Dos And Don’ts For A Successful Shower Renovation

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Serious shower problems like scalding water and rattling pipes are two of the common issues faced by homeowners in the U.S. Consequently, you need to undertake your shower bath remodeling to solve these concerns while improving the overall oasis-feel in your bathroom.

Alongside your intention of renovating your shower, you need to know the important dos and don’ts that will ensure the success of your budget shower remodel this 2022. Take a look at these insights shared by our trained, licensed, and insured professionals.

Do check your pipes

Take note, moving your pipes will incur an additional cost between $2,000 to $10,000, where the national average is around $5,300. So if it’s not necessary to change the location of your shower, tub, and toilet, then keep your old plumbing and our pros will just repair or replace your damaged pipes.

Moreover, we will ensure that all fixtures will fit on your newly replaced or repaired plumbing works. 

Do check on your budget before doing your shower renovation

Most homeowners go over their budget when they’re doing their best shower remodeling, yet we don’t want that to happen to you. Therefore, we are going to help you budget for your 2022 shower makeover. So far, the national average for new shower installation is $4,200 and it can go higher than $15,000 for luxurious customized walk-in showers. 

Alongside this, you need to express your clear intention with your shower remodel contractors, so they can help you find the right tub and shower unit that fits your budget and needs. If your budget is around $4,700 to $6,700, then a classic shower and tub unit is fit for you.

Do install smart and space-saving storages for your shower remodel

Not all homeowners have a spacious shower and bathroom, so you need to make most of what you have, right? Alongside this, you can tell your contractors to create built-in storages on your shower wall. With that, you can store your linens, shampoos, bath soap, and other bathing items on your wall-recessed storages. 

Also, you can install a foldable shower bench inside your walk-in shower for better convenience and function. Our pros apply these techniques as well for our small shower remodel

Do weigh things for your tile or wall panel installation

Porcelain or ceramic tiles are two of the popular options for shower walls and floors, yet you can have a challenging cleaning time when molds and mildews grow over it. Well, if you don’t mind that extra cleaning effort, then you can always go for it, otherwise, you can opt for shower wall panels.

Nevertheless, you can always meet halfway, meaning half will be tiles and the other half of your shower wall will have high gloss wall panels. The latter is a great alternative since it’s easy to clean, elegant, and durable.

Do avail free estimate and design services

Professional remodeling companies also give a free estimate and design services for their prospect clients, so you need to grab that opportunity. We offer the same thing at Mega Kitchen and Bath, where our shower designers will create a 3D computer model of the possible outcome of your shower makeover. 

Also, we will give you a breakdown of our free estimate for your shower remodeling on a budget this 2022. We are doing this to ensure your welfare and satisfaction before you decide to work with us.

Do monitor humidity level inside your shower

Meanwhile, moisture problems are very common in showers and bathrooms, so you need to tell your contractor to ensure there is proper ventilation inside. By keeping humidity at a standard, you can avoid problems with molds and mildews. 

Alongside this, our HVAC contractors will do the following means as an option for your shower’s ventilation system.

  • An exhaust fan that removes excess moisture from your shower and tub and directs it outside your wall.
  • A recirculating fan that absorbs and filters the air inside your shower room.
  • Wall-mount exhaust fan with a vent under your bathroom floor.
  • Installing commercial ductwork for your shower remodeling.

Don’t let your contractor disregard your preferences just because it’s hard for them

Do not directly accept if your contractor says that installing this material will be hard for your shower layout unless they show you all reasons why it’s not feasible. Why are we telling this? Well, some contractors are just lazy enough to learn new things, that’s why they will just say that it’s not workable.

With that, you need to express your genuine interest in your preferred materials and fixtures, and that you want them to be included in your shower remodel. Unless your contractor’s reason is logical, then respect their expertise and listen to their suggestion. 

Don’t always settle for cheap materials if you’re renovating for long-term benefits

Renovating your shower and tub doesn’t happen every day, because it is never cheap and it takes time to complete. Considering that, you need to look at the long-term benefits when you purchase durable shower trims, fixtures, and other materials for this project.

Don’t think you can do everything for remodeling your shower

Maybe you can do some of the tasks for your shower remodeling on a budget, yet to complete this efficiently and accurately, you need the expertise of a shower remodeling contractor. Fortunately, we at Mega Kitchen and Bath can be your best partner for realizing your dream shower and tub.

We guarantee the success and beauty of our projects since we have the experience, modern equipment, and the best professionals in the field. With us, we materialize every detail you want for your luxurious walk-in shower.

Don’t forget to know your shower remodeling contractor before hiring them

To avoid getting scammed and availing of poor quality shower remodeling services, you need to check the background of the remodeling company. With that, you need to look into the following aspects.

  • Company profile
  • Proof of license and insurance
  • Check their customer feedbacks
  • Check if they are bonded as well

By doing this, you are avoiding leaning on the wrong people for your shower redo this 2022. For your free quotes and designs, feel free to call our office today or visit us on Yelp.

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