6 Best Basement Flooring Option For Your Renovation

Giving your house a much needed upgrade or renovation is a must if you want to increase your home’s value and overall look. There are many parts of the house that warrant a makeover but of course, a complete home makeover is not something that everyone can handle financially which is why most people opt to renovate their house piece by piece instead.

One part of the house that often gets the least attention is the basement. This part of the house is often overlooked simply because it’s not a place that we spend time on. In fact, some people only do laundry in this part of the house. Some just use it as a spot to store stuff in. However, the basement warrants more attention than you think.

With the right investment and the right planning, you can turn your basement into something marvelous. It can be a place that you’ll be coming back too again and again. The basement is a large place that allows for many personalization options. There are many things you can do for your basement and one of the spots that you shouldn’t forget is your flooring.

The floor of your basement requires a lot of attention as there’s typically not much lighting in your basement in the first place. As such, it would be better if your basement is as perfect and as possible. With so many flooring options to choose from, it can be tough to understand what kind of  floors you want for your basement.

If you are planning a basement renovation for your house in the future, then you’ve come to the right place. We are going to show you the six best flooring options for a basement. THese are definitely some of the things that you should place your money on as they can make your basement look and feel better than ever before.


Another easy to install and cheap option for your basement floor is tile flooring. Tiles can be made from various materials but they are mostly made from treated or engineered natural stone. Aside from the fact that it’s easy to install, another upside to it is that tiled flooring is a good means to have a solid floor material in your basement.

Tiles can also come in various shapes and colors. If you are going for stylish options, you can find a tile that actually fits your needs. They can be easy to install manually so you can actually do it on your own if you want to. However, we highly suggest looking for people to install it for you as the tiles can be very heavy.

When picking a tile for your basement, make sure to get ones that are not as smooth as the others. Slippery surfaces are not really ideal for basements as they could lead to accidents and slipping problems for you and other members of the family as well.

Rubber Tiles Or Rubber Sheets

You may have seen tiles or sheets made of rubber before. The most common place you’ll find them is at gyms. One reason why they are popular in gyms is that they are durable and cheap materials that can handle heavy materials such as weights, appliances, and many others. For that reason, they can be a good option for your basement.

If you put rubber tiles or rubber sheets in your basement, you can benefit greatly from the fact that they are not a slippery material. This means it will be safe to walk around the basement even in the dark because of this. Moreover, they can absorb impact too so it doesn’t hurt too much if you slip.

As a floor material, rubber is a cheap and viable option in general. It’s good for many surfaces but you’d want to avoid having this for your kitchen or any other part of the house that’s frequently visited. It’s not really pleasing on the eyes but if we’re talking about functionality, this is arguably one of the best.

Sheet Vinyl

Most basement floor materials are actually hard to install. In most cases, you’ve have to hire contractors or other specialists to do a basement renovation service for your floors. If you don’t want to spend extra for the installation of new floors, we highly suggest getting a sheet vinyl for your basement itself.

Sheet vinyl is a synthetic material that comes in various patterns. The material is very easy to install and they come in huge rolls that you can easily carry from the store to your home. Due to the variation of patterns that it can come in, you can pick many styles of sheet vinyl that can fit your kitchen.

While cheap, sheet vinyl is not that good of a material to begin with. It offers a few downsides actually. For starters, roughness or irregularities in the basement’s concrete floor is most likely going to appear through the sheet vinyl. As such, you should at least install a subfloor on the basement first.


If you don’t want to spend a lot on your basement floor, go for an epoxy or paint coating instead. This allows you to have a basement floor that has a smoother surface. Epoxy coating results in a thicker and smoother finish but it is on the more expensive side as compared to paint. However, it’s often the best choice in our opinion.

What’s great about epoxy or paint coating is that not only is it cheap, you can have a wider option of colors to choose from for your basement floor. Whatever look you are going for, the epoxy or paint can pretty much accommodate your needs easily. We suggest going for lighter colors instead as these can actually brighten up your otherwise dark colored basement which not many are fond of.

THe problem with paint though is that it can get tattered or discolored over time. As such, we suggest having professional contractors treat the floor for you so that the paint is more durable and that it lasts longer as well.

Treated Concrete

The base concrete on your basement isn’t actually bad. They are durable, they help regulate heat, and most importantly, they are cheap. The main problem that people have with them is that they can be rough and hard to deal with for your basement. As such, we suggest having your basement’s floor treated instead.

Treated concrete is basically a means to smooth out the floor in your basement. This makes it easier for you to walk around your basement without having to worry about those rough spots. They also offer a nice touch to your basement’s overall look. Treated concrete is very cheap too so you don’t want to worry about the budget too much.

It’s a good option if you don’t have any major plans with your basement. Treated concrete may seem too rustic for the taste of some but in reality, it’s still a good option so long as you have it handled and treated by professionals.

Engineered Wood Flooring

If you are looking for a more sophisticated look for your basement, we highly suggest going for engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood is made out of several types of woods placed on top of one another. The result is a highly durable floor material that can be used for various rooms.

It’s a good option for your basement simply because it’s beautiful and durable. If you have other plans for your basement, then using engineered wood is a good idea. It offers that classy appeal that you can’t find in any other floor material for the basement. It’s good if you are hoping to turn the basement into an entertainment room of some sorts.

The downside to engineered wood flooring is that it is one of the most expensive options out there. Engineered wood takes a lot of effort and time to make so it’s not surprising that they are very expensive flooring material. It’s a good investment though so if the budget permits, it’s a good option nonetheless.

A basement flooring plan is one of the best things you can invest in for your home and your comfort as well. These six options are going to do wonders for your basement so you should greatly consider picking them over any other floor options for your kitchen. Hopefully, the results turn out wonderful for your basement.

The floor of your basement may not seem like an unlikely part of the house that you want to invest on but in reality, it’s something that you’d want to invest just a little bit of your money on. These are good choices for both your home’s comfort and overall aesthetic and with the right contractors, you can have a good basement for your home.

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