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While owning a big bathroom is anyone’s dream, small bathrooms can be as gorgeous as shower rooms. The secret lies in how you do the small bathroom renovation design. It doesn’t mean having a sophisticated or trendy bathroom. It’s always about comfort and efficiency, not as something that fits everything in a small space. 

How to Achieve a Small yet Better Bathrooms

While it is challenging to achieve a small bathroom remodel that can fit almost everything, there are practical ways that you can start off to have the best small bathroom remodel project. 

Consider the following practical tips to make the most of your small shower area:

Set up a corner sink.

A pedestal sink never fails to disrupt the pathway, which can cause inconvenience all the time. Besides creating a traffic lane, it also produces an awkward walk-around issue because of this. Choosing a sink that sits in the corner can solve the disturbance because of a large sink. 

Use a shower curtain.

Shower curtains are not only to create a boundary between the shower and the toilet. It can help us save more space instead of having a glass door that moves in and out. Furthermore, shower curtains give a bigger in size impression of the small bathroom area.

Install a floating vanity.

Vanity countertops, no matter how sophisticated it looks, doesn’t apply to a small bathroom. The space for this can be used for other stuff. However, if you still prefer to have a vanity in the area, place it above the floor instead.

Consider a large scale pattern.

Sometimes, there are tricks in making a small area look like a large one, like bathrooms. One of these is choosing patterns that are large-scaled like in wallpaper designs, which can produce an extended-like space. The bathroom doesn’t change that much, but it will surely look more extensive because of this tip.

Maximize the toilet by extending the counter into it.

For a neater and more minimalist look to the bathroom, extend the counter into the toilet area. It can be done with a wood slob or any other materials used in countertops. This step can resolve the additional storage you may need without compromising too much in the spacing.

Choose a fuller mirror.

A mirror that extends across the wall can be useful even in snuggest areas. With a broader mirror, more than one person can easily use this simultaneously. 

Install a towel bar on the shower door.

Knowing where to put the towels is another concern that somehow affects the bathroom space decisions. Besides a shelf for this, mounting a towel bar on the shower door can save you in organizing your towels.

Install a wall-mounted faucet.

Regardless of whether your bathroom design is something traditional or contemporary, never be afraid to put a wall-mounted faucet. Since this can fit in a narrower sink or vanity, your bathroom will not require more space in the sink area. 

Expert Tips for a Stylish Small Bathroom

No matter how small your shower area is, it can still get a stylish and classy look without suffering your budget. Here are some of the designer tips to achieve this with only a small‌ ‌bathroom‌ ‌renovation‌ ‌cost. 

Make the most of painting styles and colors to create illusions.

How the bathroom is painted can produce various illusions to the whole area. If you want your bathroom to look higher and broader, paint halfway up the wall. Also, use a darker paint shade because this can create a distance when the eyes look lower to the area. 

Be wise in choosing furniture and accessories.

In purchasing furniture and accessories for the bathroom, be sure that these are appropriate to the overall design and feature. 

Install wall-mounted fixtures.

Wall-mounted storage areas never fail to be one of the best answers in maximizing the bathroom space. It also produces a streamlined and fuss-free look, resolving a more organized way to keep bathroom essentials.

Choose interesting and unique wallpaper designs.

Another way to create a more extensive look at the bathroom is to put exciting wallpaper designs on it. However, make sure that your preferred wallpaper style will not look awkward to the design. Also, be sure that the wallpaper is applicable to use for bathrooms. 

Purchase furniture that is freestanding yet functional.

Fortunately, a small shower area shouldn’t hinder your creative side. One way to do so is to buy freestanding fixtures where you can use and move around anytime you need it. Besides solving space issues, these portable items can be taken in other places as well.

Invest in one-tiered storage.

Portable one-tiered wired storages are one of the best freestanding options, especially in storing bathroom essentials. Bottled items like lotions and wash bags can be placed on this, making it easier to grab. Moreover, this can be portable, as you can take to other areas when needed.

Tiles can create an illusion to the bathroom too.

When it comes to bathrooms, tiles are the most frequently used material option. With its features, there is a trick in using tiles to create a better ambiance in this area. It is by installing tiles on the side of the bath and the walls. It creates an illusion that it is hard to notice where it begins and ends, making the area look larger.

In choosing the suitable tile type for this, marble is very appropriate for this. It’s because it has one large sheet design, and its single tiles are not visible.

Furnish the area on an appropriate scale.

Regardless of the accessories you want to add or improve to your bathroom, always remember to consider its size. Large furniture will make any small area smaller because of the space it has to consume. If you don’t know much about bathroom remodeling, stick to the basics. Still, never neglect to put your personality on it, like putting your favorite colors or patterns on the design.

If you can’t decide on colors, use the all-white scheme.

Deciding to paint all white in your bathroom isn’t a bad idea. It always gives a fresher, neater, and brighter perspective on the area. It also gives a more spacious impression. With the combination of glossy walled tiles and some luxurious bathroom items, it will look more welcoming than a plain, cold shower.

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