Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas for a Stylish, Inviting Space

The kitchen and bath are two of the most important areas of a home. The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. As such, the kitchen cabinet colors and overall kitchen color schemes you choose can have a big impact on the feel and functionality of this essential space. From classic kitchen white to bold, dark hues, kitchen cabinet paint and color options are plentiful.

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Keep reading for lots of gorgeous kitchen cabinet color ideas to inspire your next kitchen cabinet color refresh or remodel. We’ll also share the most popular colors and paint colors for cabinets, as well as considerations when selecting cabinetry paint colors based on factors like room size and style.

White U-shaped kitchen with white island

White Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

According to interior designers surveyed in a 2023 Houzz study, the five most popular kitchen cabinet colors currently are white, light to medium wood tones, medium to dark wood tones, gray, and blue. Light and airy colors remain on trend.

Crisp, clean white kitchen cabinets remain one of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors today. The ubiquitous white kitchen endures because it’s classic, bright, and versatile. White kitchen cabinets also suit many decor styles, from modern farmhouses to coastal casual.

Here are some stylish reasons to beige and embrace lovely white when painting your cabinets:

All-White Kitchens Are Timeless

An “all-white kitchen” with white cabinets, walls, backsplash, and countertops (often marble) has an elegant, timeless look.

White kitchens with loads of natural light also tend to feel airy and the room more spacious. For a fresh twist, add wood accents and greenery.

Go For Contrast with White Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets popped against bold wall colors, textures or materials create contrast. For example, combine bright or deep hues like navy blue, charcoal gray, or even black for dramatic effect. Or, try wood walls or slate-look tile backsplash.

Paint the Island a Different Color

For a fresh twist on the traditional white kitchen, paint just the island a warm, contrasting hue like deep green, light blue, brass, or black. This technique adds subtle color without overpowering the space.

Spacious kitchen with blue and white cabinets, and white countertops

Color Combinations for Kitchen Cabinets

Based on research by leading paint brand Benjamin Moore, favored kitchen cabinet color palette choices also include various shades of white, light and dark gray, navy, black, and green. Soft green in particular is an emerging trend.

Beyond white kitchens, you’ll find lots of stylish, inviting color schemes for kitchen cabinets today. Gray sage green and blue remain trendy as cool, soothing hues that complement many materials and finishes.

However, don’t shy away from going bold with deeper shades of green, black, or navy for lots of dramatic flair.

Here are some appealing combinations for kitchen cabinet colors:

Contrasting Cabinet Colors

Using two contrasting tones on the base and upper cabinets makes a bold statement. Try navy blue lower cabinets with crisp white uppers.

Or, staining base cabinets a dark espresso color while lacquering the top cabinets a lighter neutral color like gray works beautifully. Mismatched styles, such as Shaker below and flat panel up top, boost visual appeal.

Neutral Hues for a Subtle Update

For a subtle kitchen update that still feels fresh, choose soft, neutral hues like light gray, greige, tan or cream. This approach works especially well in open-concept living spaces that you don’t want to visually overwhelm with strong color.

Keep walls and backsplash light as well for a cohesive, uncomplicated look.

Farmhouse style kitchen with white shaker cabinets, white island

Factors that Impact Kitchen Cabinet Color Choices

You may have a color scheme in mind already for your upcoming kitchen refresh. Before finalizing a hue for cabinets and walls, consider how the following factors may impact the overall look.

Kitchen Size

The size and configuration of your kitchen can influence color choices. Darker, bolder colors tend to work best in larger kitchens with ample natural light. Smaller spaces may feel dark or closed in. However, painting just the island with a deep hue adds punch without overwhelming a petite kitchen.

Cabinet Door Style

The style of your kitchen cabinets also impacts color selection. For example, Shaker-style doors with recessed center panels pair beautifully with just about any color from deep shades to crisp white.

Slab-style cabinet fronts also take paint well. Consider a full shade of lighter color for cabinets with visible wood grains to allow the texture to show through.

