6 Mistakes To Avoid When Design Your Own Custom Closet

Are you thinking about improving the look and function of both your kitchen and bath? Creating your custom closet is more than just an art. To perfectly make your custom closet design, it takes careful planning and construction. Are you excited about having your own custom closet? Before you jump right into it, you have to think about the common mistakes you need to avoid.

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You heard that right! These mistakes are expensive since they can entail reworking your custom closet. Let’s talk more about them in this article, so you’d know more and be able to avoid them.

Forgetting to declutter before starting your closet design

White custom closet

Before you start with your DIY custom closet design, make sure you declutter your clothes. That’s essential for you to get an accurate measurement of the closet that fits your needs. You’d also be able to determine the maximum inventory of your wardrobe when you declutter.

When you declutter, you’d be able to see how many levels of open shelves, racks, and drawers you need for your custom walk-in closet design. Moreover, you can better visualize the possible outcome of your closet. If you want to change its placement in your room, you can better do that when you empty your existing closet. There are bathroom remodeling before and after photos containing closet designs that you can use for your project. 

Having the wrong type or number of shoe storage

Elegant and spacious custom closet

Do you love shoes? How many do you have? We’re asking since you need to have the right type and number of shoe storage for your custom bedroom closet design. Cubbies are excellent options for storing your shoes. But you also have to consider the number of shoes you have.

For instance, if you have plenty of shoes and space for storing them, then having a shoe cabinet is your best option. In contrast, if you have limited space and more shoes, then having a tilt-down or ottoman is ideal for your footwear storage.

This must be part of your custom closet design ideas. Another idea you can try, having a shoe bench if you have limited space and fewer shoes in your closet. If you have more space but fewer shoes, you can go for a shoe rack or a large shoe cabinet. 

Improper lighting

Custom closet with open shelving and big mirror

Having the correct lighting for your custom closet is essential. How can you properly match your outfit if you can’t properly see the style and color of your footwear and clothes? That’s because you don’t have enough lights in your walk-in closet. 

That said, having those lights inside your closet is good for letting you see what’s inside there. It makes your clothes and shoe selection more efficient. Try to see some famous boutiques, you’d notice their walk-in closets are well-lit, right? That’s something you need to consider in your plan to design a custom closet

The inability of maximizing space for your custom closet

White custom closet 

What’s your primary goal in having a custom closet? That’s right! Maximizing your storage. Most homeowners forget this main goal as they are carried away with the lucrative designs they see on Pinterest, or in any online stores.

We don’t want you to commit that mistake since that’ll put your money and time to waste. Our designers have been in the industry for years, so they can easily figure out how to maximize your closet storage. It could be double or triple hanging racks and lots of storage for your small accessories and shoes.

Basically, we design your own custom closet to fit your needs. We’ll first interview you on what you want to happen for your walk-in closet, and from there, we’ll create a 3D design of your personalized closet. Sometimes, all you need to is to clean the area and declutter it. There are house cleaning tips that can help you do this task more efficiently. 

Forgetting to use personalized storage for accessories

White custom closet with drawers

It’s always the small things that matter. Literally, finding proper storage for your accessories matters. When we design walk-in closets, we never forget about personalizing the compartments for your sparkling items. Your jewelry, watches, bracelets, and all those tiny details that complete your attire, deserve a great place for safekeeping. 

We can have those mini drawers and slide-out racks for them. We can even add some dividers on each drawer, so you can segregate the ones for your casual walks and special occasions. That is something valuable to you, right? We want you to have the best custom closet where it fits your lifestyle. 

There are many ideas for bathroom remodeling which already includes storage solutions. You could check them out and use them for this project. 

Not considering hiring a professional for your walk-in custom closet

Brown custom closet with center island

We understand that you want to save on costs. But if you want to ensure the success of this project, working with a professional is your best option. If you’re not sure about working with professionals, it’s time for you to check on the latest bathroom renovation ideas, as it will absolutely change your mind. 

To design a custom closet, we have been doing that for years. Taking that into account, means we can help you get the perfect size and style for your custom closet. It’s also one way to determine the colors of cabinets you’d want to go for. First off, we need to have an initial talk with you so that we can better understand your needs. From there, we can make a 3D design of your closet.

You get to visualize the possible outcome of your walk-in closet. That includes seeing the colors and feasible materials we can use for constructing your new closet. We can adjust the width, height, and divisions of your closet, so it’ll fit your existing wardrobe.

Of course, we’re going to consider your budget for this project. We have a network of suppliers to get quality materials at the best price for constructing your closet. By doing that, we are adding value, beauty, and function to your home. You can also use our free estimate service. It’ll help you plan the budget of your closet renovation.

Plus, all materials and products have a warranty service from the manufacturers. We want to guarantee your satisfaction, so we got you covered on this one.

Final Thoughts?

We hope we have helped you widen your knowledge when it comes to designing your own closet. It isn’t an easy task, yet it’ll be worthwhile since you know it’ll make your life more comfortable. This is what we want for our customers, adding value and comfort to their homes.

You can call us at 301-918-5695 for inquiries or appointments, or visit us on Instagram!

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