23 Gorgeous Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation

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A common top priority when renovating a home is to update the master bathroom. There are so many master bathroom ideas out there to give you a high-end, luxurious space. Read these 23 gorgeous master bathroom remodel ideas to find out how you can create the feeling of having a spa in your very own home.

Match styling with your master bedroom

Luxury white bathroom with light grey cabinets, and tub

The first thing to think about for your master bathroom remodel is to match the color and styling choices to your master bedroom. You can make the space feel like a whole unit by being thoughtful in making cohesive design choices. One example is to take the design from your curtains and complement that in how you tile your shower. 

Barn door from bedroom to bathroom

Modern master bathroom style in bedroom, with tub, and floating toilet

One of the most popular master bathroom remodel ideas is to forgo a traditional door for a barn-style sliding door. Swinging doors can take up extra space when open. With a sliding door, you can use that space for extra storage or decoration. The door itself can also be a work of art and become a focal point of both the bedroom and bathroom.

Light colors with accents

Luxury bathroom with 2 vanities, tub, and a shower

No matter the color scheme you choose, it is best to use lighter colors for large areas and bring in other color palettes with accents throughout. This will give your master bath remodel a clean, sophisticated look. Light walls will reflect all the natural light in your bathroom and make it feel open and clean.

Nontraditional light fixtures

Bathroom with custom white cabinets

In the process of your master bathroom renovation, you will be thinking about where you want lighting and what that will look like. Why not choose light fixtures that will be like another piece of art in your bathroom? WIth limited wall space, this master bathroom idea can be the thing that really sets your bathroom apart. Also consider placing lights in nontraditional places. Could you hang a chandelier-type light over your tub? There are so many possibilities that can add style and function to your bathroom.

Tile on the walls

Old style bathroom with tub, and floating sink

Something you will definitely be deciding during the master bathroom remodeling process is what type of tile you’d like for the floor or shower. One of the top trending master bathroom ideas is to tile an entire wall, like an accent wall. It can match or complement the other tiling in the room.

Consider storage

Classy bathroom with tub, and cabinets

A bathroom’s functionality is equally important to its aesthetic, and including storage options in your master bath remodel ideas can be a benefit to both. Think about what your vanity can store and consider other options such as a bench with storage underneath. 

Floating shelves

Elegant bathroom with floating vanity, and tub

A very appealing idea for storage is to install floating shelves. This can create a much more airy feel than traditional cabinets with the added benefit that you can store decor and other artwork. 

Places for plants

Elegant bathroom with brown flat cabinets, with few plants on top

Many people don’t consider this, but a master bathroom can be the perfect place for houseplants. As long as there is enough natural lighting, the plants will love the moisture in the bathroom. Floating shelves can be a great place for these plants to live, or tucked around your tub to create a natural feel while you’re relaxing and soaking.


Spacious bathroom with cabinets, tub, and shower

If you don’t already have one, adding a skylight to your bathroom should be at the top of your list of master bathroom ideas. Not only will it bring in more natural light, it creates the feeling of a more open space. An extra dreamy idea is to install it above your shower and/or tub so you can look up to the clouds while you take your morning rinse.

Walk-in shower

Stylish bathroom with shower, and vanity

Showers can be just as luxurious and bath tubs these days. If taking baths isn’t your thing, you could opt for a giant walk-in shower. This will give you the space for a large waterfall showerhead and cool tiling on the walls.

Open doorless shower

Stylish curbless, doorless walk-in shower, and a toilet

Even more open is to eliminate the shower door entirely. When planned thoughtfully, a shower door is unnecessary in your master bathroom. You won’t get overheated with all that steam stuck in the shower and it makes your entire bathroom feel like a luxurious spa. 

Ditch the shower bench

Medium sized bathroom with floating vanity, tub, and a shower

Although many people install a shower bench during their master bathroom remodel, they seldom use it or instead use it as storage space. It can also be quite costly to do. If having a place to sit is something you desire, consider a small stool you can move in and out. It will save you money and there are some very attractive options out there.

Square shower drain

Shower flooring showing the drain

This may seem like a small detail, but it can really be that feature that pops in your master bathroom. You could also consider an inset drain that will provide a more seamless look. 

Textured floor in the shower

Aesthetic bathroom style with double-sink vanity, and a shower

There are shower floors you can choose from that provide some texture that will feel like a massage under your feet. Imagine how much this can add to the spa ambience of your master bathroom.

Steam shower

Small bathroom with toilet, vanity, open shelving, and shower

Speaking of spas, what better way to bring that rejuvenating experience home than by planning for adding a steam shower during your master bathroom remodel. If you haven’t heard of a steam shower before, it is worth looking into. Basically, it is a steam room that can easily be placed into a typical shower space. You get all the benefits of steam with the convenience of being able to rinse off right there in the same spot.

Pay attention to niches

Luxurious bathroom with custom cabinets, a tub, and shower

Another small detail that is often overlooked is the shower niches. While planning your master bathroom renovation, make sure to think about all the elements of your space. Be intentional with the size and design of all the little nooks in your shower so that you have enough space for your shampoos and soaps while also adding an appealing touch to the overall aesthetic.

Stand-alone tub

Bright white bathroom with floating vanity, and a tub

Gone are the days of the tub being built into the wall. To elevate your master bathroom, you can choose from a variety of stand-alone tubs that can be matched to your personality and style. Opt for a classic clawfoot tub or choose a more sleek, modern look.

A long sink

Bathroom with 2 long sink and faucets in brown vanity, and a tub

Another element to incorporate into your small master bathroom ideas is a long sink. It’s particularly an incredible alternative to a double-sink vanity since the countertop and sink come in one piece to save space and suit two individuals. In addition, a single long sink offers the illusion of greater space.”

Heated toilet seat

Modern bathroom with faucet and sink attached to countertop, and a toilet

This little bit of inexpensive luxury can really change your entire bathroom experience. Although it seems like something you could just add to any bathroom, it does take some planning before you move forward with your master bathroom remodel because you will need to have an outlet next to your toilet. If you add this small addition to your master bathroom, you won’t be disappointed.

Heated floors

construction for heated floors

One of the worst feelings is getting out of a warm shower and stepping into your cold bathroom. WIth heated floors, you will stay nice and cozy as you step out. 


chrome bidet mounted

Bidets are becoming more and more popular in bathrooms all around the world. Although you can purchase simple additions for your existing toilet, if you’ve got the space and are already working on a master bathroom renovation, then it is worth considering installing a free-standing bidet to get the full benefits.

Fan upgrade

white bathroom with tub, vanity, and shower

You can upgrade your fan by installing an in-line ventilation fan that’s remote mounted away from the bathroom. This will make for a much quieter experience while you bathe. At the same time, a great way to cut down on energy costs in the long run is to have a fan timer switch installed.

Add outlets to vanity drawers

traditional bathroom with double sink brown vanity, shower and tub

To add to the modernity of your master bathroom, consider having outlets installed inside your vanity drawers. This will cut down on clutter while allowing you to charge things in your bathroom.

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