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Let us break the wall that only large bathroom spaces can have a lucrative and prestigious look. To make your small bathroom remodel a head turner, you need to have  the right creativity and patience to customize and downsize things.

Oftentimes, if the cost of updating all accents and fixtures inside your bathroom will be costly, most homeowners would go for upgrading their bathroom vanity tops. Nevertheless, there are plenty of things you can do to revitalize the essence and beauty inside your outdated shower and bath.

Smart Space Utilization

If your bathroom has a small footprint, it tends to be messy and cramped up when you place lots of stuff inside. With that, smart space utilization means maximizing your space by downsizing some features inside your skimpy bath.

When you minimize, reduce or remove some items inside your small bathroom, you are freeing up space to increase the airy ambiance inside. Below are some itemized ways of maximizing your bathroom space without compromising functionality and aesthetics.

Choose Wisely

Because you only need to place the essentials inside your small shower and bath, you need to choose those items that look elegant and fancy. These things can include expensive towels, stylish acrylic jars and soap containers.

Meanwhile, other grooming things like hair dryers and brush can be placed inside your vanity cabinet to minimize clutter and eye-sore in your pristine vanity tops and sink.

Use Lighter Tone Palettes

When you have a small bathroom, we usually advise our customers to choose pale or neutral colors for their countertops, cabinetry, walls, and floors. This is a great choice because it exudes a more open feeling, eliminating that scary claustrophobic bathroom ambiance.

Some of the trending neutral hues for your small bathroom remodel include sage, gray, off-white, Snow White, beige, and creamy white. Any of these light palettes can brighten up and create an illusion of a wider bathroom space.

Free-up Floor Space

Having a base cabinet under your vanity tops will eat up much floor space and decrease  the openness in your bathroom. A smart alternative for this will be installing a wall-mount sink or stylish pedestal.

Likewise, installing a hanging bathroom vanity top will also increase more space in your floor. You can dress up the perimeter of your floating vanity top to spruce up design or place a basket containing tissue rolls and linens inside.

Walk-In Shower or Tubs

There are pros and cons in choosing either a shower or tub. For a more space-saving function, a walk-in shower is ideal considering it is friendly and convenient for all age groups. Tubs exude an elegant feel but conducive for a larger space.

For walk-in showers, you can choose to have a door less type or one with a single glass panel for easy access. When you have a walk-in shower, there is a better space-saving feature while having a stylish and contemporary appeal.

The glass enclosure allows light to pass through, thereby, illuminating your shower area without installing more lights. You can use stainless steel rails to further enhance its glossy and industrial appeal as well.

Open Shelving to Remove Cave-Like Appeal

Vanity cabinets will be a lesser choice for small bathroom remodel because it takes a larger footprint and induces claustrophobic ambiance. This is the main reason why open shelvings are a feasible choice for small bathrooms.

You can freely see the items you store on an open shelf and it serves as a good wall accent as well. You can also opt for wooden open shelvings to have a natural glow and warmth in your remodeled bathroom.

Customized Toilets and Sinks

To have more space to move around your skimpy bathroom, you can opt for small and low-profile toilets. Some homeowners even go for a tankless one, where the casing is sleek and smaller than standard. If you opt for a tankless toilet, you are going to need a professional to work on the plumbing system.

The typical cost for standard toilets is $100 to $200, while tankless types cost around $500 to $600. For low-profile toilets and wall-mount types, the cost will be $200-$300 and $300-$500, respectively. Nonetheless, the price can vary depending on the material and labor. The best thing you can do is ask for a free estimate from our professionals.

Meanwhile, pedestal and wall-mount style sinks are the best candidate for best small bathroom remodels. The average cost for wall-mount and pedestal sinks are $36-$200 and $100-$400, respectively.

For a classic appeal, a pedestal sink fits well with your timeless granite and marble countertops. Likewise, wooden tones blend well with this sink style.

In contrast, wall-mounted sinks are best symbols of sophistication and modern appeal. It pairs well with stainless steel finishes, fixtures, and white countertops.

Takeaways with Small Bathroom Remodeling

Most homeowners and renters have a small bathroom in their residence, but it doesn’t mean beauty will be minute as well. You can always find smart and creative ways to spice it up and achieve your show-stopping small bathroom renovation. You can follow us on facebook for more remodeling ideas.

Likewise, your small bathroom renovation cost doesn’t need to be really high to be luxurious and appealing. Getting the right color style and functionality is the best way to do it.

If you need professional assistance with your small bathroom remodel, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us. Together, we can truly achieve your dream bathroom space.

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