Amazing Kitchen Remodeling Design And Ideas This 2022

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Many homeowners find themselves with some kitchen remodel ideas each and every time they think about doing some home improvement projects. Kitchen makeovers can be huge endeavors, and turning your kitchen ideas into reality takes a lot of planning and then hard work.

When you are brainstorming the best ideas for kitchen renovation it is smart to keep your mind open to find new and creative ways to make your dream kitchen come to life. It is good to look at kitchen remodeling pictures, but you should also look in unexpected places to get inspiration for your kitchen remodeling budget ideas to find things that truly make you excited to get your project started. You never know when a passerby’s outfit or the color combination on a warehouse might give you that spark of brilliance that will be perfect for your kitchen romodel.

We have been searching these unexpected places to compile the most amazing kitchen remodel ideas that have been happening in 2022 and in this article we will share what we have found. We hope to help you come up with the kitchen remodeling ideas that will become your new kitchen.

Incorporate Plants

The coolest kitchen remodels we have found this year have been imagining plants into their kitchen makeovers. Plants add color that you can then base the rest of you kitchen remodel ideas off of.

Starting your design with the plants you want to have in your kitchen will make some interesting elements come out that you might not discover otherwise. Plants will create a natural atmosphere that will help you relax in your kitchen and enjoy your time creating delicious meals.

Skylights and Windows

Bringing more natural light into your kitchen is one of the things that makes homeowners the most satisfied with their kitchen remodels. Nothing beats having ample daylight to greet you while you brew your morning coffee and cook your breakfast.

Skylights might not be possible in every kitchen, like in many two story houses, but they really change the feel of a kitchen more than anything else. They bring in so much light and give you a view of the clouds or the stars, making the kitchen feel much bigger.

Adding windows or enlarging existing windows is another way to bring in more beautiful natural light. The most amazing kitchen remodel ideas this year are invoking a natural, calming feeling, and getting more daylight brings an airy feeling that will make you feel better in your kitchen.

Open Shelving

This year has seen a trend of skipping upper kitchen cabinets in favor of open shelving. This is in line with the open kitchen plan that looks so awesome and less formal. Upper cabinets can make a space feel crowded, while open shelving brings the airiness that top designers are loving right now.

With open shelving you have a perfect opportunity to show off your pretty dishware and cooking utensils, so you want to incorporate them into your kitchen remodel ideas if you go this route. Choosing natural materials like copper pots and hand thrown clay dishes can really add to the relaxed feeling that designers are having so much success with this year.

To achieve the open feeling while keeping upper cabinets, consider glass front cabinets with lighting inside. The great thing about glass front cabinets is that you get the open feeling, but you can still protect your dishware from dust.

Install a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a great way to add more counter space in your kitchen. The only requirement is to have plenty of clearance on all sides to maintain the open floor plan look.

A kitchen island can be just a counter space so you will have more room for meal preparation. It can also have plumbing and electricity in it so you can have your stove top or a sink in the island. If your kitchen is large, but you are still desiring more room to chop vegetables or let cookies cool down, a kitchen island can really help you out.

Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops are a timeless kitchen element that fit very well in this year’s natural kitchen design theme. Whether you choose real stone, or an engineered stone like quartz, stone countertops are a beautiful choice that you will appreciate for decades.

Real stone, mainly granite or marble, requires a little bit if maintenance to keep looking their best, but some people prefer to have a truly natural element as the centerpiece of their new kitchen. 

Quartz is made of crushed rock and epoxy. It looks very beautiful, and it requires almost no maintenance. It is also cheaper than real stone, so many people choose quartz for their countertops.

Kitchen Flooring

Most people need to replace their kitchen flooring, as it gets a lot of wear and tear over the years. Popular choices this year are hardwood and tile.

Hardwood floors bring warmth and coziness to a kitchen. The drawbacks of hardwood is its high cost and its potential need for maintenance.

Tile floors are a great choice for the kitchen because they are so easy to clean. A popular choice this year are tiles that are made to look like wood.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Upgrade

If your existing cabinets are in good shape and you are happy with the amount of storage they provide, consider simply refinishing them to get a modern look. You can also change out the hardware and play with different hardware and finish combinations to find the right one for your tastes.

A lot of designers are going with minimalist hardware, which aides in achieving the clean and airy modern look. Light colors are a safe bet with cabinets, as dark colors can crowd the vision and make a room feel heavy.

Recessed Lighting

Installing recessed lighting makes a huge improvement in making your kitchen remodel feel open. You want to create as much openness as you can, and having hanging lights can obstruct too much of the field of vision.

An exception to this concept could be to include one truly remarkable hanging light that is the center of attention. Having a showoff worthy light can bring some added umpf to a kitchen remodel that can work surprisingly well.

If you do have upper cabinets in your kitchen, installing lights under them that shine onto the countertop can help to eliminate shadow and achieve the open feeling that is so sought after this year.

Simple Backsplashes

Neutral backsplashes are really popular this year because they don’t distract from the more prominent parts of the kitchen. Subway tile is the ever popular choice for a backsplash that you really can’t go wrong with.

Some interesting and more kitchen remodel ideas have used mostly white backsplashes, with one custom, colorful tile, which subtlely brings some intrigue into the kitchen without making it too busy.

Upgrade To A Modern Sink and Faucet

Lots of designers are using the sink and faucet as the focal point of the kitchen. We especially like elegant and shiny faucets which display water as a pure and central element.

One trend we are not sure will stand the test of time are matte finished white faucets. A lot of kitchens are featuring them this year, but we would not be surprised to see them torn out in a few years when the trends shift.

Get Professional Design Help

At Mega Kitchen and Bath, we guarantee that your kitchen remodel ideas will come to life at the best price. Kitchen makeovers are not easy, so our expertise and experience will be of great help.

All our technicians are licensed and trained for their jobs so we can guarantee quality work.

Call us to discuss your kitchen remodel ideas and feel free to visit us on Houzz anytime!

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