Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Severna Park, MD

Are confused which kitchen or bathroom remodeling trend best suits your lifestyle in Severna Park, Maryland?
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Mega Kitchen and Bath is your trusted local remodeling company in Severna Park, MD to call for this matter. Our designers can help you pick the best layout and materials for your next kitchen and bathroom remodel. For your free quotes and consultation, contact us.

#1 Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling in Severna Park

If you’re already experiencing problems in using the fixtures and amenities inside your kitchen and bath, then it’s time that you need to renovate them. To ensure the success of this project, you can work with a professional contractor like Mega Kitchen and Bath! We have over 6 years of experience of providing quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling services in Severna Park, Maryland. You can choose one, then our designers will modify that to suit your needs. We only use materials coming from trusted suppliers in the industry to ensure quality. Call us today for your free estimate and complimentary consultation.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Our designers and contractors will work closely with you to 100% get the details you want for upgrading your kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, we’ll ensure everything will be in accordance with the building code to guarantee your safety.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Severna Park MD

Updating your kitchen design is challenging since you’ll think about the many factors to make this a success. To make it easier, you can find a remodeling company in Severna Park like Mega Kitchen and Bath to help you with this project.

We offer free 3D design consultation as a start to help you visualize the outcome after renovation. Our kitchen remodeling service in Severna Park offers full assistance from start to finish in reconstructing your kitchen.

Contact us to get a free complimentary consultation today.

Bathroom Remodeling  in Severna Park MD

Renovating your bathroom is a simple way to update the beauty and function of your home in Severna Park. For a compact space, we can do so much in helping you achieve a hotel-like bathroom today.

Our designers are experienced in designing trending bathroom layouts and styles that meets your meticulous taste. We can create a 3D model to help you picture it out. All products we’re going to use come from trusted manufacturers to ensure your satisfaction.

Let’s start planning for your bathroom redo today! Call us.

Basement Remodeling in Severna Park MD

Are you thinking how you can make the most out of your basement? Our expertise in basement remodeling is your best solution for this life-changing event. We offer free 3D design consultation service for everyone in Severna Park.

In our basement remodeling service, we are going to reconstruct the structure and put up your preferred design and layout. All our product suppliers are reputable in the industry. They are guaranteed to last long with care and maintenance.

Need a free design consultation? Call now.

Home Addition in Severna Park MD

Adding another functional room inside your house is great in increasing home value. You also get to decorate it based on your taste. Our home addition service in Severna Park will help you realize your dream home.

You can talk to one of our designers to help you come up with a final design and layout for your room addition. We will help you decide whether to create your new functional space on top of one room, at the ground floor, or outside your house.

All things you need for your home improvement, we will take care of it. Let’s start planning today. Contact us!

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Bathroom remodel. The experience with this company was amazing. My custom shower is beautiful!!!! Ibrahim (PM) and Leo (tiler) outstanding. Great price and professional! I’m thinking of doing my kitchen.



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A seasoned remodeling contractor like Mega Kitchen and Bath has the expertise and equipment to realize your dream kitchen and bathroom for the most reasonable price. Inline, here are the specific reasons why it’s great to work with contractors: We can finish your project ontime without compromising details We only use quality products and materials All our designers and personnel are licensed and insured We prioritize in enhancing the function, aesthetics, and value of your property in doing our renovation works
You can check the license of any contractor by visiting through the website of the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC). Additionally, there are different types of licenses a contractor can have, which include the following: Home improvement Master electrician Plumber HVACR license Mega Kitchen and Bath ensured we have all these licenses to ensure your welfare and trust in us, especially in realizing all details of your home remodeling.