10 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

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One of the banes of many homeowners is having a small bathroom in their house, but with some clever bathroom remodel ideas, your small bathroom will trouble you no more. The problems of small bathrooms, like feeling cramped and not having enough storage, can be overcome if you employ some small bathroom remodeling ideas in your design for your bathroom makeover. 

A lot of people believe that because their bathroom is small, there is no way to make it a comfortable and beautiful space without tearing down walls or building an addition, but with some intelligent bathroom design ideas you can make your bathroom feel bigger and hold more of the items you need in it.

The truth is that you don’t need a large bathroom footprint to have a spacious one. With modern bathroom ideas, your small water closet can be transformed into an environment where you will be happy to get ready for your day and take care of important business.

To help inspire you to transform your tiny bathroom into a more accommodating place, we have curated this list of the ten most important small bathroom remodel ideas to make the most of your space. Use these small bathroom ideas when planning your bathroom remodel, and you will find that you have all the space you need to feel great about your bathroom.

Add Proper Ventilation

One of the things that can make bathrooms feel tight is if there’s not enough ventilation in it. The room will feel stuffy and worst of all, this humidity often results in mold and mildew for your bathroom which is not only bad for the longevity of your finishes and fixtures, they can pose a health problem. 

To create better ventilation, you will need to install some ducting that will go outside and with a fan you can blow away the moist air that builds up during showers. This work is simpler than it sounds and will make a huge difference towards making your bathroom feel bigger.

Create More Natural Light

Adding windows or making the current windows bigger will bring in more natural light and is one of the best bath remodel ideas to make the room feel more spacious. Adding a skylight is an especially elegant way to do this and it will make it seem like the sky’s the limit of your bathroom.

Change Your Toilet

Standard toilets can take up a surprising amount of space, so going with a smaller size toilet or a wall mounted toilet will free up some much needed inches in a tiny bathroom. With a wall mounted toilet, the tank is hidden in the wall and the only part you see is the toilet bowl, this design uses much less space and is really smart for a small bathroom.

Custom Design Cabinets

Cabinets hold all our necessary bathroom items, but using a stock cabinet or vanity can take up way too much space in a small bathroom. Designing custom cabinets for your bathroom will help you to use the limited space you have in the most intelligent way possible.

Some tricks you can use in cabinet design are to make them taller and skinnier, so that there is more space for moving around and you get the same amount of storage. When designing your cabinets, you can explain exactly what you want to fit in your bathroom and your designer can find a way to do it that does not take up as much room.

Choose Light Colors

The color you choose for your bathroom can actually help make it look more spacious. If you want to make the bathroom look bigger, you should pick light colors. Though they may seem boring, shades of white for your bathroom are the best to make it feel larger.

If you really love a dark aesthetic or feel to your bathroom, then you might want to pick contrasting colors instead. Black and white tiles can actually help your bathroom look bigger without being totally plain. You can also use your decorating skills to bring in more color so that you aren’t getting bored to death by your white walls.

Glass Shower Walls 

Glass shower doors and walls look really fancy and also make a small bathroom seem bigger. Install a sliding door instead of a swinging one to create much needed extra space.

Install A Shower Instead Of A Bathtub

Bathtubs are, unfortunately, just too bulky for a small bathroom remodel. A one person shower stall is really the standard of small bathroom remodeling ideas, because it meets your needs to bathe and takes up the least space.

If you must have a bathtub in your small bathroom remodel, consider a Japanese soaking tub, which is small and deep and will fit much better into your small bathroom remodel.

Consider A Wet Bathroom

Wet bathrooms are designed so that every surface can withstand water in order to achieve a more open concept. This means that you can eliminate the partition for your shower and you gain some extra square footage. 

The drawback is that after a shower your toilet and everything else will be wet for a while, but many people find that the added space is worth it.

Corner Shelves

The corners of a bathroom can often become a dead space that is unuseful. Putting your shelves in the corner can add a lot of storage space with out taking up much room. This will give you more space to move around in your small bathroom but also let you store the things you need.

Don’t Install A Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are truly charming, but they create dead space underneath that you really need to be using in a small bathroom. A tall, thin bathroom vanity is a much better option for the storage it gives you underneath the sink. You also want to be sure to choose the smallest sink that will fit your needs, having the extra space to move around is really critical.

These are the top 10 renovation ideas that can help transform your small bathroom into a comfortable and beautiful space. If you need more ideas or free consultation and estimates, don’t hesitate to call our office today or visit us at Houzz anytime!

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