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Are you imagining the possible outcome of your dream kitchen? Do you see your new kitchen island? How about your new cooktop and backsplash? All those beautiful accessories and updated items will come to life.

But when it comes to kitchen renovation, you mustn’t forget to upgrade your cabinets. That said, we’ll be talking about the latest kitchen cabinet features you must have today.

Your cabinetry is one of the central attractions of your kitchen, so it must be done right. Together, we’ll go through it and if you need help, you can count on us.

Must Have Kitchen Cabinet Features

We are excited to share with you must have kitchen cabinet features you want to have for your new cabinets.

Slim pull out drawer

The narrow space in between your cabinets can be utilized further by constructing a slim pull out drawer. It can serve as storage for condiments, ladles, spatula, and other small cooking utensils. We can divide that into two to three layers depending on the height of your cabinet.

Mini wine fridge 

You can also request a mini wine fridge beside the base cabinets of your kitchen island. This is an excellent way of maximizing space usage while adding more function to your cabinetry.

This is one of the cool kitchen cabinet features you must have today. For wine lovers, you’ll be wanting to have this on your kitchen island. A suitable container for your favorite wine.

Narrow trash pull out drawer

Is your trash bin too far from your cooking station? You can solve that by constructing a trash pull out drawer for your new cabinets. That’s an excellent way of keeping your cooking station clean and easy to maintain.

This is now part of the trending custom kitchen cabinet features this year. We can customize the drawer to fit two trash bins on one pull out drawer. One for biodegradable and the other for non-biodegradable.

Cabinet Dividers 

There are several kitchen cabinet features to consider, but that depends on what are your pressing needs in the kitchen. If you have plenty of utensils and pans, then you can request to have a vertical divider inside the cabinet. It’ll be easier for you to arrange and place your cooking utensils.

Corner storage

Take advantage of corners and request to have corner storage for your new kitchen cabinets. This is one of the many kitchen cabinet special features to have so that you can maximize space usage.

You can dedicate your corner storage to storing your cereals and condiments. If it’s two-level corner storage, then you place small items on the first level while your food ingredients are on the second level.

Multifunctional Rack

Inside your cabinet, you can also request to install a rack to hang kitchen utensils. This can be included on your vertical dividers, or you have a dedicated space inside your cabinetry. Another option is to install this rack on top of your cabinetry and drill it into the wall.

Pot Rack

If the vertical space above your kitchen countertop is free, then you can install a pot rack there. You can easily hang dry your pots on the rack while giving an industrial chic look to your kitchen.

This is one of the trending kitchen cabinet features for upper cabinets. You can also have glass front cabinetry or open shelving. It gives an airy ambiance to your kitchen.

Foldable eating station for your pets

This pet-friendly feature is one of the best kitchen cabinet features you must try, especially if you love pets. You’re going to pull out the foldable cabinet door and then lock that in place level with your floor. Then place your dog’s bowl there. It’s easy to use and maintain.

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