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Planning for your next shower bath remodeling is not just all about style, you need to also focus on functionality and durability. Alongside this, the two most critical elements you need to look forward to upon undertaking this effort will be your shower fixtures and wall demolition.

Meanwhile, selecting high-quality shower and bathroom fixtures is highly essential for it needs to last for a longer time, specifically on your next budget shower remodel. In this read, we are going to talk about the variables you need to consider for this matter.

Moreover, if you need technical assistance for upgrading your fixtures, tubs, showers, and other elements inside your bathroom, then get in touch with us at Mega Kitchen and Bath.

Without any delays, let’s dive.

Modern Trends for Bathroom and Shower Renovation

Getting the exact layout and measurement of your bathroom is highly important before starting your best shower remodeling. In that case, you need to get a separate dimension for your shower area and bathtub.

Meanwhile, space usage is an important consideration for it is influenced by family size or the number of people using the bathroom and shower area. In line, you have tons of options for a space-saving bathtub if you’d like to have both shower and tub areas.

In terms of your vanity tops and sink, if you have a petite bathroom, then you can opt for a pedestal sink to free more floor space. Besides that, you can also go for recessed storage cabinets inserted through your wall to have ample space for movement.

Further, we can always inject technology into your small shower remodel by making other fixtures automated. It means installing motion-sensor faucets and control panels for your multiple showerheads.

Also, incorporating a built-in sound inside your shower and bath is a great idea, since it enhances the spa-like retreat ambiance of your space. Now, let’s move forward with the vital fixtures you need to install for your small shower makeover.

Finding the Right Valve and Trim

If you are not tech-savvy with shower remodel, then you might have a hard time finding the suitable shower valve and trim required for your project. However, when you are working with seasoned remodeling contractors, it gives you peace of mind since we have the right tools and experience to efficiently tackle this endeavor.

In line, the two important fixtures you can update in your shower is the valve and trim. Take note, you cannot readily buy any kind of valve to fit with your old trim, it doesn’t work that way. Valves and trims come with a detailed specification that matches one another.

If the valves and trim of your shower are already more than five years old, then you’d have to consider purchasing a brand new one for long-term investment. Remember, you don’t undertake shower remodel every day, so better look forward to long-term usage.

Updating Shower Valve – A Must

Your shower valve plays an important role in controlling the temperature and water flow coming out from your shower head. Likewise, when you purchase a valve, take note of its manufacturer and specifications, because you’ll need that to find a suitable match for its trim.

We recommend that you prioritize quality and functionality when upgrading the heart of your shower (i.e., the valve) for it will dramatically impact your shower experience.

Shower Trim Update – A Must

What does the trim set include? Your trim covers your tub spout, shower handle, and the escutcheon plate. In line, we would like to emphasize again that your shower trim must be compatible with the shower valve you bought.

Want Multiple Shower Heads? Install A Transfer Valve and Trim

When you want multiple shower heads in your bathroom, then it’s a must that we install a transfer valve into your plumbing system. Your transfer valve or internal diverter is mainly responsible for splitting your water flow into multiple paths that go out to your waterfall and handheld showerheads.

Moreover, your common available options in the market is a 2- and 3-way transfer valve.  Alongside this, you’d need the assistance of a professional contractor in accurately undertaking this effort and Mega Kitchen and Bath is here for you.

Likewise, we are going to find and install the perfect trim to match your transfer valve.

For Bathtubs, Update Your Tub Spout

If you like to have both a tub and shower in your bathroom, then make sure your shower trim has a tub spout in its set. However, it’s not a big deal if it doesn’t have it, for your plumber or contractor can seamlessly install that for you.

Typically, we have two installation methods for your tub spout, and it’s not that meticulous compared to your shower trim and valve. The two methods are threaded IPS  and slip fit connection.

For the former, we need to thread your tub spout onto the main water pipeline, requiring a 1/2” IPS threaded male fitting. Meanwhile, for a slip fit connection, we’ll just use a 1/2” copper and a screw set to hold it in place.

Fixtures For Rain Shower Head

Installing a rain shower head is an excellent way to spruce your modern shower remodel, as it invites a more cozy retreat feeling. Its rainwater flow provides a more spa-like feel, and it usually comes in 8” to 12” diameter.

Standard Shower Arm

If you have a small bathroom and would like to keep costs low, then a standard shower arm (J bent shape) is suitable for you. It’s usually 6” to 8” long and simple to install to any bathroom size.

The only gripe about it will be its slower water flow, considering that the rain shower head has lesser pressure in creating its rain-like water flow.

Overhead Shower Arm

Meanwhile, this one is far better than your standard shower arm which we can install for your rain shower head. It works the same way as the former type but with a longer arm and more bending to enhance water flow. Likewise, our technicians can efficiently get the job done for this efficiently.

Ceiling Mount Straight Shower Arm

To greatly achieve that refreshing retreat shower, installing a ceiling mount shower arm for your rain shower head is highly recommended. Because of its design, it uses gravity to aid in achieving your rain-like shower experience.

It usually has an arm length of 6” to 12”, yet it depends on how high your ceiling is from the shower pan. Even if it’s plumbing works is challenging, we can efficiently accomplish that with our tools and highly trained technicians.

Fixtures For Handheld Shower Head

Meanwhile, if you aim for portability and versatile function, then installing the classic handheld shower will never be out. Likewise, you can always pair this one with your rain shower head for added functionality.

Then to avoid stressing on your hose, we recommend that we install a 70” hose for your handheld shower, so it can seamlessly reach all corners inside your shower area. With that, it’s pretty friendly to your children.

Shower Arm

Similar to your rain shower head, we can also install a shower arm to hold your handheld shower. With that, you have stationary point where your handheld shower can rest.

Slide Bar

Meanwhile, for better flexibility, we can install a slide bar instead of the regular shower arm. It has an adjustable length which you can readily slide up and down to adjust the height of your handheld showerhead.

Shower Holder Mounted on the Wall

Lastly, for a cleaner look then we can install a wall-mount holder for your handheld shower. It’s pretty simple to install and gives a sleeker and chic appeal for your shower head.

Vertical Tower Shower Head

If you want to combine spa-like retreat and portability, then installing a vertical tower spa shower head is the best. Why? Well, you get three features for this: portability of handheld shower, rain shower head, and body jet massage shower spray.

Perhaps, this showerhead style provides the most relaxing bathing experience for anyone. You will direly need it to remove all those stress from your work and life in general.

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