15 Dreamy White Wood Kitchens Ideas In Ellicott City, MD

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One of the most exciting home projects you can take on is doing a kitchen remodeling project. This is a perfect time to do a kitchen remodel because wood and white kitchens in Ellicott City, MD are trending and could very well be a timeless hit for you.

Many remodeling contractors Ellicott, MD are getting questions about kitchen colors in Ellicott City, MD and the best answer to go with is wood and white. These colors give your kitchen renovation the perfect balance of cool and fresh from the white, and cozy and inviting from the wood.

For this article, the kitchen design experts from our remodeling service explain the best kitchen style in Ellicott City, MD to go with wood and white. These fifteen examples of wood and white will give your kitchen remodel ideas a boost into perfection.

All White With Wood Shelving

Nothing says a modern kitchen like minimalist wood shelving. Add it to an all white kitchen, and you are guaranteed to feel stylish.

Wood shelving gives your kitchen a more open feeling than full box cabinets.That can be an important feature of a modern kitchen design, and it is something you can use to your advantage.

Butcher Block Countertops With Creamy White

The golden browns of the butcher block countertops make for a mouthwatering combination in a creamy white kitchen.This type of a kitchen makes you feel like eating a piece of pie ala mode on a hot summer evening.

Wood Paneling With White Countertops

Creating walls from wood is a timeless way to add beauty to your home. You can use recycled pallet wood with some recycled countertops from Habitat For Humanity.

There are other types of wood paneling of course, you can even consider painting wood paneling white. This would create an entire white kitchen where you could incorporate a wooden range hood to be the centerpiece.

Bleached Wood and White Cabinets

The grayish, sandy look that some wood species take on from exposure to sunlight is gorgeous with white cabinets. Your bleached wood could be shiplap, and made from a brown wood that takes a nice bleaching.

Beadboard Cabinets in a White and Wood Kitchen

Beadboard gives your kitchen a Scandinavian charm that makes you feel hygge. The grooved panels give your kitchen a nice texture to build around with the rest of your white and wooden accents.

White Cabinets, Countertops and Backsplash With Wood Island

Setting a centerpiece walnut wood island in an all white cabinet is a fabulous statement about your design taste. White shaker cabinets ideas with silver colored hardware is the best choice to top this look off and make it go pow.

Live Edge Wood Bar in a Futuristic White Kitchen

Imagine a Jetsons type kitchen with acrylic white cabinets and colorful lights. Then in the middle is a hunk of a 100 year old tree sitting there for you to drink at. It’s a beautiful way to design your kitchen so you can feel relaxed blending the past and the future.

Wood Backsplash With White Counters and Black Sinks

It is important to plan even small details, like the color of your sink. Matte black has been on the rise for a faucet color, and now you can have it for your entire wash basin. They end up looking like back holes in this kitchen design and it amazes anyone who sees it plus very easy to clean with the help from house cleaning company like Next Day Cleaning.

Small Kitchen With Wood Panel Walls, Wood Countertop and White Cabinets

This makes for a wonderful cabin atmosphere and you can almost taste the mountain fresh air. The white cabinets stand out in the best way with this design, and it is something you can consider.

Small kitchens can be benefited with being all white, so you could even paint the wood panels white to make the kitchen feel larger. Then you could include a small dining table made by artisans from locally harvested timber to balance the kitchen with some warmth.

Veiny Quartz With Wooden Paneled Island

A white veined quartz countertop is a truly impressive centerpiece for a kitchen. The cabinets with wooden walls below the countertop lend their warmth and invite you to whip up a tasty meal.

Salvaged Barn Posts Supporting A Modern White and Gold Kitchen

If you are fortunate enough to come across some old, rugged barn posts you can use them well in a white kitchen. The other option is to expose some of the wood of your home if it was built long ago when people built them by hand. 

¾ White Marble Waterfall Island With ¼ Wooden Bar

Waterfall kitchen islands are a sight to behold, and pairing them with a wooden end piece to demarcate the bar gives you a winning kitchen. If you can pull this one off, everyone is going to want to see your kitchen and have a great time there.

Exposed Trusses in a White Kitchen

If you are starting from scratch you could build with architectural trusses that hang out of the ceiling and look incredible. Use a beautiful piece of wood for these beams and you will feel satisfied each time that you see the wood and make up stories about the grains and knots.

Wooden Floors in a White Kitchen

One place that is easy to overlook when designing a kitchen is the floor, and putting some red oak or other pinkish wood flooring in is a wonderful kitchen idea. The warmth of the wood floor balances a modern, all white kitchen so well that you will feel  extremely clean, but comfortable at the same time.

Cottage Style Kitchen With Wood Walls and White Cabinets

If you love the cozy and comfy feeling of a cottage, you can have a cottage kitchen design by using wooden walls and some white washed cabinets. Great kitchen cabinet doors for a cottage kitchen are made from using chicken wire. It sort of makes a country glass panel cabinet that is too cute not to love. It could be made from recycled cabinets by cutting the center out of the cabinet door and nailing chicken wire in the center. If you need free consultation and estimates, don’t hesitate to call our office today or visit us at Houzz anytime!
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