Exquisite Shower Designs To Inspire Your Next Remodel

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No matter how small or wide the space inside your bathroom, it is a common misconception to say it requires less planning to have a small shower remodel. Oftentimes, a minimalist shower bath remodeling would take sufficient planning to ensure the design and color standout while spending on a minimal budget.

Typically, whether expensive or budget shower remodel, you need to partner with a shower remodel contractor. This is needed to help you out with planning and some technical aspects that DIY methods cannot handle.

Nevertheless, here are some exquisite shower designs that can be your best candidate for your stylish and minimalist shower bath remodeling.

Glass Shower Enclosure and White Marble

This is a walk-in shower model that uses a glass enclosure to increase your visual illusion of having a wide bathroom space. The modern lights in your vanity mirror and over your vanity top can pass through the glass enclosure which also illuminates your shower area.

The white marble Carrara or Calacatta in your shower wall and floors would create lucrative spruce in your shower bath remodeling. The bold gray veining patterns of marble seems like a wonderful canvas of nature. No two slabs are alike, which exudes better uniqueness in design.

Waterfall Shower Enclosed with Curtains

You can have a brass railing where you will let your shower curtain hang to wrap your shower area. A white or patterned shower curtain will do for this idea. A brass waterfall shower head would pair well with the brass railings, thereby, giving an industrial appeal.

Your textured shower wall and concrete floor provide that minimalist modern touch. Likewise, your wrap-around white shower curtain is a total budget saver compared to having a glass enclosure.

Shower Area with Large Tiled Bathtub

This idea provides a versatile option for your family who either wants to take a shower or dip in a tub. A white color material from tiles, granite, quartz, or marble best fits the purpose to strike a stylish and simple curb appeal.

Walk-in Shower with One Glass Panel

We can never deny the benefits of having a walk-in shower with ease and simplicity as its major advantages. If getting a full glass enclosure will be pricey on your part, then go for a single glass panel and leave the other sides open and free for entry and exit.

With this, you can also opt for a waterfall static showerhead and a separate handheld shower. The latter will be useful for children and pets. The chrome-plated finish of your bathroom fixtures provides a flair of modernity in your bathroom remodeling.

Stylish French Rail Shower Glass Door

The simplicity of this idea exudes a stylish accent or contemporary walk-in showers. You can have a white shower floor and the walls inside are of a darker tone. With this, you get a better contrast between your white floor, dark-colored shower wall, and glass shower door.

Need A Shower Remodel Contractor?

You want to save on your budget shower remodel, but have you weighed the pros and cons of it? When you hire a professional general contractor, you are safe and secure with the dimension and quality of work, especially on customization and installation of materials and fixtures.

When you opt for shower bath remodeling, you are looking for a long term investment in sprucing the curb appeal and value of your bathroom and home. In that case, we recommend that you give us a call for your licensed and bonded shower remodel contractor.

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