Amazing Kitchen Remodeling Design And Ideas This 2023

Many homeowners find themselves with some kitchen remodel ideas every time they think about doing some home improvement projects. Kitchen makeovers can be huge endeavors, and turning your kitchen ideas into reality takes a lot of planning and then hard work.

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When you are brainstorming the best ideas for kitchen renovation it is smart to keep your mind open to find new and creative ways to make your dream kitchen come to life. It is good to look at kitchen remodeling before and after photos, but you should also look in unexpected places to get inspiration for your kitchen remodeling ideas to find things that truly make you excited to get your project started. You never know when a passerby’s outfit or the color combination in a warehouse might give you that spark of brilliance that will be perfect for your kitchen remodel.

We have been searching these unexpected places to compile the most amazing kitchen remodel ideas that have been happening in 2022 and in this article we will share what we have found. We hope to help you come up with kitchen remodeling ideas that will become your new kitchen.

What are Trending Kitchen Ideas for 2023?

You can think of many kitchen decor ideas for the heart of your home, yet what are the trending ones for 2023? Picking the best one can be tricky, especially if you can’t tell if a galley layout or a one-wall kitchen would fit right into it. Functionality and aesthetics must be balanced when renovating your existing space, and this is where an interior designer can help you.

Let’s walk you through the latest designs to modernize your kitchen space.

Incorporate Plants

Incorporate Plants

The coolest kitchen remodels we have found this year have been imagining plants in their kitchen makeovers. Plants add color that you can then base the rest of your kitchen remodel ideas off of.

Starting your design with the plants you want to have in your kitchen will make some interesting elements come out that you might not discover otherwise. Plants will create a natural atmosphere that will help you relax in your kitchen and enjoy your time creating delicious meals.

Reclaimed Wood for Your Kitchen

Reclaimed Wood for Your Kitchen

Indeed, you have many kitchen ideas, yet to ensure that they last a lifetime, you need to choose quality materials for your kitchen to remodel. Reclaimed wood is one of the most durable materials you can use for your upper and lower cabinets.

You can do so many things with your reclaimed wood, such as using that for your chairs, breakfast table, and storage cabinets. In terms of color scheme, what works best for modern or transitional kitchens are white cabinets and a stained wood finish. These two would be perfect for your white kitchen remodel.

Of course, you want to use sturdy materials for your kitchen since it’s the heart of your home. A place where you prepare food for your family and share meals with them.

Statement Lighting

Statement Lighting

If you check our showroom, you can find various styles and materials for our pendant lights. Depending on the style of your island and the overall theme of your kitchen, we can help you find the right style for your pendant lights.

Some of the trending ones today are cage hanging lights, glass, rattan, and linear pendant lights. Different kitchen ideas require a suitable light fixture to match your cabinets and layout.

Through our years of experience, we consistently hit our customers’ expectations by helping them install the right lighting fixtures for their kitchens. Most of our previous clients pay homage to our interior designers as they are the mastermind of their kitchen remodeling.

Task Lighting

Task Lighting

When thinking about kitchen ideas, you need to ensure they are also functional, not just for beautification. That said, you might want to consider having a safe shadow-free workspace in your kitchen, you should install task lighting in your kitchen.

By having this, you are ensuring that the counter space where you will be cooking and preparing your meals is well-lit to avoid accidents. Below are the different kinds you can look into:

Worktop Lighting

These are the lights you install underneath your upper cabinets. They help light up the countertop space where you will be preparing your food. You can use LED strings or round bulbs for this one since they have high lumens with low energy consumption.

Hob Lighting

Installing an LED light on top of your cooktop is also good since you’ll be able to see the food you’re cooking. If you can buy a hood with built-in lighting, that would be even better.

Island Lighting

Installing a hanging light on top of your island is an additional statement to the focal point of your kitchen. You have various options for your hanging lights, one that complements the design of your stone countertop.

Black Appliances

Black Appliances

When you want to have a dual tone for your kitchen remodel, you can go for black appliances to pair with your white cabinets. They will make a perfect couple for your modern kitchen remodel.

You can think of different kitchen ideas to use your kitchen appliances, and choosing the right color palette is one factor to consider. Although it might be challenging to find this color for your appliances, still, you can find them online.

Waterfall Island

Waterfall Island

Compared to standard stone countertops, a waterfall island provides more style and a luxurious feel to your kitchen. You can use granite, quartz, or marble for this one, and it’ll effortlessly boost the elegance of your home.

