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Want to achieve your dream kitchen and bath design for your home in College Park? That’s possible with the help of our expert design service. We guarantee your satisfaction with our more than a decade of experience in the industry. Our designers can easily work around your needs for a better home.

#1 Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling in College Park

Is your house in College Park, Maryland, dated and dusty already? Then it’s the perfect time to plan for your home remodeling project, and you need to find a reliable contractor for that. If you still haven’t found one, then Mega Kitchen and Bath is your perfect partner! We have over 6 years of experience in kitchen and bathroom remodeling service in MD, VA, and DC. Our remodeling contractors and designers have done 250+ projects and made 310+ clients happy with the results. It’s our goal to provide world-class kitchen and bathroom renovations for a reasonable price that fits your budget. Whether it’s just a minor update or a full kitchen remodel, our professionals can efficiently do that for you. Moreover, we only use quality products and materials in the industry for improving the function and appearance of your kitchen and bathroom. Should you need a free quote, feel free to email or give us a call today. Likewise, we offer a complimentary consultation for all our dear clients in College Park, Maryland.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Design

You deserve a better setup for your kitchen and bath. Our team can help you personalize the layout and design of your home in College Park, MD. With our experience and technology, we have the power to upgrade the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen and bath.

Kitchen Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

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Kitchen Remodeling College Park MD

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen for listing or keeping, having a beautiful kitchen is truly amazing. You can improve the design and function of your kitchen. Mega Kitchen and Bath is your reliable remodeling company to call for this request in College Park.

We take pride in being innovative and customer-focused in our kitchen remodeling process. Our team will efficiently maximize the usage of your space so that you have more storage and workspace around your kitchen.

Are you ready to undertake a kitchen remodel? Contact us today!

Bathroom Remodeling College Park MD

Bathrooms are your best buddy upon waking up and before going to bed. You get to freshen up and fix yourself before starting or ending the day. But will you feel the same if your bathroom is dingy and old?

Your best solution is to undertake a bathroom renovation, and we can help you! We have years of experience in bathroom remodeling, which guarantees our work.

You can also visit our showrooms or book a free virtual consultation to talk to one of our professionals.

Basement Remodeling College Park MD

Want to give your basement a fresher look with better function? Why not plan for a basement remodel? Mega Kitchen and Bath can help you with the design and implementation of your basement remodel.

With our years in the industry, we already know the essential things we need to focus on when renovating basements. This saves you time and money in doing this project.

If you want to start it today, feel free to reach us out via phone call or fill out the free consultation request form.

Home Addition College Park MD

Worry about your home addition plans? You don’t have to panic on this since you can get help from a reliable remodeler like Mega Kitchen and Bath.

Our professionals are trained and experienced for home remodeling, so you can save time and money from doing it alone. We offer a full range of quality services that can make your house a better place for your family.

Contact us today to get a free design consultation.

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I wanted something for Bathroom Remodeling.I called them and took help from them.Their service was so much impressive.Bathroom Vanities was also a great service from them.I am satisfied.



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There are two main ways for you to find remodeling contractors in College Park, Maryland: referrals and browsing online. Getting a referral works best especially if the one saying is your trusted family member, colleague, or friend. Likewise, you can ask them about their experiences when they were working with the remodeling contractor. On the other hand, browsing online is a convenient but tedious manner of finding a credible remodeling contractor. You need to check their company profile, customer reviews, portfolios, and online reputation. Nevertheless, Mega Kitchen and Bath is here for you and we’re trained and bonded for kitchen and bathroom remodeling.
Before starting to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, make sure to secure the necessary permits for that on your local government unit. Nevertheless, if you’re unsure of whether to secure one or not, better call or visit your city’s official website for inquiries. In contrast, when you hire a remodeling contractor, they’ll be the one to secure these necessary documents, so it’ll be less hassle on your part.