What To Know Before Getting Basement Remodeling

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Is your basement dingy, dusty, and all cluttered up? Perhaps, it’s about time you consider basement remodeling since it can transform your outdated “dungeon” into a comfortable and safe place to cater to your guests and relatives.  

Before you go somewhere else, we also made this read to share with you the essential factors you need to know before renovating your basement. Meanwhile, if you still haven’t found a contractor to help you with this effort, then Mega Kitchen and Bath is here for you.

Start reading to find out more about it, and to prepare yourself for this life-changing moment. If you need a free quote or consultation, then call our office today.

Securing Building Permits and Requirements

Hiring a contractor or planning for your designs isn’t just everything for this endeavor. You need to consult your city or municipal authority in charge of these matters, so they can explain to you the requirements to get the permit and license.

These codes and requirements will cover your rough-in works and frame, to ensure your basement renovation passes their standards.

Nevertheless, to save yourself from the hassle, your remodeling contractor can be the one to settle this thing for you.

Ensure Waterproof Features and Get A Sump Pump

The location of your basement is one main factor making it prone to flooding and water leakage. With that, you need a reliable technician who can secure and reinforce the waterproofing features of your wall, floors, and ceilings.

Likewise, your plumbing systems must be inspected as well for any possible water leaking, so that it can be treated on the spot.

Furthermore, in any basement remodeling services, getting a backup sump pump is greatly important to prevent a flood. It may cost a little hefty at the beginning, yet it will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Consider Hiring A Licensed and Bonded Contractor

You have so many things to work on for your “remodel my basement” project. Consequently, if you don’t have the skills and experience, then there’s a huge risk of missing out on details and safety features of your newly finished basement.

To avoid any costly redo and repairs, it is wise to lean on professionals for this matter. Luckily, Mega Kitchen and Bath is one of the authorities in this field. We combine our advanced technology, qualified tech guys, and experience to ensure the success of remodeling your basement.

If you need a free quote or consultation, then give us a short call today.

Complete Your Basement Finishing

Finishing your basement can vary on the coverage of the renovation. For minor tasks, it can include lighting improvements, new drywall, floor installation, and paint works. Nevertheless, if you have the budget for a complete overhaul, then it’s best to go all the way for your best basement remodels on a budget.

Secure Proper Illumination

Your basement is located underneath the ground floor of your house, so expect to have lesser lights going inside. To avoid making it look like a cave, we need to install sufficient LED lighting in your basement.

With that, we are creating a more brilliant and welcoming aura in your newly finished basement. Also, your glossy fixtures and furniture will have a better emphasis on proper lighting.

Install A Drainage System

Meanwhile, if you plan to create a small kitchen and bathroom inside your basement, then we need to plan for its drainage system. With that, we will have a separate path for the solids and liquid wastes from your cooking and bathing activities.

Furthermore, your basement’s drainage system must be connected to the main drainage of your house. Avail professional help to ensure the success of this task.

Check Electrical Connection

When nature strikes or there’s a water pipe leakage, then flooding can happen in your basement. The situation becomes worse when your electrical connections are loose or tattered and then flood water reaches it already.

To avoid this dreadful event, allow a seasoned electrician to work on your wiring connection inside your basement. There must be proper insulation and connection with the electrical wiring on the appliances, lighting, AC unit, and other appliances present in your basement.

Make It A Safe Place for Your Family and Guests

Do you want to transform your basement into a living room extension or a guest lounge? Regardless of your decision, we highly recommend that you ensure the safety and comfort of your basement whenever your family and guests stay there.

With that, you need to check on the ventilation, drainage system, electrical wiring, and thermal insulation of your place.

Proper Ventilation

Your basement is often humid which is never healthy for everyone because it can cause allergies or any respiratory problems. With that, we can install a window or centralized ventilation system to keep a good moisture level inside.

Likewise, it prevents mold infestation and any airborne diseases inside your newly renovated basement.

Smart Storage Compartments

Whether you have a small or large basement, installing smart and space-saving storage is ideal. Fortunately, our team can efficiently work with you on this matter, and we can install recessed storage for your furniture, food supplies, and other cleaning equipment inside your house.

Emergency Exit Directed Outside Your House

It is safe and practical if we install an emergency exit door from your basement going outside your house. With that, your guests or family member can readily get out in case of fire or flood. 

Nevertheless, we need to make sure your exit door is also secure for any break-ins and lock picking from the outside.

What Floor Materials Will You Choose?

We highly recommend that you don’t invest so much with your flooring, because your basement is prone to flood so it might be wasted anytime. Nevertheless, you have an array of options for your basement floor, which include concrete, laminates, tiles, and carpeted floors.

Also, we can install an in-floor heating system to keep your feet warm in case the area gets too cold during winter.

Make it Radon Proof

Because your basement is located underneath your house, it is routinely exposed to the risk of Radon gas. It is an odorless and colorless gas produced from traces of uranium from the soils, rocks, and minerals.

In line with this, we need to measure the Radon level inside your basement and find a cost-efficient way to insulate your place, so no harmful gas can penetrate inside. Likewise, proper ventilation and air filtration can help as well in this case.

Need A Basement Remodeling Contractor Today?

Mega Kitchen and Bath is one of your locally trusted contractors for these circumstances. We offer a free estimate service and consultation to help you with planning. 

Also, we offer flexible rates and packages for your kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling. If you need our expertise for your basement makeover, call us anytime to get your free quote or visit us on Twitter anytime!

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