Reasons Why Custom Closets Are Good Investments

No matter how large your space is, if you don’t have the right closet, things start to get messy. That’s where custom closets come in useful. This is an excellent investment for your home in keeping your wardrobe organized while adding beauty to your space.

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But are you still on the fence about having a custom made closets? Good thing you’re in the right spot since we’ll be talking about their benefits, and why they’re worth every buck.

How much do custom closets cost? 

They come at a higher price than your stock closets for sure. But the overall convenience and function it offers are unbeatable. In terms of price, custom built closets are around $1,800 to $10,000 on average. Some can go as high as $20,000 but with better materials and large storage.

If you want to ask for a free quote, you can get them from us. We’ll help you find the right budget for your large or small custom closets.

Reasons Why Custom Closets Are Good Investments

Here are the top reasons why it’ll be worthwhile for you to invest in building custom closets.

It improves storage

One of the greatest setbacks of buying a stock closet is its limited storage and design. But you cannot find that in a custom closet since we can design them based on your storage needs and available floor space.

If you have more available floor space, then having a custom walk in closets is your ultimate choice. This is an excellent addition to your home. It adds both functionality and aesthetics to your home.

Our team can help you customize some closet features like drawers, shelves, hanging rods, cubbies, and small storage for your jewelry, shoes, and clothing accessories. That said, you will have a place for anything in your wardrobe. Plus, a human-size mirror to see your entire outfit can complete it all.

Some of our clients request that their walk in closets be close to their master bathroom. That way, they can readily go inside to change and walk right out of their closet with their outfit of the day.

Reduces Stress

It is tiring and tedious to sort and organize clothes, right? But with a custom closet, it’ll be easier and faster for you. You have the option to hang or fold your clothing and accessories and place them in their proper places inside your custom closet.

That said, you save much time and effort in organizing your clothes, shoes, and accessories. When we create similar Artisan custom closets for you, you’ll never get overwhelmed again with your pile of clothes.

Also, it’ll be easier for you to locate stuff inside your wardrobe. You can even place name tags if that may help. But definitely, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the place where you store your things inside your custom closet.

Reduced Risk of Accidents

Our custom closets design will improve the organization system of your wardrobe. You will have the proper storage for almost all things inside your traditional closet. Plus, all those nitty-gritty small accessories you have that go along with your outfit of the day.

That said, there’ll be fewer things scattered on the floor that can cause slipping. This is something we dread, especially for the safety of children and seniors living with us, right?

Also, we can put sufficient lighting inside your walk in custom closet to prevent accidents and for you to easily find things.

Increase Resale Value and the Chance of Selling Your Property

Adding a walk-in custom closet provides a return on your investment, especially if you plan to sell your house in the succeeding months. Most home buyers are interested in buying a house if they see functional and beautiful changes inside the house. A custom closet is one thing to consider for this matter.

We can help you choose the design, layout, and color of your custom closet to match your master bedroom and bathroom. This is an amazing package you can offer to your possible buyers.

Long-term savings

Constructing a custom closet is not that cheap, but working with a professional ensures you get the quality material and service of creating one. At Mega Kitchen and Bath, we offer excellent customer service for your personalized walk in closet.

We will use quality wood and hardware to ensure it will last for many years. And then the design, we’ll make sure it compliments your master bedroom and bath. Typically, it’s constructed near those two areas since they complement one another. Still, we will depend on your choice, so no worries there.

How to build custom closets

Building out a custom closet requires expert skills in carpentry and woodworking. You also need to have the proper tools for the job. If you’re an avid DIYer, then definitely you are up for the challenge of constructing one, right? But if you want a stress-free experience, you can let a professional contractor do it for you.

At Mega Kitchen and Bath, we offer the service of helping you design and build a personalized closet that works for you. The design, size, and materials will be based on your preference. That’s our promise, and you’ll be working with our talented designers and professionals for this.

To start this process, book a free design consultation today. We’ll get the details of your dream walk in closet. That will be the start, and then, we’ll pre-order the materials. We’ll assign a project manager to update you on things, and to ensure that everything goes to your plan.

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We will give you a response within 24 hours or earlier.

Indeed, there are benefits to having a custom closet. We are confident that you’ll love it!

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