Shower Remodel: Worth The Investment?

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Homeowners set aside thousands of dollars for the budget for their homes but it’s not always that they get to invest a ton of money for a full home makeover. As such, some people would prefer doing their home bit by bit instead. There may be a lot of rooms in your house that need remodeling which is why you may want to focus on certain rooms first.

One room that many people tend to overlook with regard to investments is the shower area. Of course, the thinking is that there’s no point investing in a part of the house that people don’t get to see most. However, the shower room is one of the best investments you can make on your end and today we’ll show you why.

A shower remodel is one of the best investments you can make for your home although that may not seem like the case at a glance. It’s a highly functional part of the house. However, this is just one of the many reasons why you should consider putting more money in your shower area. There are many other reasons out there.

The shower area is a part of the house that mostly used by the inhabitants and not the guest. As such, people don’t see the merit in investing in this part of the house immediately. It’s usually something that people invest in after they get extra money or they 

The good news is that more and more people are seeing the good in investing in the shower area but you may not just be one of them yet. If you want to have a good time in the shower, then improving it significantly might just be what your home is missing. Today, we’ll talk about why a shower remodels is worth the investment.

What Is The Cost Of A Shower Remodel?

Obviously, the cost of a shower remodel will vary on many factors. These include the complexity of the project, the size of the bathroom, and many other things. In general, however, you are looking at spending somewhere around $10,000 to $20,0000 for a complete shower remodeling project for your home. Obviously, this is a huge investment for anyone.

One of the factors that make the shower remodeling project more expensive is when the project includes changes made to the shower’s plumbing. The contractors have to break down the walls, redo the old plumbing, and then install new ones for this part of the remodeling project. The good news is that changes to plumbing aren’t always necessary.

It really depends on what you want done to your shower and some people don’t always ask for their plumbing to be touched. In fact, some others would specifically request that their plumbing don’t get touched. You only need to get your plumbing touched if there are existing issues to it or if you want to have the shower, sink or toilet moved.

Now, the average cost to install a shower itself can range from $2,000 to $8,000 already. The price depends on the complexity of the design you are planning, as well as the make of the shower that you want to be installed. Custom tiled walk-in showers can cost $4,200 to $8,500. Again, these are just for the shower and not the plumbing.

Another expense that you have to worry about for your kitchen is the tiling. It can cost around $3,000-$5,000 depending on type of tiles that you choose. We suggest going simple and avoid buying natural stone tiles. These are going to cost a lot but it’s not always good to have these in your bathroom as they mostly get wet after all.

A good way to save on the expense that you make for the tiles is to go for treated concrete. This isn’t rough. Treated concrete looks and feels like natural stone so they can be the perfect addition to your shower. If you have the budget for it, of course you can try going for natural stone options like marble but as we’ve said, it’s not really necessary to do so.

Instead, try purchasing a marble countertop instead. This is a better investment to make for your bathroom. Depending on what type of material the countertop you choose is, you are looking at spending around $3,000 to $5,000. A good countertop is a great aesthetic and functional addition to your bathroom.

The ROI Of A Shower Remodel

The biggest mistake you can make when considering a shower remodel for your home is thinking that there are no returns from it in any way. In truth, a shower remodels greatly increases the value of your home. As per reports, a shower remodels can effectively bring you an ROI or return of investment of around 60%.

At first, it may seem like this is an impossible thing to achieve for a shower remodel but again, it increases your home’s value effectively so this shouldn’t be surprising data anymore. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, you’ll see that the remodeling project will actually pay off handsomely.

It works because house change in value depending on many factors. One of which is whether or not the fixtures and rooms are up-to-date with the latest standards in the real estate industry. As such, if you sell a home with outdated rooms and issues, you are going to be affected heavily in terms of pricing.

Moreover, the home remodeling process also does away with the problems and issues that are potentially lying inside your shower. These are bigger factors that can affect the price of your house when you resell it. As such, it’s very vital that you have these issues fixed through remodelling so that they don’t cripple your home’s resale value.

Another important thing you should consider is that you wouldn’t want to use a bathroom or a shower that has pre-existing issues. It’s dangerous for your health and well-being which is why we highly suggest investing in a shower remodel so that these problems get fixed on your end. It’s for your health too!

How To Reduce The Cost

Ideally, you wouldn’t want to be too strict on the budget for your shower remodel. The more you invest on it, the better it will be for your home value and your house. However, there are many ways through which you can reduce the cost of the overall project. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg on your end.

One of the ways you can do it is the aforementioned technique of not letting the contractors touch your plumbing. This is one of the most expensive parts of the shower remodel. Have them check it for issues or problems first. If there aren’t any that need immediate fixing, they try to avoid having it couched instead.

Another means to reduce the cost is to pick the right contractors for the job. Make sure that you coordinate with the remodelers about the project and let them know that you are on a budget. Set a realistic price for them and they’ll do their best to accommodate your needs and wants at the same time.

Some established remodelers don’t exactly charge too much for a remodeling project. Some even charge less than others. The key is to know who you are dealing with and to know how much they are willing to accommodate you. There’s nothing wrong with telling them what your budget is. In fact, most contractors will ask you about this beforehand. The last thing you’d want is spending more than what you have for a remodel.

Bottomline, investing in your shower is just as important as investing in any other part of your house. There are just so many benefits in it that you simply can’t look away from it. Although the shower is indeed a part of the house that visitors rarely get to see, it’s still a part of the house that you use most of the time.

When giving your house a remodeling job or a makeover job done, it’s more important to think about how it can benefit your family and not just those that come visit. A shower remodel is one of the most effective ways to improve the way you and your family live inside the house so why hold back on it?

Believe it or not, a shower remodel is worth it regardless of whether or not you are going to make major changes for your home. If it’s something that keeps you and the rest of the family. It’s an investment that’s going to last your forever so you may as well go all out and enjoy a shower remodel for your family.

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