A Comprehensive Plan For Your Kitchen Remodeling

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Undertaking your complete kitchen renovation takes much patience, skills, and creativity to make it a success. This endeavor can take from several weeks to months, and even a year, depending on the extent of your full kitchen remodel.

We have seen several homes who have spent beyond their budget because they lack proper planning for their kitchen makeover. To avoid that incident, you need to carefully plan it out together with a licensed contractor like Mega Kitchen and Bath

Here are the essential steps for remodeling your pantry:

Set Your Goals for Renovating Your Kitchen

Every great home renovation project starts with a vision or picture of what you desire. For your modern kitchen remodel, you have hundreds of things to consider like installing a new kitchen island, wall cabinets, and backsplash. 

Therefore, it is a must that you create a picture in mind of what will be the outcome for re-making your pantry. It’s also the best time to choose your kitchen remodeling idea that will fit your need and budget.

Determine Your Budget

After having that picture in mind, you need to ask yourself, “How much do I need to spend for my home kitchen remodeling?”. So far, the average cost for a kitchen renovation is between $13,000 to $37,000, which is $75 to $250 per square foot. 

However, if you go for small affordable kitchen renovations, then your estimated cost is between $10,000 to $20,000. For these projects, the usual coverage will be cabinet refacing, upgrading sink countertops, faucet, and installing backsplashes. 

If you need a free quote, use our request form and fill it out. You can wait for our response within 24 hours or earlier.

Getting the Accurate Measurement of Your Kitchen

After you are through with budgeting, your next task is getting an accurate measurement of your kitchen layout. No error must be done for this part since re-doing mistakes entail additional cost.

Consequently, we have to measure the exact dimensions for your flooring, kitchen island, sink countertop, and cabinets before remodeling. It will be a huge help if you like us to make a customized cabinet or countertop for your fast kitchen remodeling

Choosing the Best Kitchen Design Ideas

Truth be told, the options for your kitchen design ideas are endless, and it is quite confusing if you’ll be on your own for this. To lighten up your burden, it’s always wise to ask for professional advice from seasoned remodeling contractors, for they have the experience and skills on this matter.

Fortunately, we offer free consultation and a 3D model for the possible outcome of your newly renovated pantry. 

Securing Your Building Permits and Licenses

If there will be huge changes with the structure, plumbing, and electrical connections during your kitchen remodel, then you need to secure a building permit for it. Nevertheless, when you are working with a remodeling contractor, they will be the ones to handle these documentations needed for your kitchen redo.

Set Up A Temporary Kitchen

You are done with your kitchen design and budgeting, yet have you thought about where to cook in case the renovation starts? During your small kitchen remodel, there’s a big chance that you won’t be able to use your old pantry, so you need to plan a temporary area for meal preparations.

Moreover, if setting up a temporary kitchen is not feasible, then you need to set aside a budget for ordering food outside. It is an added cost for the moment, which your family must prepare beforehand.

Demolition Phase

This phase usually takes four to seven days, depending on how many worn-out fixtures, drywall, and flooring we need to take down. Our seasoned personnel will carefully plan which ones are needed to be removed, and how we’re going to prepare your place before demolition.

Do The Rough-In Works

After the demolition stage, we are going to proceed with the rough-in tasks, which covers your pipes, electrical wiring, mechanical, and other things behind the walls. It is a critical task since the city inspector will check on this one for evaluating your building permit. Typically, this phase lasts for two to four weeks.

Installing the Walls

After passing the inspection, we are going to install your new walls and ceilings. Your exterior walls will be insulated with fiberglass to make it highly resilient to weather changes and other natural elements.

Next, we are going to hang the drywall and make sure it is well taped, primed, and finished. Nevertheless, if you have the skills for wall installation, then you can take care of this to save on labor costs.

New Floor Installation

Upgrading your kitchen floors is one of the last parts of any kitchen remodel. Why? To avoid any unexpected wearing or cracks because heavy items are accidentally dropped on your new flooring.

In line, you have several options for your flooring materials which include the following:

  • Sheet vinyl: It’s the most economical choice for DIY people, and it’s quick to install.
  • Hardwood: It’s one of the best choices for it gives an organic touch and warmth in your modern kitchen. It may come at a higher price, yet it’s an excellent choice for long-term investments.
  • Ceramic Tile: You can save on your material cost with tiles, yet you will require a professional installer to avoid errors.
  • Laminates: This is another affordable option for your flooring, and it’s very friendly for DIYers. 
  • Synthetic wood: If pure hardwood is heavy on your pocket, then its artificial counterpart will be a more economical choice. With that, it’s innately non-porous so no worries with stains and water.

Cabinet Upgrades or Refacing

Besides your kitchen island, making sure your wall and base cabinet glamour since it can be the focal point in your kitchen. Typically, your budget for upgrading cabinets is around 30% of the total cost for your kitchen redo.

With our seasoned designers and woodworkers, we can choose a cost-efficient style for your cabinetry. So far, the popular options in the industry are shaker-style, glass front, slab, and rustic wood cabinets.

Nevertheless, if you want to save more, then we can go for refacing, repainting, and updating the hardware of your cabinets. 

Kitchen Countertop and Backsplash Installation

On the other hand, your kitchen island must be a spectacular selection that becomes the highlight of your kitchen. It typically comprises 10% to 15% of your overall budget, and we can find suitable materials for it.

Some of the best choices for kitchen countertops are granite, quartz, hardwood, marble, and concrete. Once you have decided on the material, we are going to choose the best edge profile and finish for your kitchen countertops.

Meanwhile, you cannot undermine the contribution of backsplash for sprucing your kitchen. We can choose exciting patterns and palettes of tile for upgrading your backsplash.

Moreover, having a new backsplash requires very little cost, while boosting the appeal of your pantry.

Final Inspection and Cleaning Workspace

At Mega Kitchen and Bath, we always evaluate our works after completion, so that everything is done right the first time. Besides that, all our products and services have a limited warranty coverage as an added value for you.

Before leaving your place, we are going to clean up our mess and arrange your things back in their proper places. Call now to get your free quote or visit us on Twitter anytime!

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