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Create your dream home with Mega Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Crofton, MD. Our expert designers and contractors provide custom solutions for kitchen and bath remodeling, home additions, and home renovations.

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Jaw-Dropping Kitchen Transformation in Washington, DC
Custom Home Project in Washington, DC
Crofton, MD

Home Remodeling

From whole-home makeovers to small upgrades, our Crofton home remodelers create stylish, functional spaces tailored to how you live, with expert project management.

Top view of building model in Georgia
Building view of newly built property in DC
House view of newly renovated property with luxurious interior
Elegant kitchen style with white and dark gray cabinets and white countertops
Whole house project in Washington DC
Elegant house design with yellow lighting
Crofton, MD

Kitchen Remodeling

We design and remodel Crofton kitchens that seamlessly blend form and function, with custom cabinets, high-end appliances, lighting, countertops, flooring and storage solutions for your cooking and entertaining style.

White kitchen design with shaker cabinets
Small U-shape kitchen with white and brown cabinets
Deluxe white and green kitchen with shaker style cabinets
Spacious kitchen with white and grey cabinets
Classy, white kitchen in Silver Spring
White and Green kitchen style with shaker cabinets
Elegant kitchen project with White and light grey shaker cabinets
Small kitchen with white shaker cabinets
Elegant kitchen project in Rockville with white and Black shaker cabinets
Fancy kitchen design with white and navy blue cabinets
Spacious kitchen with white shaker cabinets and granite countertop in Kitchen Remodeling Project Elicott City MD
Elegant style kitchen with white and dark gray shaker cabinets, and blue kitchen island drawers
Clean, sleek kitchen project with dark gray shaker cabinets
Simple L type kitchen with blue shaker cabinets and open shelving
Luxury, traditional kitchen style with cream cabinets and granite countertop
L Kitchen style with white shaker cabinets and light gray countertops
Small kitchen style with white and dark brown shaker cabinets, and white countertop
Elegant kitchen project with white shaker cabinets and granite countertop and backsplash
Small kitchen project with white and teal shaker cabinets
Hallway kitchen style with white and dark gray shaker cabinets

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Crofton, MD

Bathroom Remodeling

Our Crofton bathroom remodeling services completely transform your space with spa-like finishes, storage solutions, luxury fixtures and hardware for a relaxing, rejuvenating retreat that matches your vision and lifestyle.

Cozy Maple Kitchen Remodel Opens Up Small Maryland
Bathroom in Bowie, MD with dark gray cabinets, tub, and shower
Bathroom Remodeling Project in Silver Spring, MD
White bathroom style with light grey vanity, and a toilet
Small bathroom style with light grey vanity, toilet, and a bath tub
Modern style bathroom with shower and bath tub
Elegant, white bathroom style with vanity, toilet, and a shower
White bathroom style with white cabinets and countertops, toilet, and a shower
Spacious, luxury bathroom style with brown cabinets, bath tub and a shower
Grey bathroom design with navy blue shaker vanity, and a shower
White vanity with gold sink and faucet
Beige bathroom with brown vanity, black hardware, and a shower
White bathroom with light grey shower tub combination
Classy, white kitchen in Silver Spring
Elegant bathroom design with dark brown vanity and a shower
Dark gray double sink vanity with mirrors and lighting
Bath tub and shower combination with white and green walls
Elegant bathroom project with taupe double sink vanity and a toilet
Spacious bathroom with dark brown vanity, toilet and a shower
Crofton, MD

Home Addition

We construct customized Crofton home additions, from master suites to hobby rooms, that harmoniously match your existing architecture while maximizing livability and increasing home value.

Premier Home Addition Project in Silver Spring, MD
Top view of building model in Georgia
Building view of newly built property in DC
House view of newly renovated property with luxurious interior
Elegant kitchen style with white and dark gray cabinets and white countertops
Whole house project in Washington DC
Elegant house design with yellow lighting

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Frequently Ask Questions

Whether you’re planning to remodel your home for listing or loving, undertaking this project is truly worthwhile since it can effectively improve the function and beauty of your property. In terms of resale value, your budget kitchen and bathroom remodel will increase your property’s value by 50% to 70%.

Additionally, with a newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom, you’ll have better experience for preparing your meals or when taking a shower. You will have brand new fixtures and amenities that’ll support your current lifestyle.

Basically, your expected remodeling cost depends on the materials, coverage, and the contractor who’ll be doing the project. Luckily, Mega Kitchen and Bath is here to give you budget kitchen and bathroom remodeling service in Crofton, Maryland.

So far, the average cost to remodel your kitchen ranges from $4,000 to $50,000+, where most homeowners spend around $25,000.

On the other hand, your average bathroom remodel cost hits at $3,000 to $25,000.

Leaning on professional kitchen remodeling contractors is a wise choice because it ensures the quality and accuracy of work. You can still do other tasks in renovating your kitchen to save on labor costs, yet hiring a professional is needed to get the job done seamlessly.

When you are choosing a kitchen remodeling service, be sure to hire those who are licensed and bonded. Why? This will give you more confidence and assurance that they will safely and efficiently do their job. Mega Kitchen and Bath always follow the highest standards required by the state, city and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) for your small modern kitchen remodeling.

We never do guesswork in splurging elegance and beauty in your outdated kitchen. Our well-trained designers and technicians have also made names for kitchen cabinet renovation.

Do you want a pre-made, semi-custom, or fully customized kitchen cabinet? Our fabricators and installers will accurately accomplish and place the details you desire for your upgraded kitchen cabinets and storage.

We can make your kitchen cabinet remodeling be the focal point in your kitchen makeover. You have plenty of options at hand, such as creating a contrasting or seamless appeal on your cabinets with your stone countertops. If you want to save on cost, we can do minor updates on the finishes and hardware only.

No matter what style and theme you want for your very small kitchen remodeling, Mega Kitchen and Bath will guarantee a 100% balance. For instance, if you will have dark wall tiles, then we will pair that with a vibrant backsplash and stainless steel appliances.

This is the main beauty when you hire a professional for your kitchen makeover. We always do our best to strike an exemplary balance between aesthetics and functionality. Mega Kitchen and Bath Remodelers Silver Spring MD will help you bring out a chef-like kitchen design for a reasonable price offer.

Over the years, homeowners are becoming more meticulous when it comes to redesigning their bathrooms. Why so? Most of our clients said that they want a fresh, clean, and cool ambiance inside, while they are taking their warm bath. Your walk-in shower and tub serve as the second-best place to unwind after a hard day from the office.

On top of that, renovating your bathroom is a good investment that will lift the resale value of your property. If you want your investment to be worthwhile, then you need to hire someone who has seamless expertise and experience in a budget bathroom renovation.

We at Mega Kitchen and Bath have been in this field for more than ten years. We provide world-class remodeling services for Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Our team of designers, fabricators, installers, and technicians are all highly trained and experienced in all facets of home remodeling.

Whether you are an amateur or intermediate in your designing and carpentry skills, you will still inevitably need a local bathroom remodeler in silver spring. Why? Because there are a lot of factors you need to take in before you can finally start renovating things.

Our professional service will thoroughly guide you starting from the planning stage down to the installation of the last tile on your floor or backsplash. We will be there on your side, handling the technical and challenging works of your very small bathroom remodeling design.

You can view our portfolios, so you have a better measure of our skills in designing and renovating your small and master bath area.

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