Remodeling Tips For Small Kitchens

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It is everyone’s dream to have a spacious kitchen, yet you can never have everything in life. However, it doesn’t mean you can never make your small kitchen remodel exciting and beautiful, so we are sharing helpful tips for you in this effort.

At Mega Kitchen and Bath, we always offer flexible prices for all our renovation packages, so it is light on your pocket. We have been doing this for more than a decade and continuing up to this present moment.

In line, check out these wonderful tips that will help you spruce your small kitchen all the time.

Open Your Kitchen and Connect It To Other Sections of Your Home

In all our small kitchen renovations, we always advise our clients to modify their existing kitchen layout, by connecting to other areas inside your house. Why? Because it provides a continuous and flowing impression when you go inside your pantry.

Oftentimes, we connect your patio and kitchen so that it connects with the natural beauty and freshness of the outdoors. Besides that, we can remove some walls or doors bordering between your dining area or living room that’s connecting to your kitchen.

Go for Wall-Mount Cabinets or Open Shelving

Instead of eating so many footprints with your kitchen base cabinets, we recommend that you explore wall-mounted cabinetry. With that, we are freeing a lot of footprints that increase the spacious vibe inside your small pantry.

Consequently, we have hundreds of cabinet ideas for your best small kitchen remodels today. You can visit our showroom anytime to check out our white or neutrally-colored cabinetry suitable for your kitchen makeover.

On the other hand, going for open shelving is also a classic choice when renovating petite kitchen areas. By doing that, we are removing the “cave-like” ambiance with standard wooden cabinets.

Increase Brightness By Choosing White or Light Colors

Looking at palette selection, we routinely suggest to our clients to choose white or any pastel hues for the walls, floors, countertops, backsplash, and cabinets for their small kitchen redo.

Why? Because these light colors bring out an airy and spacious feel inside your 20 or 30 square foot kitchen. Besides that, when you choose only one or two neutral colors for your paint jobs, you can save a few bucks on your small kitchen renovation cost.

Aim For Streamlined Theme To Enhance A Spacious Feeling

Choosing a streamlined theme for your small kitchen makeover is one of the cost-efficient methods of making it look spacious. With that, we are going for a modern minimalist approach paired with neutral colors for all elements and fixtures inside your pantry.

Likewise, when there are less bold colors and patterns in your small pantry, you tend to have a continuous appeal in your interiors. Take note, having less means more for a small kitchen remodeling.

Use Glass Front Cabinet Doors Instead of Hardwood

Meanwhile, if you are not a fan of open shelving, then we can install glass front cabinet doors for your storage compartments. With that, you will have a deeper sight with your cabinetry, while letting light pass through it, illuminating your precious porcelains and kitchenwares.

Also, we can install recessed LED lighting inside your cabinets, so it can lighten up the interior at night. With that, your expensive and beautiful plates and glassware will serve as an accent in your kitchen.

Install Compact Kitchen Appliances

Upgrading your kitchen appliances is also the most of small kitchen makeovers, and you need to select those space-saving compact microwaves, ovens, gas range, and fridge for your pantry.

We can also create recessed storage compartments where we can snugly flush in your gas range and other kitchen appliances. With that, we are saving footprints that provide spacious pathway when you are preparing meals.

Install Recessed Lighting and Allow Natural Light To Come In

For small kitchens, having enough light is highly essential to give your pantry a spacious, clean, and airy feeling. With that, we can install recessed LED lighting underneath your cabinets and kitchen countertops.

Likewise, we can install hanging pendant lights over your kitchen island to give brightness and elegance to your place. Besides that, we can also install a small glass window near your sink counter, that will allow natural light to come into your kitchen.

Install Sleek Narrow Hoods

Your high-traffic kitchen will all be filled with heat, smoke, grease, and moisture that makes your working space uncomfortable. To resolve that, we can install a narrow range hood that can efficiently suck up all heat, smoke, and moisture from your cooking.

Oftentimes, we use stainless steel for your range hood because it can durably last for a lifetime with proper cleaning and maintenance. Also, this element adds an industrial-chic touch to your small kitchen remodel.

Go For Glossy Finishes To Increase Brightness and Spacious Aura

The light coming from your LED and pendant lights can be magnified when you have a reflective surface inside your kitchen. With that, you are lifting the brightness and modern sleek look of your pantry.

In line, to make sure we have reflective surfaces, we can install smooth-finished stone countertops, mirrors, and metal finishes in your kitchen. For a reasonable cost, we can seamlessly make your petite pantry appear bigger and cozier.

Get Professional Advice and Assistance

Indeed, you have a handful of things to plan and implement for your small kitchen renovation, so you might need an extra hand to accomplish it. Fortunately, Mega Kitchen and Bath is one of the leading remodeling contractors you can call in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

We have been in this industry for more than ten years, and our acquired modern technology enhances the accuracy and efficiency of our work.

If you need a free quote and advice from us, then don’t hesitate to reach out through phone call or email. You can also book for our onsite inspection and measurement to get a detailed proposal. We charge a minimal amount for this, yet it can be written off from your total kitchen renovation cost.

For your flexible and cost-efficient full kitchen renovation, feel free to visit us in Houzz anytime!

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