4 Signs It’s Time for a Basement Renovation

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Getting home renovations done isn’t just an aesthetic choice, it’s also something that benefits you and everyone else that lives in the house too. Understandably, you shouldn’t get a renovation done unless it’s really necessary and in most cases, you don’t actually need one at all. It’s vital to know when it should and shouldn’t be done.

People looking to get a renovation done mostly do so in parts of the home gradually. A renovation project can cost as much as $10,000 so you can see, it’s not really something you should do without proper planning. The most common parts of the home that get renovated include the bathroom, bedroom, and living room but in reality, there are other parts that deserve recognition as well.

One part of the home that doesn’t get as much recognition as it used to is the basement. For the most part, basements are a less-visited part of the house because there’s not much you can actually do inside of it. However, it deserves some investments and changes on your end as well since it’s still a part of your home after all.

Before you get a basement renovation done, you should save up at least $15,000 for the fees as this can give you a complete renovation of the area. Of course, you still shouldn’t get a renovation done to it just because you want to. Every smart homeowner understands that renovations should be done only in important cases.

There are many reasons why you should get a bathroom renovation done and it’s not just about just because you want to. There are a few tell-tale signs that you need to look for and if one or more of these signs appear in your basement, then it’s definitely time to contact the renovators and have a renovation done.

Your Basement Is Not Being Utilized Properly

What do you use your basement for anyway? Some people use it as a laundry area, some people use it to store their water pumps and that’s it. The basement is such an underutilized part of the house and people really need to step up what they hope to do with their basement. With a renovation, you can actually do a lot more with it than you think.

Today’s modern homes utilize their basements by turning it into something more functional. A good example is that people use their basements and then they turn into some form of an entertainment room. A common choice would be making it into either a theatre room or a game room. WHile expensive, it’s definitely worth it.

These two are popular options because the basement is situated deep underground.This can make the sounds more crisp and clear. Other than that, turning the basement into an entertainment hub is amazing as well because it adds a ton of individuality in your home. That’s individuality that you cannot find elsewhere.

Don’t limit yourself to this though. There are many ways through which you can make your basement more exciting. Some people turn it into a pantry, a garden, and even a library. With the right contractor, your basement can become something that’s very unique and the possibilities are near endless.

This is a part of your house after all so it’s only necessary that you take the right steps to ensure that it’s as fully utilized as ever. Make sure that it’s some place that even the kids don’t mind visiting because currently, they most likely fear your basement because of how dark and scary it is to see.

The Foundation Is No Longer Steady

Your basement is a fickle part of the house because it basically carries a ton of weight. Aside from the house itself, this part of the house also shoulders the weight of the ground around it. That being said, the basement is prone to many issues which when left unchecked, can result in severe consequences for your home.

We are referring to the foundation of course. SImply put, the foundation is the part of the house that holds it together. Without a proper foundation, a home will crumble. WOrse case, it will fall down while there are still some people inside. The good news is that the foundation can be fixed through the basement.

Most of the foundation problems you can see in your home can be visible through the basement. Once you see that there are cracks on the floor or if the walls are no longer even, that calls for an immediate fix. THe longer you let foundation problems be, the worse they are going to be in the long run.

You’ll need a basement renovation here because it’s not enough to get the foundation fixed. It’s also a must that you get it replaced and reinforced as well. Simple fixes offer only temporary shelter and comfort. Permanent fixes mean being able to  rest in your house comfortably without worrying about such problems.

It’s Out Of Date

A home that’s out of date is not only less valuable, it’s also more dangerous to live in. As for your basement, it’s a must that you have it rebuilt or reinforced with modern materials and modern techniques. Remember, this is where your house is situated so problems with the basement can lead to problems for the entire house as well.

This is one of the most common reasons homeowners get basement remodeling done. If you bought your house and it was built decades ago, it would be best to prepare and fix the basement as soon as possible. The last thing you’d want is facing severe problems in the future and these can even cost more.

By replacing the basement with up to date techniques and materials, you can make your home safer, and more valuable as well. As a homeowner, this is an ideal basement because it can benefit you in many ways. For one, you can get a better insurance plan if your home is up to date. You’ll be paying for lesser premiums of course and that’s a big deal.

Last but not the least,  today’s modern techniques and materials are much more efficient than the ones you’re probably used too. It’s much better to get things updated rather than let time take its toll on them.  This is one service that most contractors are going to recommend to you because an up to date home is one that’s good and amazing.

These are the important signs you need to look for to see if it’s time for a bathroom renovation. Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself to these things because there are many other reasons why you should get a renovation done. It’s all completely up to you and what you want done for your basement.

It’s Smells Bad And Looks Ugly

As we’ve said, the basement is one of the most underutilized spaces in your home. A lot of homes look good through and through but once you reach the basement, it will feel like there’s an entirely new world waiting for you. It definitely ruins the vibe that you are going for but most importantly, it makes your home a lot less beautiful.

A home renovation for your basement doesn’t have to be grand and extreme. In truth, all you really need is to make the basement look simple and amazing. Just change the floors, walls, add more lighting, and you’ll be set to go. This is the cheapest basement renovation money can buy but it’s definitely worth it.

The problem is that most people think that home renovations have to be expensive. However, it can be something as simple as making the room feel more lively and welcoming. A basement shouldn’t be treated as just some room, treat it as a part of your home. Treat it as a part of your home that you’re expecting people to visit again and again.

Keep in mind that some homes also face serious problems when it comes to mold and leaks. These problems could very well be present inside your home already without you knowing it. A basement renovation can sort these problems out and help you avoid further problems in the future.

When thinking of your home’s basement, you might often think that it’s a damp and scary place. It’s time that you change this outlook for your home as there shouldn’t be a part of the house that is scary and dark.

A basement renovation is a big investment and decision to be made so make sure that you are 100% certain that you need it before getting one. These signs are great indicators to tell you that you need to make that decision ASAP. Hopefully, the basement renovation you get is something that you are completely satisfied with.

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