Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas for 2022

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Take a moment to imagine what would be your shower area look like after your budget shower remodel. Will it have a classy contemporary feel, spa-like feature, or just a phone booth size one?

In this read, we are going to share some inspiring ideas for your best shower remodeling, and hiring a contractor is essential in making it come true. Nevertheless, you can still save a few bucks by doing some part of the renovation.

Let’s find out which design you like for your shower makeover.

Seamless Transition from Tub to Shower

Some homeowners love to have a tub and a shower in their master bathroom space. Well, there’s nothing wrong with this idea, so long as their designs match each other. For instance, a smooth white acrylic tub pairs well with your subway floor tile walk-in shower.

With that, there is a seamless color and pattern transition when you walk outside your stand-out shower going towards your tub for a bubble bath. Meanwhile, you can go for a classic and natural vibe by installing a wooden skirt around your tub.

Let Your Walk-In Shower Stand Out

There are tons of ways to let your shower area pop out from the background, and one method will be installing a creative mosaic tile on your shower floor.

The main concept will be selecting a different design for your walk-in shower area that will make it stand out from the rest of your bathroom space. Our interior designers and stone experts will help you with this in our small shower remodel services. 

Feel the Loft Vibe

Meanwhile, you can also opt for a loft and spa-like feel in your shower bath remodeling. You can have a brick bathroom wall then transitioning to a gray or white shower wall tiles with glass enclosures (at the door and front wall).

Then achieve a spa-like feel with your fixtures, shower bench, and pebble stone shower floor tiles. We can also place a metal bar behind your shower door for hanging your towel.

Recessed Wall Storage

On the other hand, if your shower area is small (phone booth size) then storage compartments will be challenging, so we are going to install wall recessed storage space inside your walk-in shower.

You can seamlessly place your shampoos, body washes solution, and other bathing products you need to freshen up. Also, we can place ventilation on top of your door to regulate moisture inside.

Beach Ambiance

Instead of placing a small tub beside your walk-in shower, we can take out the former and make the latter more spacious. A large walk-in shower with tall glass enclosures would give a more soothing option for you.

We can install a bathroom floor tile with wood grain design to strike a natural warmth inside your beach-like master bath space. Likewise, you have plenty of space in your vanity countertop complementing the cozy appeal in your newly finished bathroom.

Relaxing Spa Appeal

Some of our previous clients before love going to the spa, so we have made them a spa-like shower area in their home. For this theme, we chose a neutral color or white for the bathroom and shower floor tiles.

To achieve a seamless appearance, we chose the same design and palette for the flooring and wall tiles inside the shower area and the entire bathroom space. There is a tall glass enclosure (reaching the ceiling) so it can contain the steam inside your walk-in shower.

We also installed multiple shower heads at the wall and a rainfall showerhead on top. Also, there is a bench and handrail inside for safety and convenience.

Industrial Feel with Subway Tiles

If you want a modern and industrial vibe in your shower space, then choosing a subway tile for your bathroom and walk-in shower wall works great. It can pair well with a framed shower glass enclosures and a dark-colored floor tile.

Likewise, placing a stainless steel table (to serve as your vanity countertop) with a built-in vanity sink serves best for your classy and industrial vibe. The lower portion of your steel table is open and can serve as storage for extra linens, tissue rolls, and other bathing products.

Frameless Glass Enclosures for Spacious Feel

Whether you have a small or large shower space, a frameless glass enclosure is cheaper than its framed counterpart. Besides that, it gives a good impression of a spacious bathroom, and pairing that with white vanity base cabinets spruces its modern looks.

Hotel-like Walk-In Showers

If you are a fan of the walk-in showers in most luxurious hotels, then our shower remodel contractors can efficiently give it to you at a reasonable cost. The typical colors for your bathroom walls are beige, light gray, white, or other neutral palettes.

We can install stainless steel rails for hanging your towel and wall recessed storage compartments for your body wash and shampoos. A rainfall showerhead and handheld type would serve best for flexible functionality.

Meanwhile, we will also install modern lighting and a large vanity mirror on your vanity countertop.

Standard Walk-In Shower

Meanwhile, if you want to keep your cost on the minimum, we can install a standard and traditional modern stand-out walk-in shower in your bathroom. The size can be larger than a phone booth with minimal accents on your walls and flooring.

Your shower bench can be a wooden or durable plastic chair, and there’s a wall recessed storage space for your shampoo, lotion, and body wash solutions.

The height of your frameless glass enclosures doesn’t reach the ceiling so that there’s ventilation for excess moisture. 

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