Although it consumes more material, the overall benefits of this countertop are still worthwhile. It’s sturdier and gives more statement to the focal point of your kitchen. This is one of the popular kitchen ideas you can try today.

White Cabinets Are Classic

White Cabinets Are Classic

White cabinets will never go out of style. It’s still one of the go-to options for modern kitchen ideas today. That’s because of the modern and clean lines it projects to your kitchen remodel.

You can play with white for your cabinet colors. For instance, your lower cabinets can take a darker shade of white while your wall-hung cabinets would be stark white. It gives a monochromatic feel to your cabinetry, which is cool and clean to look at.

Cabinets are the most expensive thing you need to renovate your kitchen. Of course, that depends on the brand, material, and size of cabinets you want to install in your space. Oftentimes, cabinets take up 30 percent of your total budget to remodel your kitchen.

Knowing it’s not cheap to get new cabinets, we always advise our clients to make the most out of it. You don’t remodel your cabinets every year, so investing in a material that will last for more than a decade would be essential.

Carrara Marble Countertops

Carrara Marble Countertops

Marble is one of the most expensive materials you can have for your kitchen ideas. Most of our clients use marble countertops for their kitchen makeover since it look luxurious while adding value to your property.

Among the kinds of marble countertops, Carrara is one of the cheaper ones in the industry. It is the more affordable choice if you like to have marble countertops.

Besides that, you can get more benefits from Carrara marble. First, they are beautiful, and no two slabs are alike. When you choose this stone, you will surely have a statement in your kitchen.

Secondly, they have better heat resistance than other marble stones. Even then, we still want you to use hot pads or wooden boards where you will let your hot pots sit. This is to protect your marble counter from any damage.

Thirdly, Carrara can pair well with any cabinets, whether you have a shaker or slab-style cabinet door profile. But white or neutrally colored cabinets are the best partner to Carrara. The natural veining patterns of marble create a unique statement that is further highlighted by the sleek profile of your kitchen cabinets.

Cozy Breakfast Nook

Cozy Breakfast Nook

You have so many kitchen ideas in mind, but have you thought of having a breakfast nook? A kitchen island would be great, yet if you want an easy-access space where you can sip your coffee or smoothie during your free time, then having a breakfast nook would be best.

How can you create a cozy breakfast nook? You don’t have to take an entire space for this, instead, you can use a breakfast table, and a couple of reclaimed wood chairs, and add a personal style to tight areas. Earthy tones like adding some rugs or carpets would be great to make it homey.

To avoid putting up light fixtures, you can put your cozy breakfast nook near the window. Make use of the sun in brightening up your space. Take note, you can have this feature in all kinds of layouts, most especially for an l shaped kitchen.

Blue and White Kitchen Cabinetry

Blue and White Kitchen Cabinetry

White kitchen is famous today since it gives a clean and modern feel to your kitchen. If you want to make your sleek white kitchen interesting, on your next renovation, you can use a different color palette like blue.

Blue and white kitchen is trending as well today due to their cool and modern combination. White cabinets are originally designed to make compact kitchens look more spacious and cleaner. However, today you can use that for any occasion. You can hire a kitchen designer to help you finalize the layout and accessories of your blue and white kitchen.

Skylights and Windows

Skylights and Windows

Bringing more natural light into your kitchen is one of the things that makes homeowners the most satisfied with their kitchen remodels. Nothing beats having ample daylight to greet you while you brew your morning coffee and cook your breakfast.

Skylights might not be possible in every kitchen, like in many two-storey houses, but they really change the feel of a kitchen more than anything else. They bring in so much light and give you a view of the clouds or the stars, making the kitchen feel much bigger.

Adding windows or enlarging existing windows is another way to bring in more beautiful natural light. The most amazing kitchen remodel ideas this year are invoking a natural, calming feeling, and getting more daylight brings an airy feeling that will make you feel better in your kitchen.

Subway Tile

Subway Tile

A subway tile would be a good addition if you want to brighten up your dark walls or cabinets. Because they have a high gloss surface, they can easily reflect light and create a more vibrant space. This is a perfect choice for your white kitchen ideas.

As for your tile material, ceramic or marble is one of the go-to choices for subway tiles. You can use this as your backsplash, or an accent on the wall. If you run out of ideas on where to use your subway tile, we can help you out.

Invest in Quartz Countertops

Invest in Quartz Countertops

When it comes to modern kitchen remodeling, quartz countertops are one of the best features you can have. Quartz countertops are known for being timeless and classic in their beauty and function. They have versatile looks that can effortlessly match organic and synthetic materials in your kitchen.

