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Next to your kitchen, most homeowners would also want to have a modern bathroom remodeling project. You do not have to spend too much for elevating the beauty of your bathroom. All you have to do is be creative and find the right material from the best suppliers.

Nevertheless, the starting point for all professional bathroom remodeling is a unique idea. In that case, you are in the right spot to grab stunning ideas for fantastic ways to remodel your bathroom and increase the overall value of your home.

What Are the Important Things to Keep Mind for Full Bathroom Renovation

Before starting your modern bathroom remodeling, recall the important things most designers would consider to make the renovations worth the investment.

Increase Vibrance

No matter what kind of design you will have for your affordable bathroom remodeling, it must all aim towards increasing the vibrancy and brightness of the area. Your washroom is considered a good place to relax and freshen up.

When you have sufficient lights inside the area, cleanliness and tranquility are better emphasized. Likewise, a vibrant aura in the bathroom enhances your sense of purity and calmness.

Efficient and Sustainable

No matter how small you have spent for renovating your bathroom, but if its operational and utility expense is high. The overall purpose of a full bathroom renovation is put into waste.

Aside from aesthetics, most people want their bathroom to be remodeled because they want to save on utility costs such as water, heating or cooling system, and electricity. Consequently, you need to consult a professional designer to have a cost-efficient design for your professional bathroom remodeling.

Low Cleaning and Maintenance

To ensure low cleaning and maintenance for your newly renovated bathroom, you need to choose those materials which require less effort on cleaning.  Likewise, these materials must have excellent resistance against stains, moisture, molds, scratches, and dents.

Our seasoned designers and technicians would help you in choosing the right stone and material to achieve that bathroom design. Some of the best materials to have which has low cleaning and maintenance level include quartz, granite, porcelain, quartzite, and others.

Unique Ideas for Professional Bathroom Remodeling

Here are some unique and fantastic ways of getting that elegant and affordable bathroom remodeling.


Despite the modern age today, several homeowners would go for a natural light source for their home, including the bathroom. However, it would be ridiculous to place a large glass window on your bathroom wall to let natural light pass inside.

To have a sustainable natural light source, you can place a skylight on the section where natural light is abundant. This will give you good savings for electricity in the long run.

However, if this is impossible, then you can always go for LED lights. These kinds of lightings save as much as 75% energy and last 25x longer compared to standard lamps.

Choose Reflective Materials

If you want to use lesser lights inside your washroom, then go for materials with good reflective surfaces to naturally bounce light around the area. In Europe, using metallic tiles for their bathroom walls and backsplash is popular because of its cost-saving benefits.

These metallic tiles provide an illusion of making your bathroom more spacious. Likewise, these tiles will reflect the lightings you will hang on the bathroom walls and corners. Overall, it will provide a modern look 

Elegant and Bold  Bathroom Floors

Aside from your stunning bathtub, you can make your bathroom floors look great by having a geometric or mosaic design. You have plenty of choices to get a bold and elegant bathroom floor. You can either choose to use natural stones, hardwood, and tiles.

Stone slabs like marble, quartz, and granite have excellent veinings and design to create that stunning mosaic on your floor. If you have a larger washroom floor, you need to use larger slabs so seams will not be noticeable.

If you will be using natural stones that are innately porous like marble, you need to have it completely sealed before installation. Your bathroom floor is mostly exposed to moisture and water. Without proper sealing, water can seep through and destroy your natural stones.

In with the Curvy Designs

Getting that sharp right angle cut in the ceilings, walls, countertops, and backsplash inside your bathroom is already becoming obsolete. The new thing for modern bathroom remodeling is curvy designs which exhibit sophistication.

Choose a curvy design which can complement your freestanding tub and make it pop out inside your washroom. Likewise, choose lighter hues to strike subtleness and purity.

Integrated Sinks

Minimalism is the latest trend in a most full bathroom renovation. To retain a minimalist approach without compromising aesthetics, you can always choose to have an integrated sink in your bathroom.

This creates a sleek and seamless appearance in your vanity top. Likewise, you can install modern faucets with sensors to automatically let the water run and stop when people want to wash their hands or face.

Floating Bathroom Countertops

If you want to make your bathroom look bigger, then avoid stretching your cabinets from wall to wall and install a floating bathroom countertop. This creates a bigger space on the eyes of any observer.

You can also have some drawers on your floating vanity top to have more storage for cosmetics and other bathroom accessories. Likewise, the extra space below your floating vanity top can serve as another storage for towel baskets and small chair for your kids.

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