Countertops & Hardware

When selecting a color for kitchen cabinets, also consider the countertops and hardware finishes that will accompany them.

For instance, white cabinets suit marble countertops for an elegant contrast. Black quartz counters and oil-rubbed bronze hardware make quite the style statement against crisp white cabinets as well.

Black and white cabinets with white and wood countertops

Most Popular Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Now that we’ve covered major kitchen cabinet paint color combinations and considerations, let’s look at the most popular paint colors for kitchen cabinets today:

1. White

As previously discussed, white reigns supreme as one of the top cabinet paint color choices year after year. Crisp bright white has that fresh, clean look many homeowners love. Soft antique whites are slightly less stark, but still airy and light.

Benjamin Moore Simply White is a favorite bright white paint color for cabinets.

2. Light to Medium Gray

Following white kitchen remodels in popularity are various shades of light to medium gray. Gray evokes feelings of tranquility and works with many color schemes from bold accent hues to neutral whites and wood tones. Light grays avoid the clinical feeling of bright white.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak and Revere Pewter are soft light grays that work beautifully on cabinets.

3. Navy Blue

For those inclined to go bold, navy blue consistently ranks in the top five most popular kitchen cabinet colors. Navy wears well over time and gives off style, sophistication, and even a custom look.

Deep Sherwin Williams Naval pairs nicely with brass hardware. Benjamin Moore Hale’s Navy is slightly lighter but still dramatic.

4. Black

A relative newcomer cracking the most popular colors list is black. Black adds modern drama and pairs nicely with white for contrast. Black-stained oak cabinets and black countertops are also quite striking. Use black judiciously though in smaller kitchens, as it can overwhelm the space.

For the boldest black cabinets, check out Farrow Ball’s Pitch Black.

5. Green

Green may not yet dominate design trends like white and gray kitchens, but it’s emerging in 2023 as a top cabinet color choice. Sage greens like Restful Green by PPG give off an earthy, energizing vibe and feel warmer than darker forest greens. Brighter colors like Behr’s Celtic green inject youthful color into traditional kitchens.

L-type kitchen with peninsula, having white shaker cabinets

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Yourself

With so many gorgeous kitchen cabinet ideas to consider, you may feel inspired to paint your existing top cabinetry paint color, rather than embark on a full remodel. With proper prep and the right painting steps, even DIYers can achieve beautiful, fresh results.

Here is an overview of the key steps:

Prep Work

  • Clean cabinets thoroughly then lightly sand to rough up the surface for better paint adhesion

  • Remove doors and hardware

  • Clean existing grease and dirt using a degreaser like TSP substitute mixed with water

  • Fill any holes, scratches, or gouges with wood filler

  • Tape off adjacent surfaces you don’t want painting

  • Remove drawers from the boxes if possible for easier access


  • Start by painting cabinet boxes, then doors, and finally drawer fronts

  • Apply 2-3 thin coats of cabinet paint using a brush or paint sprayer following the manufacturer’s instructions

  • Allow proper drying time between coats

  • Spray-painted cabinets may require an additional day or two to off-gas and cure fully before reassembling

After allowing the final coat to cure completely, reinstall doors, hardware, and drawers. Finally, load your stunning new cabinets up with dishes and decor to admire!

Final Thoughts

Updating dingy, outdated kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint costs a fraction of a kitchen remodel while still providing a “wow” factor transformation. Whether you love a classic white kitchen, prefer a neutral but updated look in greige or gray, or want to make a bold blue or black statement, the paint colors possibilities suit any decor and style preferences.

Just be sure to consider the overall kitchen size, existing elements like countertops and backsplash, and cabinet configurations like Shaker-style doors versus flat panels when finalizing your kitchen cabinet color ideas. Prepping cabinets properly and applying durable paint formulated especially for high-traffic cabinetry ensures your new vibrant cabinet colors look amazing for years before your next decor refresh.

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