can find. The only thing you need to worry about is getting the one that would complete the entire aesthetic of your dream kitchen. 

Countertop in Columbia MD: Kitchen remodeling in Columbia MD contains the countertop change as well. The decision process for countertops is really hard for homeowners. Because there are various kitchen remodeling trends in Columbia MD with really good countertop options out there. Such as:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Ceramic tile
  • Soapstone

Back in the day, granite was the most popular selection in Columbia MD. Granite is very strong, durable, and easy to maintain. Another plus of the granite is it has more than 3,000 different colors. Therefore, people in Columbia MD were very happy with the granite. However, the only thing constant is change. Quartz became very popular and common in kitchen remodeling Columbia MD projects. Quartz is an engineered stone product and it contains different materials in it. It requires no annual maintenance and sealing. Therefore, it is very popular nowadays in Columbia MD. Make sure that you find the best remodeling contractors in Columbia MD. The success of your kitchen remodeling project lies in their hands.  

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