5 Rustic Bathroom Remodeling Design Trends in Severn MD

The bathroom is one of the house’s most visited rooms where you prepare yourself for work and bed. Despite being used often, it doesn’t mean it has to be left outdated, right? If you’re looking for rustic bathroom design ideas for your bathroom redo, then you’re in the right place.

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Read more and let us help you find the latest bathroom design trends to incorporate when you decide to revamp your bathroom: 

#1 Wood Accents and large colorful tiles 

Nothing goes cheap when you add some wood into your style. Wood is one of the best materials to have when you want to achieve a rustic bathroom in your home. The natural veining and color of timber add warmth and coziness to your space. That said, we can help you add wooden accents to your bathroom remodel in Severn, Maryland.

Here are some wooden bathroom accessories you can have:

  • Wooden holder for toothbrush
  • Wood container for hand soap
  • Glass jars with wooden covers
  • Wooden rectangular container for holding your hand soap and tissue roll on your vanity top
  • Open shelving for storing extra linens and bathroom supplies 

Adding different shades of wood can go a long way with other colors such as blue, green, white, or darker colored bathroom. Another way that can create a rustic style is using non-painted wood. Exposing its natural tones like its grain will help keep its rustic vibe. 

Another to add is large tiles on your bathroom walls and floors. Besides your vanity with top, the walls and floors of your bathroom are other focal points to focus on your makeover. They consume a majority of the space, so by making use of that, you can add a touch of rustic designs to make it homier.

That said, here are some rustic bathroom tiles you can have:

  • Kings Ceramic tiles with floral patterns
  • Encaustic Look Porcelain tiles
  • Corinto porcelain tiles with rustic patterns
  • Subway tiles with natural stone looks

These patterned tiles can blend well with your wooden accessories and antique design for your rustic master bath.

#2 Earthy Tones or Pastel Colors

Who doesn’t love earthy tone colors? Earthy colors create a feeling of nature and give a relaxing feeling which gives your bathroom a warmer ambiance. Adding these tones to your bathroom accessories and fixtures will also help create a cool atmosphere.

This and any pastel colors are the latest bathroom designs for achieving a rustic atmosphere for your bathroom revamp. Some of these colors are below:

  • Green
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Autumn tones
  • Orange
  • Muddy color
  • Brass or copper finishes

These tone colors are one of the latest trends in 2022. They are compatible with dark and light colors, therefore, they can pair well with most colors. Though earthy tones give a simple and natural look, it is one of the characteristics of a rustic home.

Here are some latest trends in Severn, MD, for rustic bathroom makeover:

  • A darker shade of blue-green colors for your bathroom walls and half of your shower walls. Then below are white subway tiles continuing to the floors.
  • Gray walls and orange bathroom cabinets
  • Coffee brown tones for walls and white vanity with marble countertops
  • Ceramic tiles with wooden design for shower floor and gray walls

If it seems impossible for you to accomplish these designs, worry not as Mega Kitchen and Bath is here to help you. We are the leading remodeling company in Maryland to help homeowners get their dream bathroom redo.

#3 Metals with warm vibe

One of the common elements of an antique-looking bathroom is warm rustic metal accessories and finishes. We use this idea for our rustic bathroom designs in Severn, MD. The metals we use have a warm undertone to promote a cozy and traditional ambiance. Some of these metals we can use for your bathroom redo are brass, copper, antique gold, muted black metal, shiny nickel, and iron.

In adding these things, they must complement the other things inside your bathroom. For instance, a shiny nickel matches a mirror with a brass frame.

For your white shaker cabinets, a matte black bar pull would fit best. You can also have the copper finish hardware for your shaker cabinets.

Other things where you can have these metal accessories are your lamp shades, towel rail, handrail, vanity mirror frames, shower trims, faucets, and soap dispensers.

#4 Double floating vanity

If you want to have a luxurious traditional bathroom, then installing a double vanity is best. We have done this for our clients, and it improved the design and functionality of their master bath. This is also one of the best bathroom design trends in Severn, MD.

A floating double vanity is excellent for your bathroom remodel. You get more storage and countertop space while adding elegance to your master bath.

To maximize storage, we can also add a basket underneath your floating vanity. You can place your extra linens and paper towels there. Plus, the looks of the basket add to the rustic vibe of your bathroom.

#5 Indoor Plants 

Adding indoor plants to your vanity top, corners, and near the door is ideal for a traditional bathroom remodel. Ornamental plants add life and warmth that balances the cool modern accessories inside your space.

Here are the benefits of adding plants to your bathroom:

  • Connects the outdoor vibe
  • Gives a more spa-like relaxing ambiance
  • Natural beauty added to your space

Here are some ornamental plants you can put inside your bathroom:

  • Asparagus Fern
  • Bamboo
  • Begonia
  • Bromeliads
  • Cast-iron plants
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Croton
  • Dumb Cane

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