The Dos and Don’ts of a Bathroom Remodel

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Change is constant, it is inevitable. Adaptation is the only way that people can be sure that they will survive this world filled with challenges and ever rising standards. As a matter of fact, we must learn to change almost everyday and adapt to the new normal that has been laid down before us. And even though we are confident with what we have. We must always remember that nothing is permanent in this world and everything has an expiration date.  With this statement, we all know what we has to be done.

Our homes are the symbol of success and love that we have built for generations. It is the result of the blood and sweat of our parents, grandparents and even us. Taking care of it is just like taking care of a family member, it has to be proper. Better yet, one must treat his or her home as a sanctuary for all those who live there, a place to be taken care of and cherished. A place to be flourished and improved upon when time calls for it. and if you ask me, one of the areas that need to be given attention is the bathroom.

We all know what happens in the bathroom. It is for some, an escape from reality whenever they dip or soak themselves in the bathtub or shower. But in general it is where you can be free from the stress you have acquired over time after a hard day’s work. That is why it is best that we improve it when it the occasion calls for it. but of course we have to be careful when we change something because there are things and facts to be considered in order to achieve the most beautiful and efficient outcome.

Now if you want to remodel your bathroom, you have to learn the Do’s and Don’ts. It is very essential that you follow these tips to make sure that you won’t be committing any mistakes along the way. So here are the things that you should Do’s and Don’t’ when remodeling your bathroom:

Plan It Well (DO)

When planning to remodel your bathroom, you must first seek inspiration from your surroundings. Every detail must be decided upon carefully to avoid mishaps like wrong measurements, wrong selections of equipment, and badly themed designs. This is actually the most important phase in any remodeling procedure and should be given the utmost importance.

Consider budget (DO)

Considering your budget is also a key factor in this remodeling scheme. Knowing your financial capacity will have a great impact on whatever things you can buy for your bathroom and which length you can go as far as remodeling is concerned. Don’t go over the allotted budget because it’ll be a pain in the butt if you spend too much for something that doesn’t need to be fancy.

Don’t go for second hand

Going for second hand items is actually not a good practice when remodeling a bathroom. Quality is always sacrificed with these decisions because not all that is considered cheap will help you save. I have a friend that actually bought used tiles and shower doors and it resulted in a not so happy ending. Tiles broke off after a month while the shower door got busted because of the rusted sliding rail. Be wise enough to know what is best.

Check all wirings, pipes and ventilation (DO)

Checking inlay, heater and water pipes as well as electricity and drainage is a must do when remodeling your bathroom. You will always have to consider that these connections provide the water and electricity need for your bathroom to actually work.

Don’t go too expensive 

Going too expensive doesn’t help either but it does give you a good sense of what you are paying for. Being too cheap will rob you of the opportunity of exploring quality materials that is why it is safe to stay in the middle. 

Provide good Lighting (DO)

Good lighting is important for every bathroom. This will give a brighter more defined appearance and will lessen accidents related to inadequate lighting. You can also add emergency lights on the corner of your shower and bathroom just in case of a power outage.

Don’t put what is not needed

Cramming up the bathroom with stuff that are not needed will consume too much space and will rob the necessary equipment to be put to good use. You don’t need an extra plant or a truck load of shampoo in that sink cabinet as well as an extra lamp stand with tables right? Your gonna be there to relax and clean yourself up after a hard day’s work.

Put Extra Storage (DO)

Every bathroom needs storage that is why it is important to put an extra shelf on the bath room wall as well as extra towel and clothing hooks. This will allow you to utilize the empty spaces in the bath room and be more efficient in keeping everything organized. 

Don’t be too vain

Vanity is something that has to be controlled in the bathroom. You are there to clean, relieve and relax yourself, not to enjoy the sight. There’s nothing wrong with a little design here and there but putting up pictures, hanging plants, vintage chests is definitely pleasing to the eyes but not to the mind. Be mindful that it’s a BATH ROOM, not a spa.

Budget for the rainy days

Lastly having an extra budget for unexpected things is also a good idea because you never know what might happen during the remodeling phase. When I remodeled mine, I miscalculated an area and it lead to leak in the water pipes, causing the drainage to overflow messing up the newly installed tiles. We had to redo everything but luckily I had extra money that I allotted for emergency situations like these so that it won’t use up my personal savings.

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