If you have dark wood cabinets, quartz can balance out the warmth of wood while maintaining a subtle contemporary look to match your stainless steel appliances. White subway tile backsplash marries well with white quartz countertops as there’s a seamless transition from your wall down to your counter space.

Using quartz countertops for your kitchen and dining room creates a welcoming space for your home. A perfect choice for your gorgeous kitchen remodels this 2023. Regardless of kitchen layouts, we can find a way to make quartz realize your ideas of a luxurious white kitchen.

Industrial feel with Stainless Steel Appliances

Industrial feel with Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel isn’t just for fast food chains and restaurants. This is a good accent used in modern kitchens, and you can add that to your kitchen by installing new stainless steel appliances.

You can think of many kitchen ideas to use stainless steel, and having that for your kitchen appliances would be great. It gives a contemporary industrial vibe to your white space. Stainless steel surfaces can marry with any cabinet hardware, whether you have a chrome or nickel satin finish.

Stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. Including them in your white kitchen remodel is a fantastic idea, it might cost you a little bit high, yet the overall benefit is worthwhile. Your dream space for the heart of your home will be more functional and modern when you add stainless steel appliances.

Open Shelving

Open Shelving

This year has seen a trend of skipping upper kitchen cabinets in favor of open shelving. This is in line with the open kitchen plan that looks so awesome and less formal. Upper cabinets can make a space feel crowded, while open shelving brings the airiness that top designers are loving right now.

With open shelving you have a perfect opportunity to show off your pretty dishware and cooking utensils, so you want to incorporate them into your kitchen remodel ideas if you go this route. Choosing natural materials like copper pots and hand-thrown clay dishes can really add to the relaxed feeling that designers are having so much success with this year.

To achieve the open feeling while keeping upper cabinets, consider glass front cabinets with lighting inside. The great thing about glass front cabinets is that you get the open feeling, but you can still protect your dishware from dust.

Install a Kitchen Island

Install a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a great way to add more counter space to your kitchen. The only requirement is to have plenty of clearance on all sides to maintain the open floor plan look.

A kitchen island can be just a counter space so you will have more room for meal preparation. It can also have plumbing and electricity in it so you can have your stove top or a sink on the island. If your kitchen is large, but you are still desiring more room to chop vegetables or let cookies cool down, a kitchen island can really help you out.

Stone Countertops

Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops are a timeless kitchen element that fits very well in this year’s natural kitchen design theme. Whether you choose real stone or an engineered stone like quartz, stone countertops are a beautiful choice that you will appreciate for decades.

Real stone, mainly granite or marble, requires a little bit of maintenance to keep looking their best, but some people prefer to have a truly natural element as the centerpiece of their new kitchen. 

Quartz is made of crushed rock and epoxy. It looks very beautiful, and it requires almost no maintenance. It is also cheaper than real stone, so many people choose quartz for their countertops.

Lux it up with Marble Countertops

Lux it up with Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are known to add elegance to the kitchen and dining spaces. You can think of many kitchen ideas for your marble counters, like pairing them with stainless steel appliances. It creates a modern luxurious feel in your kitchen.

It can also marry with any style of kitchen cabinetry like shaker or slab-style cabinets. The unique appearance of marble countertops is timeless and versatile to match any cabinet door profile and cabinet hardware. Whether you have satin, nickel, or brass hardware, marble can effortlessly work around it.

You can also have a marble tile floor to match your kitchen countertops. Having a contrasting color would give a dual tone to your kitchen remodel. But you can ask advice from our interior designer to help you pick the right kitchen decor ideas.

You can find a collection of marble countertops in our store. We have plenty of colors available for you.

Extending Your Backsplash Tiles

Extending Your Backsplash Tiles

Most homeowners pay so much attention to stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops. They forget that there are different kitchen ideas you can explore to boost the aesthetics of your spacious kitchen.

One of the underrated means of adding personal accents to your white kitchen is the backsplash. Typically, most homeowners have a partial backsplash that is 4 to 6 inches above the countertop. It can be made of laminates or natural stone. The main purpose you have a backsplash is to protect your wall from grease and heat while adding beauty to it.

To make it look fancier, you can extend your backsplash all the way touching the base of your upper cabinets. You can go for a tile backsplash for this matter. There are two ways to do it: first, if you’re using laminates, you can lay the tile over it and extend your backsplash to your wall-hung cabinets. Secondly, if you’re using tiles, you can simply continue adding your tiles from where it ends going up until it touches the base of your upper cabinets.

