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Home Remodeling is an intricate process which requires extensive training and experience, which you can find from a licensed and insured remodeling contractor in North Bethesda, Maryland. We only quality materials from reliable suppliers to ensure your satisfaction.

#1 Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling in North Bethesda

Aiming to get a marvelous outcome for your home remodeling project without committing those expensive mistakes? In that case, you need to hire a reputable remodeling company and design center in North Bethesda, Maryland. Have you found one already? Then look no further as Mega Kitchen and Bath is your best partner! Our 6+ years in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling service proved essential as we’ve accomplished 250+ projects and made more than 310 clients happy with the outcome of the remodel. If you haven’t finalized the possible design of your kitchen and bathroom remodel, then you need to visit our showrooms in Maryland. In there you’ll set eyes on our sophisticated designs and products that truly lift the face and resale value of your property. We also offer a free estimate and consultation service for our dear customers and soon to be ones.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Design

To get remodeling ideas, you can visit our showroom and talk to our designer for assistance. Choose one trending kitchen and bathroom remodeling trend, then we’re going to modify it to suit your preference.

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Kitchen Remodeling in North Bethesda MD

Are you both excited and overwhelmed by the challenges you need to face for renovating your kitchen in North Bethesda?

A better solution for that is to hire a professional remodeling company like Mega Kitchen and Bath. We have the experience and supplies to make your kitchen project in North Bethesda easy and smooth.

Whether it’s cabinet remodeling or installing a new kitchen island, our team can precisely accomplish that on time for the budget that works for you. We put your satisfaction on top of our list and our project manager will be there with you.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us today.

Bathroom Remodeling in North Bethesda MD

Get a more relaxing vibe inside your master bath and powder rooms today. Mega Kitchen and Bath is your trusted bathroom remodeler to lean on in North Bethesda. We’ve been serving residential and commercial requests for bathroom redo for more than a decade.

We will list down all you want to be included in your bathroom renovation. Then create a 3D design for you to see the possible outcome. All products are from trusted suppliers in the industry.

Planning is the best thing you need to do to ensure the success of your bathroom project. Call now to book a free consultation

Basement Remodeling in North Bethesda MD

You have endless things to do for reconstructing your basement to become an elegant home addition. Mega Kitchen and Bath is your dependable basement remodeling company to call for this request. We are here to help all homeowners in North Bethesda get a fabulous basement for an affordable budget.

Whether you want your basement to be transformed into a home office, man cave, or children’s playroom, our team can effortlessly do that. We will plan, design, and renovate your basement based on your preference.

Let’s know more of your thoughts in our free consultation service. Book an appointment today!

Home Addition in North Bethesda MD

Do you feel like your house in North Bethesda isn’t giving you enough space to breathe? Let’s solve that through our home addition service.

We provide full renovation service in constructing a room that helps promote comfortable living. We can either make one from the ground level or on top of any existing rooms. If not, we can also create one that is detached from your main house.

Home addition is a smart way to add value and function to your current house. Call now to get a free consultation and quote.

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As a design build outfit … they did a great job in delivering what we wanted to our satisfaction and specifications. It was always about quality not quantity.


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Generally, you have two main methods of finding a remodeling contractor in North Bethesda, Maryland, and that’s through referrals and searching online. Typically, getting a referral is preferred for most homeowners, especially if it’s recommended by their trusted relative, friend, or colleague. Conversely, you can still find credible remodeling contractors online and check on their licenses, and online reputation. Make sure to dedicate sufficient time in selecting the right remodeling contractor since they’ll be the one to renovate your home.
Basically, you can check the contractor’s license through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC). Additionally, contractors can apply their licenses online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which reduced face to face transactions on government offices.