Remodeling Ways To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

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Let’s face it, we cannot have everything in this world, the same thing with our kitchen. Even if you have a narrow kitchen space, it never hinders you from sprucing it up to look fancy and expensive.

If breaking a kitchen wall is never feasible, then these smart, easy, and creative small kitchen remodel techniques are your best option. Read through these tips to find out more and achieve your luxurious small kitchen space.

Paint it All White or Light

Painting your cabinets and walls with pale hues or white increases the brightness and visual space inside your kitchen. Lights coming from your hanging pendant lightings will be reflected inside your kitchen which makes it look spacious.

When you choose these kinds of colors, you are increasing the pristine appeal and elegance in your skimpy kitchen. Similarly, your wall trims must have the same paint with your wall to reduce boundaries and enhance its streamlined effect.

Are darker tones not viable?

Truth to be told, darker tones can work but requires critical planning to avoid getting that cave-like feeling. When you paint your cabinets and walls with darker color tones, it creates much depth which exhibits an illusion of a long-distance towards the wall.

However, to achieve an airy feeling in your tight kitchen space, you need to have enough lighting which can be readily addressed with light-tone paints. This is the main reason why pale or neutral hues are better.

Make Use of Your Vertical Space

If the horizontal space in your kitchen is limited, don’t forget you have unused space on top. To further enhance visual impression, choose designs or patterns which directs eyes up. We recommend our clients for wall and kitchen cabinetry with vertical patterns.

Aside from that, you can install intricate crown moldings which efficiently captures eyes towards the top of your kitchen. It adds a better impression of durability and lucrativeness to your shaker style cabinets.

Connect Your Kitchen to Other Rooms

To increase the feeling of having a spacious kitchen, you can break the division and isolation by connecting it to your dining or breakfast area. You can have a small fridge in between your breakfast counter and kitchen to strike a functional and beautiful division.

Upgrade for Glass Cabinet Doors or Open Shelving

Try looking at your old wooden cabinetry, it makes your skimpy kitchen feel like a cave. To avoid this, you can go for an upgrade by removing the wooden cabinet doors and replacing it with a glass one. With glass, your vision tends to lengthen for you are able to see through it.

Another option for your kitchen cabinetry upgrade is open shelving. This is a great choice when you want to increase the airy ambiance in your small kitchen. You can place your expensive or fancy kitchenware on your open shelves to serve as stunning wall accents.

Install Compact Kitchen Appliances and Furniture

Technology has made our lives more convenient and efficient. For your cramped kitchen, you can always go for kitchen appliances with smaller footprints. It gives you more space-saving features without compromising performance.

Instead of buying the large bulky tables and chairs, you can install island countertops and bar stools for your breakfast counter. Install stylish pendant lights on top of your island to increase its pristine look.

Go for Compressed Storage Compartments

It does not mean if you have limited space in your kitchen, you can’t construct smart and compressed storage compartments inside. You can have recessed cabinets to your kitchen wall so it will never block your kitchen path.

Likewise, you can utilize the space on top of your kitchen cabinets to store other condiments, jars, and kitchen linens. Just be creative in doing so, or you can call and consult our professional designers.


These are just some of the ideas you can adapt for sprucing up and making your small kitchen remodel memorable. With careful planning, you are more confident in achieving your projected small kitchen renovation cost.

Should you need any professional assistance for renovating your kitchen and bath, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are the leading one-stop-shop for your remodeling needs.

Feel free to visit us in Houzz anytime!

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