If you’re looking for trending materials, subway tile backsplash is one of them. You can also use other stone tiles like black granite, quartz, or marble. The color scheme of your backsplash, walls, and countertop must work together.

Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen Flooring

Most people need to replace their kitchen flooring, as it gets a lot of wear and tear over the years. Popular choices this year are hardwood and tile.

Hardwood floors bring warmth and coziness to a kitchen. The drawbacks of hardwood are its high cost and its potential need for maintenance.

Tile floors are a great choice for the kitchen because they are so easy to clean. A popular choice this year is tiles that are made to look like wood.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Upgrade

Kitchen Cabinet Color Upgrade

If your existing cabinets are in good shape and you are happy with the amount of storage they provide, consider simply refinishing them to get a modern look. You can also change out the hardware and play with different hardware and finish combinations to find the right one for your tastes.

A lot of designers are going with minimalist hardware, which aids in achieving a clean and airy modern look. Light colors are a safe bet with cabinets, as dark colors can crowd the vision and make a room feel heavy.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Installing recessed lighting makes a huge improvement in making your kitchen remodel feel open. You want to create as much openness as you can, and having hanging lights can obstruct too much of the field of vision.

An exception to this concept could be to include one truly remarkable hanging light that is the center of attention. Having a showoff-worthy light can bring some added oomph to a kitchen remodel that can work surprisingly well.

If you do have upper cabinets in your kitchen, installing lights under them that shine onto the countertop can help to eliminate shadow and achieve the open feeling that is so sought after this year.

Simple Backsplashes

Simple Backsplashes

Neutral backsplashes are really popular this year because they don’t distract from the more prominent parts of the kitchen. Subway tile is the ever-popular choice for a backsplash that you really can’t go wrong with.

Some interesting and more kitchen remodel ideas have used mostly white backsplashes, with one custom, colorful tile, which subtlely brings some intrigue into the kitchen without making it too busy.

Upgrade To A Modern Sink and Faucet

Upgrade To A Modern Sink and Faucet

Lots of designers are using the sink and faucet as the focal point of the kitchen. We especially like elegant and shiny faucets which display water as a pure and central element.

One trend we are not sure will stand the test of time are matte finished white faucets. A lot of kitchens are featuring them this year, but we would not be surprised to see them torn out in a few years when the trends shift.

Brass Accents and Roman Shades

Brass Accents and Roman Shades

When it comes to kitchen ideas, brass is a trending choice today. Even our creative director loves to have brass for their home since it invites a classy warmth to their space. Think about having brass accents match with natural wood furniture and Roman shades for your kitchen, wouldn’t be a cozy place to prepare food or share meals with the family?

Besides stainless steel appliances, brass hardware is a good way to balance the coolness of your modern kitchen. It could be that you have brass for the bars and pulls of your cabinets, or a brass faucet to match with your farmhouse kitchen sink.

These are some of the amazing kitchen ideas you can explore for your kitchen remodel. Pick something that would bring coziness and function to your new kitchen.

Bright Colors and Open Shelves

Bright Colors and Open Shelves

Among the best kitchen ideas you can try is using brilliant colors and open shelves in your kitchen. Instead of having cabinets for all, you can have open shelving for easy access and in promoting an open space in your compact kitchen.

You can also mix kitchen cabinets and open shelves to maximize space and storage. Take note, the cabinets are the focal point of your gorgeous kitchen, so you need to pick a vibrant color for either your lower cabinets or wall-hung cabinets.

Hidden Storage

Hidden Storage

Not all are gifted to have a large kitchen, right? For you to get the right storage system without consuming too much space, you can opt for hidden storage. These are smart storages that are obviously visible to everyone. The main reason is to keep clean lines and a minimalist look in your kitchen.

There are plenty of ways for you to make hidden storage inside your kitchen. Let’s explore them.

Pull-out trays: These can be hidden inside your base cabinets. Oftentimes, you will use that for hiding your garbage bins in the kitchen. It could also be a storage for your cooking utensils.

Appliance Garage: You can install this on top of your kitchen counter, and it can be connected to your wall-mount cabinetry to make it look seamless. It opens like a garage door, and after opening it, you can find there your microwave or toaster.

Lazy Susan: A hidden Lazy Susan on your corner cabinet would be great! You can place there your condiments, and easily access them anytime.

