Luxurious Small Kitchens Designs To Inspire Your Remodel

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For larger homes and apartments, they have huge spaces with high ceilings in their kitchen. It provides better comfort and more workspace to explore. How about for smaller kitchen areas? Does that mean beauty is impossible for smaller spaces?

Making your small kitchen renovation amazing will no longer be difficult when you read these luxurious small kitchen designs for inspiration. These ideas are highly cost-efficient so your small kitchen renovation cost is low.

Further, in choosing the design of your small kitchen to remodel, it is also best to consider its existing kitchen layout (i.e., L-, G-, U-shape, and others). This makes your entire small kitchen renovation holistic and cohesive.

U-Shaped Small Kitchen Remodel

This type of kitchen layout offers more surface area on your counter.

Brighten Up the Area

Despite the sufficient counter space it offers, a U-shaped layout can look dark because of its cabinetry. A comfy and airy kitchen area must be bright and elegant. To make this happen, you must choose a lighter color tone for your cabinets and counter space.

Likewise, you can install LED lightings underneath your cabinets and countertop to enhance its vibrancy and make the area appear larger.

Install Island Countertop

Installing an island counter in your U-shaped small kitchen remodel will promote beauty and continuity of workflow. Likewise, it serves to be a common area for things you need in all counter of your kitchen space.

Further, when all things inside your space are bright, you can make your island stand out by choosing a darker color tone for better contrast.

L-Shaped Small Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen counters will be alongside the perpendicular kitchen walls, while the rest will be your open working space.

Floating Table

Try installing a floating table at the end your kitchen counter where it makes the “L” shape. This provides a spontaneous appearance while extending your countertop area. The color of the floating table must match that of your existing kitchen countertop.

Kitchen Appliances Matching Cabinetry

To create a sense of orderliness and stability, install appliances that match the design and color of your kitchen cabinets. Likewise, it must have a smooth and polished panel surface to create a sleek, modern look.

Galley Small Kitchen Remodel

This is usually common for smaller homes, apartments, and condominiums. Your kitchen space is sandwiched between two parallel walls.

Open Some Space

Whether you have fear in tight spaces or not, your kitchen area must feel comfortable and airy. For a galley small kitchen renovation, the best way to do that is by opening a part of the wall, so that you can connect to some areas inside your house.

The second option is creating a pathway to connect your kitchen area to your living space. This makes your ambiance more flowing and not constricted in a tight working space.

Go For An Open Shelf

You have two parallel walls in your galley small kitchen remodel, so that makes you feel like you are in a box. Eliminate that suffocating ambiance by renovating your kitchen cabinetry and turning them into an open shelving storage space.

This allows your site to get sufficient space on the upper level of your kitchen area. Moreover, kitchen accessories and tools you placed in the open shelves creates a unique scenery.

G-Shaped Small Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen layout is also known as the Peninsula. It is derived from the U-shaped layout with extra counter space to make the “G” shape.

Install Modern Lightings

Aside from the LED lightings underneath your cabinetry and countertops, you can install modern pendant lights on the extension counter making it a G-shaped layout. It adds enough brightness to give an impression of a larger space. Likewise, pendant lights look elegant for any small kitchen renovation.

Place Extra Chairs

To make your kitchen area feel cozy and inviting, you can place extra chairs or bar stools on the exterior side of the extra countertop space. It provides better functionality and aesthetics for your peninsula.

Other Ideas for Small Kitchen Renovation

We need to think outside the box when choosing the best small kitchen remodels. Here are some other things you can adapt to spice up the elegance of your narrow-spaced kitchen.

Use Space Above Cabinets

The space above your cabinets can still be used for storage purposes. You can place your beautiful places or kitchen accessories on top to create a stunning look connecting to your kitchen walls.

Green Accessories

This means adding a vase of flowers or plants in your small kitchen remodel. This gives you the natural earthy warmth you need in your small kitchen space.

Mirror the Kitchen Walls

Aside from adding lights to increase the brightness of your space, you can install mirrors in your kitchen counter that reflects your wall. This method also creates the illusion of having a larger kitchen space.

Area Rug

Adding an area rug in your kitchen increases the warmth and cozy feeling inside while you are preparing meals and dinner. It is a simple way to elevate the aesthetics of your small kitchen without shelling huge cash.

Install Ceiling to Floor Corner Cabinets

Aside from getting sufficient storage, your tower corner cabinets can be a good accent inside your tight kitchen space. Just make sure to have a bright color tone for your cabinet doors and new hardware to have that sleek modern look.

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