10 Things You Should Never Do During A Kitchen Renovation

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Investing in upgrades and renovations for your home is a good thing to do and it has many benefits for you as a homeowner as well. One part of the house that should be the focus of your next renovation is your kitchen and you’ll know why in a bit. Getting a kitchen renovation is something everyone should do at least once.

Your kitchen is the most important part of the house. It’s highly functional, it’s vital for your health and food, and most importantly, kitchens are an aesthetic to your house’s overall looks. A lot of people don’t immediately think about their kitchens when getting a renovation but that’s a big missed opportunity.

Investing in your kitchen basically means investing in a better life as well. While kitchen renovations are expensive, they are well worth it considering what you get in return of the large investment. Ideally, you could spend around $10,000-$20,000 for a kitchen renovation which is really not that bad considering it’s an investment that lasts you a  lifetime.

Now, there  are a lot of things you’d want to do when getting a kitchen renovation but there are some things that you’d want to avoid as well. These include getting a countertop, a kitchen cabinet, having your tiles changed, and getting new appliances just to name a few. Of course, there are a few things that you should avoid as well.

Remember, a kitchen renovation is a big affair that can cost you a lot of money. As such, you should try to be as considerate about the job as possible. This time, we are talking about 10 things that you’d want to avoid doing while having a kitchen renovation done to your home. This results in a better kitchen at the end of the day.

Never Proceed With An Unrealistic Budget

The contractors you choose for the job are going to try and accommodate your budget constraints as much as they can. However, you need to understand that there is such a thing as an unrealistic budget. Don’t ever proceed with the project if you have prepared less than $8000 for the kitchen renovation.

Aside from that fact that it will be near impossible for the contractors to accommodate you, another problem you can face is that even if they do proceed with the project, your kitchen renovation is going to be completed using substandard materials. That is the last thing you’d want as it’s basically a waste of money to do that.

Never Proceed Unplanned

Aside from the budget constraints, you also have to consider the time it can take to get the kitchen renovation done. Remember that as you are renovating your kitchen, you won’t be able to use it freely. As such, it’s best that you take your time and try to plan ahead before initiating the project.

A complete kitchen renovation can take as long as one or two months depending on the contractors you choose. Some work faster because they hire more people. Of course, it also depends on the complexity of the project. Still, it’s best to consider that your kitchen will be unusable for at least a month.

Avoid Cheap Appliances

Of course, you shouldn’t forget to invest in good kitchen appliances as well. This is one part of the kitchen renovation that can cost a lot but it’s well worth it. A good kitchen appliance will not just be durable, it can also reduce your energy consumption as well if it’s efficient.

Some of the appliances that you should focus on getting is a refrigerator, an oven, a microwave, and of course, a dishwasher. 

Avoid Fragile Materials

For things like your countertop and the floors you use, it’s best to avoid materials that aren’t as durable as the others. One of the materials that might come to mind immediately is marble but this is not actually a good material considering how much it is worth. Marble is prone to scratches and etching so it’s not the best one out there.

We highly suggest going for quartz instead. This is an engineered stone that looks and feels like marble but is definitely not as durable. Quartz is sealed and processed well so it works well whether you choose it as a countertop or as a tiled floor material for your kitchen. Fragile materials won’t last you long so avoid them.

Avoid Refusing The Help Of A Professional Designer

When designing your kitchen for the renovation, do not forego the guidance of a professional designer. There’s a reason why they are called professionals. Refusing their help is  basically asking for failure to happen. While expensive, their guidance is more than worth it for your kitchen.

It’s very easy to find a professional designer to guide your kitchen renovation. These professionals will ensure that your kitchen looks as perfect as possible.

Never Forget Ventilation

The term “can’t handle the heat of the kitchen” exists for a reason. This is because the kitchen does get hot because of the heat of the stove. As such, it’s very important that you never forget your kitchen’s ventilation. Aside from open windows, you should also consider getting an exhaust fan so that there’s a place for the smoke to go into.

Cooking in a hot and damp kitchen doesn’t just affect how you cook. It can also affect your ingredients. For instance, it can actually affect your dough as you let it rest.

Never Forego Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are another important part of your kitchen renovation. While they are completely optional, you have no reason as to why you should forego having a kitchen cabinet installed in your kitchen. Aside from being stylish, these are very functional fixtures that can benefit you and your kitchen very well.

Kitchen cabinets come in many forms but we highly suggest going for custom kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are tailor made for your home. This means they fit the dimensions of the kitchen as well as the overall aesthetic of the kitchen as well.

Avoid Not Learning About The Latest Trends

There are many kitchen trends that you need to consider. From color motifs to the best materials, the kitchen trends of the year should dictate your choices for the renovation. The reason why you’re getting a renovation is the first place is that you want to update your outdated kitchen so why not follow the trends?

A good contractor will be mindful about this and will tell you about what these trends are. It’s not necessary that you follow these trends for your kitchen but it’s important that you know that these are the trends for a reason. They do wonders for your kitchen which is why they need to be considered.

Avoid Not Consulting With The Family

Even if only one person is going to pay for the kitchen renovation, you should still consult with the family about the project. Remember, this is something that affects everyone. You also need to consider the fact that someone from the family might have their own requests and needs for the renovation.

It’s always good to make sure that everyone’s needs and wants are met with the kitchen renovation. It’s everyone’s kitchen after all. Always consult with them and the contractors before proceeding with the project. It’s always good to be considerate of the needs of others for your kitchen.

Avoid Not Screening Your Contractors

The materials you choose for the job is not the most important aspect of the kitchen renovation. Ideally, the most important part of it is the people who’ll work on the job itself. By this, we are of course, referring to the contractors that you hire for the job. The last thing you’d want is not screening them.

When picking a contractor, it’s important that you check out their reviews and portfolios as well. It can be tough picking a contractor that’s why we suggest getting referral from your friends or family as much as possible. On the other hand, there are many ways to research the worth of a contractor online so you have other sources to choose from.

These are just some of the things you need to focus on when getting your kitchen done. Remember, it’s not just about what you do, it’s also about what you need to avoid. A good kitchen renovation is all about balancing the good and the bad in your home and hopefully, we’ve given you some great insights about these.

Your kitchen renovation is a big investment for your home. It’s something that you’d want to invest your time and money on too. There are a lot more things you should do than there are things that you should avoid. Remember, it’s always about being a more knowledgeable homeowner than anything else.

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