Best Custom Closet Design Ideas That Work For Small Spaces

Learn about the best custom closet designs that work best for small bedrooms. Maximize storage while adding beauty to your space.

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Small storage space shouldn’t stop you from creating the walk-in closet you’ve longed for. 

The key to having a space-savvy walk-in closet is the maximization of storage space and the right organization of your closet.  The best custom closet designs are those that will fit your lifestyle and your existing space.

Here are some closet customization ideas to help you get started:

Make good use of your vertical space 

One way of maximizing your space is to divide the available height of your small custom closet into different vertical sections. You can stack clothing rods on top of each other for your hanging area. When doing so, make sure that the rods are high as possible, but still within your reach. 

Below this, you can take advantage of adding open shelves and drawers. The number of drawers and shelves is dependent on the things you own. You can also add a side table for your valuable accessories such as jewelry.

Use thinner but quality hangers. 

If you have a couple of clothes to hang, bulky hangers can take up so much space in your wardrobe. Therefore, choosing thinner, but quality hangers will allow you to fit a lot more clothing into your small space custom closet. 

Install a mirrored front 

Adding a mirror to your small space can create an illusion of a bigger closet. This is one technique that is popular these days, to help your closet appear bigger.  It doesn’t only give your space a wider appearance, but it can also be helpful to look at yourself while you are selecting your outfit. 

Choose sliding closet doors 

Selecting a sliding door for your custom closet is the best space-saving option. Sliding doors are also known as efficient insulators, as it allows air circulation and ventilation that some of your luxury items will need. This also gives a minimalist but stylish look to your custom closet. 

Combine open shelving and freestanding storage units 

If you have a small space on a tight budget, you may combine open shelving units and freestanding storage units inside your bedroom. You can also add some chest drawers or a portable clothing rail beside them. Don’t forget to use the open space above your shelving units for your desk. 

Consider Pull-out systems

This is one of the most practical custom closet ideas for your small space. Installing pull-out drawers, and shoeboxes will make most of your everyday used clothes or shoes within easy reach,

Add custom shoe storage 

If you love to mix and match your outfit with your shoes, it is time for you to put them on a display to make them visible to your eyes. Open shelves for your shoes are the best space-savvy in your wardrobe. You can organize them through their colors, style, or brands. Keeping your shoes and other stuff organized will help you appreciate your closet more. If you don’t have the time to clean or organize them yourself, there are affordable maid services prices you can surely hire. 

Choose cedar wood for your closet 

One of the enemies of our beloved belongings are moths, cockroaches, and molds. One way to eliminate them is to use cedar wood for your closet. The scent of cedar woods is very well-known as a natural insect repellent. There’s no need to spray commercialized insect repellant that can harm your health. Just like the kitchen cabinet color ideas, you should also look for a suitable color for your closet.  

Use glass doors for easy visibility.

The use of glass doors can increase your closet’s functionality and access. It allows you to easily access your everyday items, which will also help save you valuable time. One viable reason for using glass doors, they keep your clothes from dust and insects. 

Add jewelry storage 

For pieces of jewelry and other valuable accessories, it is recommended to keep them in a custom jewelry box. This way, they don’t get tangled and destroyed. You may use a glass front for your organizer to visibly check them and display these beautiful masterpieces. Don’t forget to install a lock on your organizer for safekeeping. 

Use small bins and baskets 

Baskets and bins are very useful in organizing your small items. The benefit of having to arrange them in small bins and baskets is to make specific items within easy reach such as belts, caps, and gloves. Make sure to return these items to their intended bins to make everything in your closet orderly.

Assign storage containers for Off-season items.

Everything has its own season, there are items in your closet that will soon come off for a certain season. Therefore, it is best to store them separately. This is to give way to the clothes that you wear on a daily basis to take more space inside your closet. You may store these out-of-season items on the uppermost part of your shelves and label them. Once you need them again, you can just get them in one storage container.

Consider adding labels 

If you have limited horizontal space, some items should go on top of the shelves. Since it is difficult for you to see what’s inside, especially if you’re using opaque storage containers or bins, then it’s practical to add labels on them. You can craft your own labels using any paper, and make sure the labels are big enough for your vision. 

Mirror cabinet fronts 

Enhance how your small space feels by having mirrors on the cabinet fronts. This reflects light and space inside your room, making it look bigger. It’s like an optical illusion, it makes your small bedroom feel wider and brighter.

In many of our custom small closet projects, we use smart ideas to enhance storage and ambiance. We color that is ambient and refreshing to look at. These are muted colors that make your space more vibrant and spacious. This complement with your mirrored cabinet door profile.

Corner storage 

Putting corner storage is one smart idea we use for a custom closet for small space. We can customize the dimension and shape to fit your corner and the surrounding things. We can also connect them to your wall closets so that it’d be seamless and continuous.

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