Get Help from a Professional Interior Designer

At Mega Kitchen and Bath, we guarantee that your kitchen remodels ideas will come to life at the best price. Kitchen makeovers are not easy, so our expertise and experience will be of great help.

All our technicians are licensed and trained for their jobs so we can guarantee quality work.

Call us to discuss your kitchen remodel ideas and feel free to visit us on Houzz anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the trending kitchen style for 2023?

The famous and in-demand kitchen style is white and modern. People want clean lines and a contemporary feel in their kitchens. They want to focus more on functionality, yet they want to keep the designs at a minimum to avoid making the kitchen busy.

How can I make my kitchen look expensive?

You can use high gloss materials and metallic surfaces to boost your kitchen appearance. It doesn’t have to be expensive materials, you can use cheaper ones as long as they complement the things inside your kitchen.

What is the best layout for your kitchen?

The best layout is one that would make you easily use your kitchen without any hassle. An ergonomic kitchen layout is your best option.

How can I design my kitchen?

You can manually do this, or you can use free software to draw the layout of your dream kitchen. Alternatively, you can hire a professional remodeling company that can help you create a new layout and design for your kitchen.

What’s a good budget for renovating your kitchen?

The national average for renovating your kitchen is between $12,000 to $30,000. This also depends on the square footage, labor, and materials to be used for your kitchen remodel. If you go for standard or prefab, then you can save money, yet you’ll have fewer options for designs and customizations.

What are the kinds of kitchen layouts?

There are around six types of kitchen layouts for you to choose from:

  • One-wall Kitchen

  • Galley Kitchen

  • L-shaped Kitchen

  • U-shaped Kitchen

  • U-shaped Kitchen with an island

  • Open Kitchen

Is there free software for designing kitchens?

Yes, there are and some of them are Room Sketcher, Sketch Up Free, Planner 5D, and more. If you have the time and skill to redesign your kitchen, that will help you save cost on hiring a designer. But right now, most remodeling companies offer free design consultations. You can avail of this to save you time and effort.

What things are going out of style in kitchen remodeling?

Some of these ideas that go out of style for kitchen remodeling are dark wood cabinets, DIY backsplash, and shaded light fixtures.

What’s the most popular kitchen style today?

The three main trending kitchen styles today are modern, transitional, and traditional kitchen remodeling.

How does the kitchen remodeling process work?

Remodeling your kitchen is a systematic process, and below are the following steps:

  • Design consultation

  • Planning and budgeting

  • Sourcing materials and pre-order them

  • Checking all the materials upon arrival

  • Secure permits and licenses

  • Demolition

  • Plumbing, Electrical, and Gas Pipes

  • Inspection

  • Cabinet Remodeling

  • Installing the walls

  • Door and window installation

  • New kitchen flooring

  • Installing other fixtures and amenities for your kitchen remodel

What’s the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

Labor and cabinets are the two most expensive parts of a kitchen remodel. But you can find ways how you can save a few bucks on those two items. It’s best if you talk to your remodeling contractor to see how you can save on your new cabinets.

What’s new in kitchen remodeling?

The trending ideas for kitchen remodeling today are metallic surfaces, wood grain, marble-like surfaces, and textured concrete.

How much does it cost to get new cabinets?

The industry price for new cabinets is anywhere between $4,000 to $20,000. The price can go higher if you choose to personalize your cabinets and use more high-quality materials.

What’s the return on investment for remodeling my kitchen?

When all the things you have upgraded in your kitchen is done properly, you can expect a return on investment between 40 to 70 percent of your overall renovation cost. This will be added to the resale value of your house.

Do you prioritize aesthetics over functionality in kitchen remodel?

Functionality must be your top priority followed by design. The heart of your home must be work efficient since this is where you consume a lot of electricity, water, and gas for preparing your food. Besides that, the safety of the place and the design will follow next on your priority.

Is it worthwhile to hire a professional remodeling company?

If you don’t have the skills and proper technology and network for your kitchen remodel, then it would be best to let a professional do it for you. A remodeling company is fully equipped to help you realize your dream kitchen. We can work around your needs and budget at any time. With our wide experience and knowledge, we can find ways to make your ideas turn into reality.

Do you offer free design consultations?

Yes, we offer that to help you finalize your decision and plans for renovating your kitchen. The heart of your home deserves the best treatment since it will make an impact on your life. Even if you plan to sell your home in the next months, still, you will benefit from upgrading your kitchen. You get to sell your property faster since home buyers will see that you have taken good care of your home.

You can request online on our site. Once we receive your request, we are going to reply back or give you a short call.

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